The venom demon made an impression.

“Ah, why are you taking a breath right now? Come on tell me.”

Uisun was quietly speaking, but he was curious as well.

“So, how did your body react?”

Jin So-han shook his head and said, as if recalling his past.

I slept for three days .
I had a very long dream.
I don’t remember exactly what it was.
On the third day, I woke up and my body felt really light.
That’s it.
I wasn’t hungry and was full of energy.
Just because I slept for three days, my nickname in the Sword Dance Sect has become the sleepy since that day.”

“How old were you?”

“I was thirteen.”

Eui-sun praised the disciple’s courage.

Good job.

The venom demon, on the other hand, was still smiling in doubt.

“It was fun.
The nonsense is getting deeper day by day.”

Anyway, the story was fun, to the point where it sounded real.
Inevitably, Jin Soo Han knew very well what kind of stories his masters liked.

Jin So-han responded cautiously.

“Thank you.
Master… … .”

Jin So-han was always sincere while spreading lies.
No matter how absurd the story was, the most important thing was the sincerity of the person telling the story. 

Anyway, Jin Soo Han is from a performance troupe.
Changing hand movements, tone of voice, and tone of speech has been something he has practiced since he was a child.
Jin So-han was able to spread false rumors in a realistic manner as if they were true.

While the two masters laughed and rejoiced, Jin So-han suddenly put his hands on his chest and bowed his head, followed by a more serious tone than before.

“Actually, the story I told you earlier… … .”

“… … .”

“It’s all true.”

The venom demon snorted at Jin So-han’s serious words.

“What did you say?”

Eui-sun nodded his head.

“It must be true.
I always believed in you.

Jin So-han nodded his head.

“It is not a lie.
The next year, the masters appeared at the concert hall and sprinkled chwimongsan (poison) on people.

“I did.
It wasn’t a poison that might harm a person’s body.
I was only testing it out with a small number of people.

“I know.
In any case, it was then that I stood alone unaddicted without losing consciousness, and then I met the two of you.
Thanks to that, I came to Masonru and received great blessings from the masters.

The venom demon said with a wide smile.

“Why didn’t you tell me until now?”

“The story was so pretentious that you wouldn’t believe it.
And if you thought that I had a body capable of defending against basic poisons, you would probably have raised the level of the poison that you applied to me from the beginning.
I was afraid.

The venom demon put his hand on the disciple’s shoulder and said with admiration.

“Hmm… … You’re a dragon.
You’re pretty good.

“I’m sorry.
And anyway, this time… … .
I was expecting the two masters to give me permission.
That’s why I decided to confess.

the venom demon said

“What do you mean,  you expected it?”

“Because both of you ran out of material at the same time.
Usually, when one of you runs out of ingredients, don’t you take turns visiting Kangho? This time you must go out together.
While the two of you are looking for ingredients for medicinal herbs and poisons, it would be a good time to let me go back to my hometown.”

“You’re right.”

“Anyway, it’s your first descent into the world.”

Dokma (venom demon) and Uisun (primitive healer) nodded their heads.

In retrospect, there was a mysterious side to Jin So-han’s recovery ability to be dismissed as innate.
No matter how good the medical skills of Eui-seon are… … It was a remarkable thing that hid body could endure the poison of the venom demon for over ten years. 

And it was Jin So-han’s ability to endure  Chimong at a young age, which even the masters of Kang-ho had to endure by operating their own qi for a while.

That’s not all.

Eui-seon’s treatment technique worked really well for Jin So-han.
To those who use poison and to those who use drugs, Jin So-Han is truly a heavenly body.
The strange thing was that they did not ask again whether the story of the Peach Tree and the Two Heads was true or false.

The two thought it was just that and moved on.

Suddenly, Dokma and Uisun exchanged glances.

“Is this goodbye?’

‘I guess so.’

They were masters who were unable to express their actual emotions.

* * *

The venom demon said in a dull tone.

“Before you go down…”


The venom demon held out two knives on the table.

“Take the twin moons in front of you.”

His average height was longer than Jin Su Han’s forearm.
Each has the shape of a thin crescent moon, but when the ends of the handles are connected together, they become a strange moon sword.
It was a weapon that was longer than a general long sword.

It is a weapon that Venom Demon used when he was young.

Jin So-han shook his head.

“Can’t get it.”

The poison horse snorted his snort.

I haven’t used them for a long time.
As you know, I have others……”

Poison is the venom demon’s first choice, while acquiring weapons is his second.

The venom demon said again.

“You will use them more often than I do.
Remain quiet and take them.

ohan Jin couldn’t refuse anymore.

“All right.
Then the disciple will use them well.”

Eui-sun said as he held out his fan.

“Take this fan as well.”

Uisun had no obsession with the fan in the first place.
He was a master who had an affinity for herbs, tea, refreshments, and paintings.

Jin So-han responded with joy from inside.

thank you.”

the venom demon pulled out of his arms again and said:

“Take these dark needles also.
You will find them quite helpful.”

“Yes, Master.”

An antidote, a golden potion, and even a large amount of money emerged from Eui-Seon’s bosom.
Seon’s The two were taken aback by how their connection had changed—he was no longer a student but had become more of an adopted son. 
Eui-sun said with a sigh.



“I don’t know what Poison Eamon thinks.
Anyway, I’ve been supporting your descent from the beginning.
It’s a miracle that you’ve been with us for twelve years.
It would be terrifying to hold on to you for much longer.


“Black bastard… always be wary of them, whether they are nice, malicious, or weak.
Because they are all crazy people.

Jin So Han cleared his throat and lowered his head.

“All right.”

However, the words of Eui-sun are not over yet.

“The white bastards also need to be careful of them.
Because they are stubbornly crazy.

Jin So-han responded while holding back his laughter.

“I will keep that in mind.”

Eui-sun nodded his head as he spoke.

“You will also meet demons if you go to the countryside.”


“These guys in particular, you need to be careful of them.
They are somewhat different from black or white.
They are just crazy animals.”

“Yes, I will keep that in mind.”

When Eui-seon’s words were roughly finished, the venom demon continued.

“The three of us have been hiding here for over ten years.”

“That’s right.”

“It is impossible to know what kind of masters haf appeared in Kangho.
The road to the peak is long and difficult.
When you arrive at  Heukto, you will have to measure your level and work carefully.
Well, you’ve been through quite a bit, so I’m sure you’ll get used to it.

“Yes, don’t worry.”

First of all, the two masters did not want to argue with Jin So-han because they understood that once he went, he would never return. 

The venom demon nodded his head.

“Go, do well.
Take good care of you back.”

It was a word with many meanings.
It also meant not to damage the master’s reputation, and it sounded like a saying to go and deal with those who offend you.
However, the meaning of the phrase “take good care of your back” was ambiguous.
Because it sounded like a word with a meaning.

Jin So-han thought about the meaning and bowed his head.


Eui-sun said with a soft smile.

“I will listen to your news in Kangho.”

Jin So-han, who finally realized that the masters’ nagging was over, responded with a smile.

“All right.”

Jin So-han made eye contact with the masters.

They said no more.
The farewell ended in their own way, and the bewildered Jin So-han hurriedly bowed down.

It’s time to leave the masters and go back to his hometown.
Contrary to his expectations, Jin Su Han was feeling cold and sad.

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