Super Thief

Odin\'s Fear

Am I seeing things?. Is this for real?. Did I get tricked or something, what is that? isn this exactly as what Zach my friend told me about

He looked at a blue panel on the air, watching what supposed to only exist in a game.

Master don worry I will guide you, soon you will recover your memories!

I am your master?! I never rem… ”

Don think too much

Leo have not even understand what was going on. such a sudden unnatural change is sure to shock him.

Super Thief System.

Name:. Leonel Dragovic

Title: Super Thief

Fame: 56 ( in this world)

Physique: Super Thief physique.

Level 1

Hp: 100

Mp: 10


Strength: 10

Stamina: 10

Agility: 10

Defence: 5

Intelligence: 10

Perception (Hunters Instinct) : 10

Luck: 5

(Available point to distribute: 0)

Skills: None.

Dungeon ( Steal lives to level up)

Tap, say or will it in order to enter.

Shop (locked: reach level 15 to unlock)

Daily Mission: Get the Alchemy pill from the store for your mother this night. (Reward: Super Thief skill + 10 stats points)

He remembered a webnovel story which he had happened to read with Zach on his phone were people are gifted systems. The people would end up becoming powerful!.


Authors Note

NA: Speed and strength are added together.


”So I have been gifted with a system, was it that diamond crystal ” Leo said remembering the crystal.

Yes it was me, this is your talent, greater than anything this world has ever seen… You
e unique…Others have talent, while you steal talent… with this System you can have many SSS Rank talent, affinities, you can also steal Cultivation. everything you set your eyes on will be yours as far as you make a move…but your strength is a little bit pathetic, So get ready to get stronger!

”So thats why its called the thief system, huh!, its like you knew my desire ” He said through telepathy and a devilish grin crept across his face.

”Just you wait!, I will avenge my fathers death and steal off everything you hold dear…Your wife, your wealth, your authority, your Cultivation…even your life will be at my mercy. I will make you regret ever knowing or having contact with me and my father! Just you wait! ” He said clenching his fist tightly.

If any one heard him or know who he was talking about, theyd call him crazy!, that he is just courting death.

Woah! Its seems like you have a deep grudge like last time, take his strength as a goal and don let it affects you!

”… ”

Right now he had to prepare for the raid at night, he had to steal that pill it can cure all the sickness of an mortal, no matter what kind of illness it was. As far as the person sick is a mortal the person would be as good as new after five minutes of taken in the drug. And

He made a quick plan. it was simple, sneak to shop wearing shoes that could be easily tracked, break in quietly steal the pill and lead them to the away to place confusing. A place full of shoe tracks, then after a few turns and bends, he will head back home.

He would wear a mask, after smearing powder to his face. So that the camera in the shop won be able to understand his face after Seing through the mask


NA: Why he had to go through all these tactics Is because he has no skill, or strength so, the real Super Stealing. Maybe there is some surprise in store for us. add to library and youll know more


It was the that he remembered, what will he tell his mom, he can say he Stoled the pill.

I will just tell her that Zach gave it to me, right! I will have to make a mask quickly, Not from wood but from a piece of cloth.

with this in his mind he headed back home.

Zach was a rich fellow that lived in a city nearby, He was a friend of Leo when they were still rich. He was still his friend now.

There was this virtual reality game that came out two years before the time people began to sense Qi, it was mysterious and quickly overtake all other games in terms of number of players in it.

Firstly, your account there is connected to the account in the real world, so money there could be put to your real life account. through it you earn money, not in small amount but in large bulks!

You can earn money by killing beast, or killing other players taking their money and selling their equipment, and others and learning work like alchemy, Blacksmith, Array, Formation master etc.

Secondly, everything there feel so real that people begin to tell themselves that every thing was real.

But things there is dangerous, one second you
e alive the next second you
e dead.

To survive there you have to be strong, to be strong you will have to level up.

The place In the game is divided into sanctuary. When you first enter you will be at level 1, at level 100 the first sanctuary won be able to accommodate you, so you will get automatically transported to the second sanctuary.

Despite the fact that the game was created a few years ago, only few were able to reach Lv 100 They were at most Five of them and they are the only ones in the second sanctuary.

Those people are famous more than music and Superstars and the money they make is not in any way inferior to that of those Star, they themselves became Stars themselves, Professional Gaming Stars, everyone looks up to them.

In the game, you will be ask to choose a class, there is mage, healer, Swordman, and many more. There is also some hidden class.

At first people was complaining, but soon they got used to it. It was foolish, though, they didn even ask themselves, why did death in the game affect that of the real world.

Their only hope was that, a death reduces one level. If you
e are in level 1, one death will kill you, so the higher your level, the higher deaths you will pass through before dieing.

Example, if a person at level 51 is killed 51 times, he will end up dieing for real.

When you
e killed you get spawned in a graveyard. You will be spawned Naked without clothes.

Some people used this to their advantage, if they wanted someone to die for real, all they had to do is first kill the person rush to the nearest grave yard then kill the person till he no longer spawns again.

Leo was interested in this very game, with the systems powers he will steal the games helmet. He will be the first in history to ever do that.

No one have never tried that before!.


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