tions. ” Now this time, it was me who was staring at her confusedly.

”What Marquess? ”

What the hell is this woman talking about?

”Lady Elivette, do not be upset with what I said… ” She frantically said as she stared at my face. I think she mistook my confused face with an upset one.

”No, no thats not it— Wait, what did you just call me? ” I asked her.


My name is Elise but people call me Eli. Now this is the first time someone called me Elivette.

In my entire life, I have never met someone with that kind of name not until I read it fro—

”Elivette? Did I hear it correctly? You called me Elivette? Elivette Hirsch isn it? ” I stared wide-eyed at her, waiting for her answer.

I already know whats going on; I hope Im wrong, but something in me tells me Im not.

”What is it my Lady? ”

”Whats my name? ”

”…but you just said it. ”

Elivette Hirsch…

”No, youve gotta be kidding me. ” I muttered as I stared at my hands.

I frantically looked around the room trying to find a mirror.

I went to the bedside table and opened its drawers trying to find one. I know my face has changed but I want to see it for myself.

”Lady Eli, Are you— ”

I faced her, ”What eye color do I have? ” I asked. One thing that I remember about Elivette Hirsch is that she has a unique eye color.

Among the Elites and Nobles, the Hirsch Family only has this eye color and its—

”Red? Why do you ask? ”

I felt as if my whole body lost its strength. I stared at her and at the wooden door at her back. I pushed her aside and went out the door.

What unfolded was a forest.

The scorching sun is beating down on the trees and creating shades one can rest on. I took a look around and followed the path-like grasses that had been trampled on excessively.

I held my breath as I felt the pounding of my heartbeat. I sped up my pace, and almost stumbled upon a tree root but picked up myself and continued onwards—


Its a town.

A town Ive never seen before.

With unfamiliar people walking around.

They were dressed the same way as the woman at the cottage. Although, some were dressed more lavishly.

There were even horses around.

Two were even used on the carriage.

”Lady Elivette! ”

Everything is unfamiliar.

”My Lady! ” I felt someone grab my hand but what comes into my mind is the scene that is in front of me.

Guys marching around with swords on their waist.

Soldiers… or are they called knights?

”My Lady! Lets go back inside. You shouldn go out dressed inappropriately. Do not let your reputation deteriorate. ”

Inappropriately? I stared at my past knee-length pale dress with long sleeves.

Right, this is inappropriate in this setting.

It wasn until now that what had happened started to make sense to me.

I transmigrated to a romance fantasy book.

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