Super Thief

System Awakening?

and a spectacular event was taken place.

When he reached the forest, the crystal came down to his front. Exactly in front of where he was standing.

They communicated through telepathy through a link that was between them.

Who are you

Me?!, you know me deep inside you, inside the deepest part of your soul

Leo knew he was right but he just can let a diamond like crystal do anything it wants without knowing it.

It helped him, so it must be a friend. Because he was sure that this thing is powerful…very powerful!.

He was sure that this thing can kill him in a matter of seconds. His instincts were telling him that even the most powerful man in this empire (The emperor) would not last long against this thing.

But how does it fight, no hands, legs, heads, or anything

Stop thinking bullshit, so that we will get done with this.

He decided to take the risk, its not like he can ever Cultivate in his life with his No-Talent. What was saddening him was how heartbroken his mother and sister might be if he ended up dead. Shaking of his thoughts, he agreed to combine with the crystal.


The crystal move at an incredible speed tearing through air and space entering his heart…a painful process this began.

Endure it master! I am combining with your soul

But its word fell into deaf ear as the process was far to painful for him to listen to the words of a diamond like crystal.


A painful cry resounded in the forest as a young boy lied in the ground writhing in pain.

There was no blood, nothing at all…how the crystal entered his body without piercing his skin remained a mystery.

The Crystal that was inside him was worried that its master might faint off…but Leo was up to the task.

Who would faint when passing through continues physical pain. Faint and the pain will wake You up for sure.

Leo continued shouting admits his painful predicament…but he didn faint.

Soon a breeze washed across the forest, the trees swaying around to its tune as if welcoming the rebirth of an immortal…well maybe they are welcoming one.

A boy of sixteen, now looking more manlier come into View he was staring at the air in confusion.

His clothes has been ripped and torn into pieces when he was trying to bear the pain of the combination.

Right now it was already evening all the events that took place happened at about ten AM but it would be like five PM right now.

But it didn seem like he was paying attention to any of those his attention was on something else.

Something more confusing.

something more shocking.

”What is this ”

he said pointing to the air.

On his right hand is a crystal shaped ring that was never there before


Authors Note

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Guess what…I was there but I saw nothing…I swear! how can he point the air…maybe the pain turned him to a lunatic, maybe he is seeing things… who knows.

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