I woke up to the ringing of my alarm and I prepared for work .

As usual , Dads cheque was on the table . so I picked it and put in a box where I put all the cheques I receive from him .

I drove to the industry where I work and met my Secretary holding a lot of files in her hands .

”Whats new ? ” I asked .

”The manager sent a report that you won be play the leading actress in the upcoming movie ”

”Why is that ? ” I asked .

”I don know but from what I over heard in his call this morning , I think it has to do with someone influential ” My Secretary , Anne replied .

”Whoever it is didn ask who my father is ? am going to meet the manager right away ” I said and left my office angrily .Who is messing with me ? . I got to the managers office and saw him making a call .

”Ill get back to you ” He said and ended the call .

”Why did you take away the role I was supposed to play in the upcoming movie from me ”I asked angrily .

”I am not entitled to give reasons for any action taken by me to you , maybe your Secretary didn understand me . You are no longer needed in our industry . You have two days to pack your stuffs and vacate that office ” The manager said .

”Why ? am an A list actress and an influential model , if you loose me you won be getting this kind of opportunity again ”I told him but he said nothing to me then I left . I opened my phone and saw lots of notifications .

I clicked on one with my picture and my heart shattered at what I saw .

”Rita Zayn Sacked for incompetency ”

I clicked on the headline and I saw a footage of myself in the club last night , dancing with different guys .

Geez , I didn even dance with any guy last night . What the hell is happening .

I read the comments under the post and they were all critics.

I called dad on the phone but he didn answer .

I went home and locked myself in my room and cried my eyes out .

Few hours later , I drove to the club .

I kept drinking glasses of alcohol till I became drunk .

I went to the stage and began to dance wildly . I didn care anymore .

Ive lost it all .

A guy with a hat came and dragged me from the stage .

”Get your hands off me ” I told him but he held me tighter and brought me to a room .

I was feeling dizzy and weak so I just let him have his way with me .

He kissed me and stripped my clothes .

”I don want to do this ” I managed to say .

e gonna love it ” He replied and wore a condom before slamming into me and I moaned in pain .

He just disvirgined me ! and he didn stop .

He continued slamming into me till he released .

”Who are you ? ” I asked but got no reply from him .

He had a mask on his face so I couldn see his face .

My eyes got heavy and I dozed off .

I woke up the next morning with a slight headache and jerked when air hit my body and thats when I realized I was naked !

I tried recalling what happened the previous night but couldn .

The pain between my thighs told me what happened and tears rolled down my face .

I just lost my virginity to a man I know nothing about .

Am nothing but a slut !

I picked my clothes to put them on and saw a cheque on the table . I took the cheque and drove home then put it in the box I put dads cheques .

I called Cynthia and narrated all that happened to her .

”I think Mr R, the man you offended at the club is behind this ”

”I know nothing about him ” I told her and more tears rolled down my eyes . I heard a loud noise from the sitting room and I ended the call and rushed downstairs .

I saw dad kneeling on the floor and his hands in the air while a man was sitting comfortably on our chair with two people I guess were his guards and pointing a gun at him !.

”I advice you all leave now before I call the cops ” I said confidently and he only smirked .

”Talkative! ” He said and I got furious .

”Dad , who are these people ? ” I asked dad but got no reply from him .

”Take her , thats the price ” The man said and I ran away from there but his men caught me .

”Dad say something ! ” I screamed but he said nothing to me .

”Shell be my slave ” Richard said

”Thats not a problem, she can stay with you forever as long as you spare my life ” Dad said and all the courage in me crumbled.

”Lets go ” Richard said and they dragged me away .

I turned back expecting to see a smirk on dads face but I only saw a pitiful eyes . Was he regretting trading me ? Fuck that ! hes a wolf in sheeps clothing .

I sat at the back seat with Richard and the driver ,drove out .

I looked at my house and tears rolled down my face .

We got to Richards house which was a lot bigger than mine.

”Welcome sir ” A girl I guess was a maid said and I followed Richard upstairs .

”Where do you think you
e going ” He asked me .

”Am following you ”I replied .

”Follow that maid , shell show you your room ” He said and I followed the maid .

She brought me to a good looking room and left .

I checked the wardrobe and skimpy clothes and undies !. I chuckled cause theres no way theyll be my dresses. Ill have to wait for them to get me my maid uniform .

Few minutes later , my door opened and Richard came in .

”Why aren you dressed yet ? ” He asked

”There are no dresses for me here ” I replied .

”Therell be no need for the dresses anyway ,now strip ”

”I don understand ” I said .

”I don have any time to waste , strip your clothes now ! ” He ordered and I began to strip while he sat on the bed and watched me .

”Pull the pants and be too ” He said and a tear fell from my eye while he smirked .

I stripped and stood stark naked before him .

He pointed at the bed and I needed no one to translate that for me .

I laid on the bed and he began to kiss me while his hands touched every part of my body .

He rubbed my clitoris and scraped it with his nail and I moaned in pain . I was not ready for this .

Without warning , he unbuckled his trousers , put on a condom and slammed into me .

The pains from last night were still fresh and tears rained down my face . He increased his pace and the pains increased .

”Thats what you get for defiling me bitch ! ” He said and slapped my face .

I knew he was taking revenge for what I did to him in the club .

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