”Hey look its trash! ” A bully shouted as he saw a boy of Sixteen Years Walking across the street to a store to buy some things.

The boy had a silver hair and a light blue eyes, which made him look like mysterious and unnatural.

Soon a gang was formed in order to beat him up, but the boy didn mind. it seemed as all this was a natural thing for the boy.

His mother was sick as her husband was ripped off his Earl status for no good reason about two months ago.

His bank account filled with gold was disbanded by the emperor. In order to raise money he created a fresh account in another bank, Joined the hunter Mercenary Guild to participate in missions for money. With his cultivation everything was easy peasy. a week later he was added to a group of cultivators assigned to raid a rank A Dungeon.

After the dungeon was raided, everyone came out alive but only him was said to be dead. everything was suspicious but no one dared to speak it out. Since then he was assumed dead, things became hard for them.


His father was a good and handsome man, and people know him, it makes the ladies to want to have him as their boyfriend, he was also young and is not even up to thirty Years old.

Not only that but he is one of the Five people in history to have an SSS Rank talent.

Rumors has it that the empress has eyes on him, though what happened in the Emperor palace did not leak out, people could roughly guess what happened.

The empress tricked Him by sending a messenger to tell him that the emperor has a word for him, while leading him to the empress room, everything was set and planned carefully and everything seemed normal not until he entered the room with the messenger.

Telling him to wait for the emperor, the messenger. immediately went out and locked the door from the outside.

The empress later came out from the inner room wearing a seductive dress, and tried to blackmail him. But he didn fall for it and when the empress saw that her plan failed at the very last step, she flared in anger, called the emperor tell him that leos father planned to **** her, and from there all other things followed.


they descended from the city they had always lived and came to live at a small village.

People of the village always making fun of them as their ranks is even lower than that of villagers.

On normal days he would have tried to fight back but he needed some drugs. he has no money and now he is planning to steal.

When he reached there he founded out that the medicine he needs was to far for him to steal, he decided that he will come back at night, that if stealing would keep his mother and sisters alive then he will do it without any second thoughts.

He walked out to meat the group already waiting for him.

”Hey trash, where did you get the money for those drugs! ” A boy shouted even though he saw no drug.

”… ”

Leo was silent and walked to pass them bye but they blocked his way.

”Is your moms sick, mommas boy! gimme the money kiddo! ” The leader of the group who was about twenty one years old said with a deep voice.

”Hes as foolish as his father, if I was him I would have **ed the empress to a sorry state ” A kid of seventeen boasted and the others hushed h down in fear of people hearing him.

”Don put my father into this! ” Leo shouted getting angry at the mention of his fathers name.

”Look whos angry ”

”As if you could do anything, trash ”

Leo was blood was burning in rage if he could he will grind these pests to paste but he is not even able to sense Qi and has no talent in cultivation.

”I heard that when he went to check his talent at the public talent stone. You know what the talent stone gave of as result…

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