The Abandoned Elivette Hirsch

Bare Elegance of Iragin City

colorful. ” I grimaced when I saw some ladies with thick layers of skirt compared to ladies worn in the towns. Not to mention they were dazzling colors also.

”Some cities do that My Lady. It just really depends on the culture. ” I nodded, as I understand that it really depends on the culture.

Culture varies from place to place after all.

”Oh, how come there are a lot of knights walking around? ” I asked as I pointed to some guys who were holding swords on their waist.

Penny pushed down my hand, ”Please do not do that My Lady, that is considered as disrespectful, and those are not knights, they are just soldiers. ”

”Soldiers and knights are different? ” She stared at me and waited as if I was going to say I was just joking with my question.

I thought they were just the same thing and in this setting, soldiers are called knights.

”I forgot about it okay? Don look at me like that. ”

”Yes, they are different My Lady. What differs knights from soldiers is they receive training since they were children, and given the title of the knight once they showed they are worthy of the title. ”

I simply clapped my hands at what she said, ”Wow, isn that amazing then? ”

”You don sound amazed My Lady. ”

”Its good that you
e getting a hang with my tone Penny. Anyway, when we saved enough money, lets wonder the streets, I wanna see what they sell here. ” And maybe I could sell some things from the modern era that can be easily made.

”Well do that Lady Eli. ”

We travelled for a while more until I saw an arc with written words on it saying Bare House. I sat up straight and fixed myself once again. Ive seen myself already in the mirror and I believe just my face is enough to get me accepted here, right? Oh wait, thats on the Left District, I had to have a talent to be accepted in the Right District.

What unraveled was a large path with trees on the side. It looked like I was on a park instead of a whorehouse, then the one path became two and the carriage went the Right path, which I think leads to the Right District.

”How come Bare House is this big? ” I asked Penny, and it seemed she didn know about it that much so I turned to the driver to ask.

”Oh, thats because Orioth is a border City. Its where most trades happen Madam, thats why the streets are always bustling here. Soldiers are always present in the borders and there are a lot of visitors from neighboring Kingdom. ”

Oh so thats why.

e here Madam. ” I looked at the establishment in front of me and it is no different from an apartment, it looks like a normal establishment. I thought something would be special or very grand about the Right District they are talking about.

It looks maintained and clean though. And aside from that it oozes a vibe of femininity. Maybe because most workers here are women.

”Thank you. ” I thanked and let Penny pay the driver since Im still not good with the worth of coins used here.

”Should we just go in? ” I asked Penny, Im starting to get nervous now.

I don know how their audition happens here.

What if they are not accepting as of the moment?

”May I ask what is your purpose for visiting Miss? ” A lady came up to us.

Thank Goodness.

”You see Im planning to apply as a performer here. May I ask if you
e accepting and whats the process for it? ”

Did I even ask the right question?

Or was I too straightforward?

”Right District is always open to add another flower to its collection, Miss, please follow me. ”

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