Super Thief

Odin\'s Fear

”Father! ”

”Whats the problem Odin my son? ”

”Its Leo! ”

Hearing Leos name the Viscount could not help but frown deeply.

Was his assumption correct or what?

”What happened to Leo?! ”

”Nothing happened father, Leo…father Leo is a Cultivator and at least he would be at the Qi refining realm ”

”How sure are you, you are not even able to senses persons aura, talk less of Qi, you
e still at the body Cultivation stage, so tell me how you are so sure? ” Viscount Eric shouted at his Son, Leo have succeeded to get in his nerves for no reason, Just who did he think he is?!

At this point his face has loses it previous calmness, his head was with Jealousy.

Apart from the first and second son, his other sons are useless to him. Even his last born. Even his two sons that are known prodigies by every one, pale in comparation to Leos Cultivation.

He was able to break a record and reach Qi refining realm at the age of Sixteen.

As Odin watched his father a wave of fear engulfed him, his father has started to subconsciously release his cultivation aura because of anger, now he knew what it is to bear the brunt of all this. He usually use to watch from the sidelines, mock and laugh when his father scolds the Servants at any small mistake when he is having a bad day.

But today the acts are changed thats how ironic this world is, he could see and feel curious glances of the Servants boring in from all sides their ears trying to get as much information as they can before they pass by.

They did not dare stand and watch the show, because once the angry bull cools off they would bear the consequences of lazing around.

He felt to his knees trying to resist the urge to vomit. His action right now seems to not have a single effect on his father, his father, in his normal sense would have run to grab him and stand him up.

Is his anger the result of Jealousy or disappointment, whatever it is…please stop…father calm down and think before you kill me Odin was scared, he was scared that he would die at any moment, worst still at the hands of his father!

He did not dare to say that loud because such long words will only infuriate him further. His every action now was done after some series of thinking, any mistake now and his father would immediately injure him badly or might even Kill him.

Maybe I play that game way too much!, I should put my focus in my Cultivation in the real world not the one in the Game, If I had put all my focus to the game I would be at least at the Sixth stage of body tempering. But what can I do, its to hard to resist, only in that game can I be able to move freely without being caged like a Criminal…its just to good to be true…What should I even do right now?

His father was there shouting in anger comparing he and his brother to Leo, His Vein visibly bulging seeking to tear away from the thin skin holding them in place to the skull. His beard dancing about as his mouth open and closes at an unnatural speed.

After thinking for a while ignoring his father ranting, He decided to get through with this and bravely face whatever was in stall for him.

”Father! ”

Odin try to make his voice as soft as he could and the fear of his father helped him making his voice softer than he was actually making it to be.

and thanks to that his father was finally we to start calming down.

His father calmed down and sighed a sigh of relief.

His Short temper seem to be getting worse by the day, and it is greatly affecting his Cultivation.

”So tell me, what made you so sure that he is in the Qi Refining Realm? ”

”Because he could walk on the air ” Odin answered, going straight to the point not even dating to beat around the bush or sugar coat his words.

It is a known fact that in the Qi refining realm one would be able to walk in the air for five seconds, the time would only increase with practice and also with increasing he or shes cultivation.

”What! ”

Now the viscount was more than sure that Leo is really in the Qi refining realm.

From what he heard in the phone, that boy was Leo.

What even made her so sure that he will steal it? She said it was from the way he looked at the pill but I am sure that it was not that.

She must have a treasure that could see maybe the future or something like that.

But the boy looked good hearted, hmm! what am I even thinking, looks could be deceiving?

If he is on that realm, then how was it able to reach it so fast because as far as I could remember its not even up to three months that they went to the talent stone?

Did they lie to hide his true talent, if so this matter must be investigated hopefully I know where to start from.?

But if it was true and he really is a No-Talent then he must have the backing of bandits or someone powerful, but what is so special about him that they would not even have a second thought in Wasting many resources on the boy?

Whatever it is I am surely wrong somewhere but where? Should I send Nux this night to both accompany them and investigate



Nux is his first and eldest Son.

Followed by Josh

Followed by Drake

Followed by Gavriel


A boy he had never cared about, or did not even for once think would become somebody is now a Cultivator.

And if the boy has a backing, then it got to be people out of his level, compared to him that person would be at least an earl.

He knows his place and his boundaries, and if he dare to cross his boundaries, then he will be dead without even knowing what killed him.

Thats why he decided to investigate from the sidelines.

No matter what Leo is a threat he will have to eliminate no matter the cost, and if Leo dares to Steal this would be a perfect opportunity to kill him,

For that his first son has to be sent there. If the woman is right and sure about what she said then this would be the perfect.


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