The Abandoned Elivette Hirsch

The Abandoned Elivette Hirsch

being married to Zealan, who has still to ascend to the throne.

And so, Elivette was demoted from the title of a Lady to a commoner, and was removed from the genealogy of the Hirsch Family. Without the help of her family, Elivette had to fend for herself, together with her only maid, Penny.

But then again, that would only happen at the end of the story—

”What did you say awhile ago? ” I looked at her and she was taken aback by my sudden question.

”Which one is it My Lady? ”

”About me being abandoned by the Marquess. ”

”What about it my Lady? ” She asked, seemingly confused about my questions.

”Why was I abandoned? ” There was only one scene in the book where Elivette was abandoned by her family. As what the woman has said, it was the consequences of her actions.

”….Uhh, because of your plan of ruining the innocence o— ”

”Yes— Yes, I get it. ” I couldn help but rub my forehead as I felt my head start to throb.

”When did this happen? ”

”Can you be more specific My Lady? ”

”When was I abandoned? ”

”… Around a month has already passed since the Marquess of Carran abandoned you. ”

A month has passed?

Does that mean that the King has already abdicated a month after the abandonment of Elivette, and the coronation ceremony of Zealan Phyrros will happen in a few months?

In the ending of the book, last chapter, the coronation ceremony is only mentioned and it ended with Celaestis and Zealan getting married, and thats it.

There are no other side stories also.

So does this mean I transmigrated to the ending of the book?

Are you kidding me?

Then what the hell am I gonna do now?

Why the hell were the main protagonist in some of the books transmigrated in the beginning and I in the ending?

Even Celaestis transmigrated in the beginning of the story and she was even given the chance— Yes, I remember now. She was given a chance to go back to her real world after she finished the whole event of the story or she could remain within the novel world, and she chose the latter.

Does that mean I can go back?

But then again, how the hell am I going to finish experiencing the events of the story if it has already ended?

I still have a chance to go home, right?

There should be some kind of teleportation machine or some kind of magic that could help me go back to my world, especially since this is a fantasy book.

Or maybe I just need to do something specific so I can go back.

Isn that Lady Elivette Hirsch?

Oh… what has she gotten herself into this time?

Isn she just a commoner now?

Oh Yes, I forgot about that.

Well, she deserved what happened to her.

I didn think shed last this long.

I thought she wouldn even last a day in the streets, turns out Lady Elivette has some tricks up her sleeve.

I couldn help but pick up the voices around me.

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