I was once a celebrity ! daughter of the third richest man but I lost it all in two days ! Now the only friend I made in these house , Ive been banned from associating with .

Morning came and I went for my normal duties .

”Rita , Prisca and Eunice will serve the masters break fast ” The head maid ordered and left the kitchen .

”I don understand your relationship with master Rick , last night I saw him leaving your room at an odd hour ” Eunice said and I snubbed her .

Shes the list of my problems anyway .

I took the meals and went to serve the masters , literally one was my friend and the other my enemy .

I placed the meal on the table and noticed Richards eyes on me , more like surveying me . I didn care anyway .

”Good morning masters ” I and the maids said in unison before leaving the dining .

Few hours later , I was done with my chores and taking some fresh air outside when someone covered my eyes with his hands . I knew it was Rick already .

”Stop the play already ” I chuckled and he left my eyes .

”How are you doing , friend? ” He asked with a jovial tone . Hes a lot different from his brother .

”I can say am good ” I replied .

”Uhm, can we stop bring friends? ” I blurted

”Why ? ”He asked with a confused facial expression.

”Nothing ”

”Did I wrong you in anyway ? ”He asked and I shook my head

”Did I upset you ? then am sorry for it ” He said and I felt pain in my chest . Am about to loose the only person who makes me smile here , all because of that beast !

”No , you didn upset me . I just don want us to be friends again ” I said and stood up to leave .

”Ill take my leave now sir ” I said and bowed my head .

”Drop that attitude already , you look like a frog when bowing ” He said amidst laughter .

”Did you just say I look like a frog ? ” I asked with a furious tone .

”No one ever told you ? ”He asked asked again while laughing and I pounced on him and punched his back .

e punching me but why do I feel like you
e tickling me ? ” He said and I increased the punches.

”Thats enough super woman , your punches are so painful I can feel my back anymore ” He said sacarstically and I laughed too.

”I don want to loose you as a friend , Rita ” He said with a gentle voice .

”Its a pity the friendship ends here , lovebirds ” Richard said and they turned to see him standing behind them .

”I knew you were behind this ” Rick said with a furious tone .

”Ill leave now , masters ” I said and turned to leave when Richard dragged me back and before I could say a word , hes kissing me !.

I pushed him but he held me tighter so I just let him do his thing .

Luckily the kiss was not a long one .

”I bought her with my own money so back off ! ” Richard said and left .

”Am sorry for that ” I said to Rick who had a hurt expression? He can be feeling hurt Richard kissed me right ?

”How much did your dad collect from him ? ” Rick asked me .

”I don know ”

”Find out and report to me ” He said and left.

I went to my room and locked my door .

I needed to cool my head and thats when a knock came on my door .

Ugh! I can even have a moment of read here .

I opened the door and Richard barged in and locked the door behind him .

”Whats it? ” I asked with a frown

”You have no right to question me ” He said and crushed his lips on mine .

I expected a rough kiss but it was gentle .

I didn know what came upon me and I found myself kissing him back .

He pulled my blouse and began to fondle my boobs , earning a moan from me .

”I want to hear more of those sounds from you ” He whispered to my ears and licked it , making my knees weak .

”Sir can we not do this now ? ” I asked .

”You have no right to tell me when I can enjoy my property ” He replied and thats when my head became clear .

How could I have forgotten that the man standing before me is nothing but a beast , a monster !

”Now pull your skirts ” He said and I moved away from him .

”Please ” I said and he dragged me close to himself .

”Whats Ricks relationship with you ? ”He asked me

”Friends , just friends ”

”Why him ? ”

”Cause hes the only person that understands me here and keeps me happy ” I replied and he held my cheeks , squeezing them painfully .

”Only person ? ” He asked and I nodded .

He pushed me away and left the room to my relief .

I don understand his mood swings but one thing never changes and thats the fact that hes a beast .

Well theres still one beast that is worse that Richard and thats the man that took my virginity because of my helpless state .

I will never forgive that man .

** ** **

In a dark room , a man lit a cigarette and exhaled the smoke from his nostrils .

This man was none other than Scorpion .

”Theres been no movement of Richard for some weeks now ” A guy with a black beret said .

”I wonder why hes staying low key now ” Scorpion said .

”Our spy in his camp said two containers of drugs and one container of ammunitions will be shipped to their warehouse in Berlin tomorrow ” The guy with the beret said .

”Thats one good information , Paul . Get the men and lay in ambush for this package on the way ” Scorpion said and lit another cigarette .

** ** **

Richards phone rang and he picked the call when he saw the caller .

”The containers are ready ” The caller said.

”Send some men to scout the area before shipping it , nothing must go wrong ”

”Yes Sir ” The caller replied and ended the call.

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