it makes my head hurt.

Who the hell would believe me that I entered a novels world?

That doesn sound plausible at all.

Maybe theyd even think that I was on crack or Im sick in the head.

”How about you sleep on my leg My Lady? Since well be arriving in the city the next night, its wise to get some rest now. ”

I looked at our carriage and there was no other way to lay on the chair other than to put my head on her leg.

”Im not sleepy as of the moment. ” She nodded and went back to closing her eyes.

The road is made of dirt now, it is night, and we
e in the middle of the forest. Weve been traveling for almost 18 hours.

My back, neck, and legs are stiff.

I don think Id be able to sleep with my bodys condition.

Suddenly, I heard a faint cry.

”Do you hear that? ” I asked.

”Do not mind those sounds My Lady. ” Penny mumbled.

I perked up my ears and I heard it again.

”Mommy… please help me. ” It said in a faint and crying tone.

”Im hungry… ” Another one said.

My heart jumped when I realized it was a childs voice.

”I wanna go home…. ”

I poked Penny, ”Penny, I think there are children in this forest. I can hear their cry. ” I roamed my eyes at the dim light surrounding and all I could see are trees.

How come some child will be lost in here?

It will be perilous for them.

”Do follow your servants words, Madam. Those are just cries of Aulops. ”

My ears picked up at what the driver of the carriage said.

”Aulops? ”

Ive never heard of Aulops.

What the hell is that?

He looked back at me and stared at my face. ”You don know about Aulops? ”

”Would I be asking if I know about it? ”

”…They are creatures in the shape of a fox, with no eyes and they can imitate and create voices that they use to lure victims and devour them once they go out from the protection of the path. ”

My hands held on the carriage tightened with his explanation.

How come this wasn mentioned in the book?

Although Celaestis barely goes on adventure, some creatures were explained in the book, especially if they are a threat to humans.

”What do you mean by the protection of the path, isn it supposed to be protection of forest? ” Ive never heard of that, but I do know that Numens, the term they call people who have such deity powers, protects forest that are mainly used by people in transportation from creatures.

”This path we
e taking right now is protected by a Numens power. The Numens used to protect this whole forest but with the death of thirteen Numens these past few months, it greatly weakened their capability. Not only that, but after the first death of the Numen, new creatures started to appear, such as this Aulops. ”

A Numen who has deity powers, and were considered as protectors of lands, died?

How did that happen?

This was not mentioned in the book.

What the hell is happening now after the novel has ended?

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