Can detect talent rank! ”

Hearing it every body turned to look at the person speaking it, it was the viscount son, he said it to join the group.

The people there bowed slightly before asking.

”Son of lord Viscount, is it true! ”

The boy nods affirmatively ”It was all over the County they once lived before they got degraded of their noble state ”

Such a thing had never happened before, Every one has a talent. It is a common belief. Talent ranks from E – SSS [ E-D-C-B-A-S-SS-SSS] for him to be the first person in record with no talent is a shameful thing for sure.

Every body was shocked, they knew he wasn lying from the expression in his face.

”He-He! he is even more pathetic than a rank E ”

A guy among them said and they all burst laughing

Anyone with his talent ranked E usually lowers their head in shame on the mention of talent, they see others with higher rank than them as gods that could do anything, because the higher the rank of talent the more easier to discover it and norture it. People with high rank talent could cultivate easily making them to grow faster than their peers.

The talent stone is an expensive stone that could only be seen in a city, county and above, it could measure the talent of a person giving off results with words all according to the corresponding rank of the individuals talent, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS.

Little did they know that there is more to his talent that meets the eye.

All of them where laughing but they all have the same thoughts.

How can a Son of an SSS Rank Cultivator have no talent at all?

It should be known that a person child is more talented that him or her, because he or she will have the combination of the talent of his or her parents, then how come?, how was this possible


While they where making fun of Leo a crystal was watching them from high above the earth.

The place was dark and it looks exactly like Space.

Master, I have finally found you, lets start a new adventure together again!

Master, I can sense your rage I would have finished them but I will let you do it yourself run now! If any one blocks you all you have to do is to punch him away. Run to a location were no one can see you lets combine

If it had a heart right now it would be pumping with excitment.

It quickly tore through the void and teleported a few meters away from the group.


The year was 2073 and it had been 11 years since humans discovered that they could grow stronger by cultivating through the absorption of a mysterious energy that had been detected in the air on the year 2062. It was later known a Qi by the korean and chinese. That period of time was known as the Qi sensing era.

Since then many mysterious people who had been in seclusion started pooping up and within the length of two years, the world was unrecognizable.

Those people were later known as ancient cultivators.

This people later briefed a group of people on things, these people were later known as Cultivator instructors

There were no longer any such things as Country, States or things like that everything was renamed and restructured.

Dungeons began pooping up everywhere and normal animals mutated, even a chick (Baby chicken) would be at least the height of a bicycle and as powerful as a normal big dog. If it peck a non – Cultivator for ten times, the person would be dead.

People began to hastily cultivate as it was their only chance of survival.

New currency was introduced, Gold, silver, copper became the currency as paper money became unreliable. It was like heading back to the ancient times when all those things where used.

But before all this happened there was a game.

Its name #SURVIVAL!#

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