Where am I?

I muttered as my eyes darted from left to right. The ceiling is made of thatched wood.

It is clearly not my room because mine doesn even have a ceiling.

I was about to pull my body up in a sitting position but then stopped when I felt it ache.

What the heck?

What the hell did I do for my body to feel so heavy the next morning? It feels as if I joined a freaking fun run without warming-up first.

I grabbed the thing that was on my forehead and turned out it was a wet towel.

Was I sick?

My brows furrowed as I try to remember what happened last night.

I took a bath after washing the clothes, and went back to studying my minor subject— and thats it.

I don remember anything after that.

”My Lady! ” I tilted my head and couldn help but raise my eyebrows when I saw the woman who just came in.

Why is she wearing a goddamn old dress? Like the ones the actors and actresses wears in those medieval or historical movies.

She put her hand in my forehead and sighed, ”Thank Goodness, you
e fine! You had me worried My Lady! I wouldn be able to forgive myself if something happened to you! ” I grimaced when she grabbed my hand and shook it, as if showing how upset she was.

”…Awww, aw! Can you please stop that? My arm is about to be torn off. ”

”Oh! Im sorry My Lady! ” She immediately let go of my hand and wiped the non-existing tears from her eyes.

I think I should be the one tearing up here.

Not only does my body hurt but my throat feels like it was made of sandpaper.

Was I shouting the whole night?

Im starting to think that maybe I went out and partied all night. But then again, Ive never tried partying even once, so thats unlikely to happen, right?

”Im just happy Lady Eli that you
e safe. ”


I was a bit confused with her calling me Lady but I simply brushed it off and focused on the bigger problem.

”Yes, yes… Can you please help me stand up first? So I can stretch and go home. ” I said, and tried to pull myself up by pushing myself against the bed.

I groaned when I felt the bones in my body crack.

Was I fighting some freaking gangsters last night?

She put her arms around my waist and helped me sit up straight.

”Wait my Lady, Ill get your food first. ” I nodded and looked around the room.

Its not familiar and Im pretty sure I haven seen this kind of room before. There isn anything aside from a wooden bed and a wooden bedside table with a bowl of water on it.

Are we in some kind of an old hotel with a medieval theme?

I brushed this thought out of my head and focused on the pain Im feeling. I folded up the long sleeve of the pale white dress I was wearing to check if I really had bruises on my arm, and I gasped on what I saw.

This is not my arm.

There are indeed some purplish bruises but Im pretty sure my skin isn this fair and white. The long and white fingers with short cleaned cut nails look unfamiliar to me.

Im pretty sure this isn my hand also. I have averaged length fingers with long nails.

I checked my other arm and it was still the same thing. I opened my skirt and stared at my legs and feet.

Even my legs have some purplish bruises.

I touched my legs and I felt the sensation of my hands grazing it and I felt more creeped out.

This is indeed my legs.

Okay, this is kind of creepy now.

What happened?

Is this a prank?

I can still try to find some reason for waking up in an unfamiliar place but having my arms and legs changed— I put my hands in my face and tried to feel the familiar shape of my nose and lips.

…No, youve got to be kidding me.

I immediately stood up, disregarded the pain I felt, and tried to move my limbs.

I can even tell that I got taller, maybe around 3 inches.

”My Lady! For the time being, please sit and reduce your movement! You should take a moment to rest as youve been through a lot. ” She grunted as she put the bowl of food on the bedside table.

I stared at her face and then her whole body. She looked around 26 to 28 years old with black hair, pinned as a bun on the back of her head, and an average looking face.

The thing is, Ive never seen this woman in my life.

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