Stuck with a ruthless billionaire?

Chapter 2 That\'s the price

Gregory , Richards right hand man ordered some men to go and scout the area for safety .

”Its all clear Sir ” One of the men said and they began to sail along with the three containers .

The men who were watching out for security in the ship suddenly fell to their knees and when Gregory looked , there was a bullet stuck in their chest .

”Fuck! there using a silencer , everyone be on guard ” He shouted and they all brought out their guns .

Suddenly the helmsman shouted and when Gregory rushed to him , he was dead with a bullet on his forehead .

Gregory turned around and saw another ship coming their way with armed men .

He needed no one to tell him they were coming for the rest of the men .

”Dive into the water now ! ” He shouted and they all dived into the water while the armed men with the ship made away with their containers .

When the area was free , Gregory and the men swimmed out of the water and rested on the bank .

”We need to tell Mr R about this ”He said and brought out his phone from his pocket .

Ring Ring ..

”An unknown gang attacked us and made away with the containers ” Gregory said .

”Investigate the attack , am coming ” Richard said and ended the call .

He went to his cabinet and brought out a box filled with different kinds of gun .

He picked two and put in his pocket then left the room .

I was on my way to my room when I saw Richard coming out of his room with an emotionless face .

He was looking like the devil himself especially with those shades .

He walked pass me without saying a thing and I breathed out in relief .

He entered his car and drove away .

(Richards POV)

I walked pass Rita without uttering a word to her , which am sure will surprise her but thats the least of my problems.

Ive been staying low key for a while but this worthless gang simply won let the sleeping lion lie and now Ive been awoken , theres no looking back .

I drove to to the place where my private jet was waiting for me and we left .

The jet landed and I walked into my territory while every man I walked across bowed .

I saw Gregory walking to me with a disappointed face .

”Wipe off that face and tell me what the ** happened to those containers ”I said with an authoritative tone .

”On our way to deliver the containers the men starting falling with a bullet stuck in their chest and thats when I knew they were using a silencer , before we could fight back a ship with more armed men came and we dived into the water for safety ” Gregory replied .

”Assemble all the men in the building now ” I ordered and he left to carry out the order .

I was sure of one thing : A mole is in our midst and I must fish out that miserable soul.

”Theyre here ” Gregory said and I turned to see all the men lined up .

”Who among you leaked the information of our shipping containers to a gang ? ” I asked but got no reply .

I brought out my gun and cleaned the nossle .

Its been a while I used this baby of mine.

I began to walk pass them while staring into their eyes . I was sure my aura at the moment will fish out the mole and I was right .

I noticed one shaking his fingers slightly and when I made a long eye contact with him , he gave out .

”How long have you been working with them ? ”I asked him .

”I don know what you
e talking about ” He replied and I shot his two legs .

”How long have you been working with them ? ” I asked again .

”A few months , Sir ” He replied and I stepped on his injured legs with my boots while he screamed in pain .

”How much were you paid ? ” I asked him .

”Thirty thousand dollars ”

”Howd you meet them ? ”

”In a club but I didn see his face , he was wearing a mask when he striked the deal with me ”

”So you don know him? ”I asked with a furious tone .

”I don , Sir , we only meet at the club ”

”Whats the name of the club ? ”

”Vengers Club ”

”I see ”

”Ive told the truth , please spare my life ”He said with a sad voice but those had no effect on me .

”Ill count to five and if you don run away from here youll loose your life , its not worthwhile anyway ”

”My legs are shot ”He said and I smirked .

”Your business ” I replied .

I began to count and he tried standing but couldn .

I counted to five and shot his head .

This scum just made me loose something more worthwhile than his life .

”You all can go back to your different posts ” I said and the rest of the men except Gregory left .

”The only person I know , who is bold enough to take three of my containers is none other than Scorpion ”I said to Gregory .

”We have no idea where his territory is ” Gregory said and I shot the air .

”It is your duty to find out how we can locate that bastard that made away with my possession ”I said with an annoyed tone .

Was he expecting me to give on those simply because we don know where his territory is .

”Ill start the investigations right away ”He said .

”Good , get some men to dispose this traitor ”I said and he left .

I picked my phone and dialled a number .

”Send some girls to my room now ”I said and ended the call .

I needed some pussies to cool down myself .

I entered the elevator and went to my room .

Knock knock

”Come in ” I said and two girls putting on a coat came in .

They pulled the coat to display their stark naked bodies .

Just what I needed at the moment .

”Sandra at your service ”

”Lizzy at your service ”

They both said and climbed the bed .

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