two of you— I mean, how long have you taken care of me? ” I asked. From what I remember, her name is Penny, the only maid who followed Elivette when she was abandoned.

”I was already taking care of you when you were 7, My Lady. Have you forgotten already? ”

How narcissistic is this Elivette never to express regret to her maid, who has looked after her for more than ten years?

”Maybe. I think Im just too hungry to forget about it. ” I simply brushed off her question.

”Then I guess, you
e starving because you forgot a lot of things today. ” I quickly nodded at what she said.

”Yes, yes you
e right. ”

”Then lets go back My Lady, Ill serve you good food. ” She happily stated, with a smile on her face now, as if she didn cry minutes ago.

I followed her back to the cottage.

What I need to do now is take care of myself, and think of ways to get back to my world.

Sulking and crying won do me anything.

I have to plan out my actions.

”This is the good food you
e talking about? ” I asked as I stared at the bowl of beans and a piece of bread.

”Are there no porridge at all? ” Although I am aware of our current poverty, do we really need to eat beans everyday?

”Im sorry, My Lady, but we don have any money right now. The lady that weve been working for the past week refuses to pay us and grains are in short supply right now so they
e expensive, we can afford them as of the moment. ”

I closed my eyes and breathed in and out.

Relax Eli.

This is just one of the challenges of a transmigrated character in a book.

Who doesn love challenges, right?

”Do we have enough food to last us for days? ”

”…Yes… ”

”How many days? ”

”….One, My Lady. ” I stared at her and she guiltily avoided my eyes.

”Im sorry, My Lady, I couldn work yesterday and the other day because I was busy taking care of you. I was afraid— ”

”No, its fine, its not your fault. ” I shook my head and stared at the bowl of beans and a piece of bread in my hand.

”Have you eaten? ” I asked and she once again avoided my eyes.

”…Yes, My Lady. ”

I grabbed the piece of bread and gave her the bowl of beans.

”You eat that. This is enough for me. ”

”But My— ”

”I said, eat that. ” I stated with a voice full of authority and she hesitatingly accepted the bowl.

”Thank you, My Lady. ” I nodded and started to eat the bread.

Not only are they dry and tasteless but they are also tough.

Oh God, If I continue to eat this for days I doubt Ill even live.

I have to find ways on how to go back to my world, but first, I have to survive.

And to do that, I have to find ways to earn money.

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