Stuck with a ruthless billionaire?

Chapter 2 That\'s the price

A horn was heard and all the maids stood in a line outside the mansion with their head low .

A black car drove in and a guy I guessed to be Rick came out of the car .

I looked at the maids around me and noticed most of their faces were red .

This guy is not even as handsome as Richard ! Wait why am I comparing them .

”Are you new here ? ” I heard him ask me .

”Yes sir ” I replied and he winked at me while I rolled my eyes .

”Did you just roll your eyes at me ? ” He asked with a frown .

”I don know . Did I ? ” I asked and the maids began to murmur .

The head maid walked to me and raised her hand to slap me when Master Rick held her hand to the surprise of everybody .

”You want to slap a person am having a conversation with in my presence ? ”He asked with a stern face .

”Am sorry , master Rick . She was being disrespectful ”

”Thats enough . Get two glasses of wine to my room ” He said to me and entered the mansion .

All the maids surrounded me with questioning eyes and I ignored them and left to carry out the work I was just assigned .

I got to the kitchen and poured the wine into the glasses and was about to leave when the head maid came into the kitchen .

”You must be rejoicing over what happened today but if you ever disrespect any of the masters, you will face my wrath ” She said and left the kitchen .

Is it my fault someone came to my defence ? I wanted to scream .

I took the glasses and ascended the stairs when I saw Richard descending the stairs .

”Where are you taking those glasses to ? ” He asked

”Am taking them to master Ricks room ”I replied

”Why are you the one taking it there perhaps you want to seduce him ? ” He asked and I gave him a glare .

”Ill take it from here ” He said and took the tray of juice from me and I sighed in relief .

Richard got to Ricks room and opened the door to see him lying on the bed .

e back and didn even bother to see me ” Richard said .

”Well , youve seen me now why are you carrying those glasses? ” Rick asked

”A servant was bringing two glasses of wine to your room . Who else will you drink with if not your brother ? the maid ? ” Richard asked .

”Maybe . I just like her and wanted to know her better ”

”That relationship is forbidden in this house ” Richard said with a stern face .

”You don forbid me making out with other ones , so why her ? ” Rick asked .

”Her father owes me a big sum of money so shes paying the debt ”

”Her face looks familiar ”

”Shes previously an actress ”

”Yeah , I saw the news about her . Shes got a very bad reputation ” Rick said and noticed the smirk on his face .

”Don tell me you had something to do with that ” Rick said and Richard shrugged .

”I like her and I want her ” Rick said

”Unfortunately, you can have her and thats the end of this discussion ” Richard said with a stern face .

”Whats with the possessive attitude , I mean shes nothing to you other than a sex toy isn it ? ” Rick said and got no reply from Richard .

”Tell me how much her father owed you and Ill pay it ” Rick said and Richards countenance changed .

”I won talk about this again ” Richard said and left the room .

I wore my night gown and was staring at my reflection when I head a knock on the door .

I opened the door and saw master Rick .

”Can I come in ? ” He asked and I nodded .

”My brother told me how you came to be his maid and am sorry about that ” He said with a gentle voice .

”I don want to talk about that ”I told him and he nodded .

”I understand by the way , you
e beautiful ” He said and I smiled .

”Thanks ” I replied him .

”How long have you been here ? ”He asked .

”Few days ” I replied .

”I got bored so I came to know if we can play a game ” He said to my surprise .

”Am sorry but I can play a game with you , master Rick ”

”The master in your statement is to remind me of our positions isn it ? ” He asked and I smiled .

e a smart one ” I said and we both laughed .

”So whats your kind of film ”

”Horror . I love horror movies ” I told him .

”Same but I love action more ”He said and we began talking about other stuffs for more than an hour .

”Ive got to go now , thanks for your company ”He said

”No , am more thankful .This is the first time I laughed since I came here ” I said and he smiled .

”Whenever you
e bored or need someone to talk to , am always available ” He said

”Thanks a lot ”

”So we
e friends? ” He asked and extended his hands for a handshake .

”Friends ” I replied and we shook hands .

I opened the door and he left . I was about to close the door when a hand pushed it back . My worst nightmare was standing right before me .

He pushed the door and I let him come inside then shut the door .

”He just arrived today and hes already seeing you at night .Are you that cheap ? ”He asked

”Well if I was that cheap , you won have taken me as an exchange for the sum my dad was owing you ” I replied him and got a slap on my face .

”You don talk back at me ! now strip ” He ordered .

”Am weak ” I replied .

”Cause hes stroked you down there isn it ? ” He asked with a wicked smile .

”I don understand ” I told him and he started walking towards me while I took some steps back till my back hit the wall .

e trying to tell me he didn kiss you here ? ”He asked and began to lick my neck gently .

”Huh ? ”He asked but I didn reply him .

He raised my gown and slipped his finger into my panty and rubbed my pussy .

”I don want to do this , please ” I said and he put two fingers into me and began to stroke me while I bit my lips .

Theres no way am moaning for this beast .

”You don want this cause am not Rick, isn it ? ”He asked with a smirk .

I don understand why hes been talking about Rick since he came here.

”No , its not that . I didn even do anything with him ”I replied .

”Theres only one way to find out , now strip ! ”He ordered and a tear fell on my cheeks .

”Why do you enjoy hurting me ? ” I asked him .

”What do you think ? ”He asked

”Cause I showed you your place that night at the club? ” I asked and he only smirked .

”I bought you with my money so you
e mine and I don like people touching whats mine ” He said and held my hair while I snatched that from him .

”This should be the last time I see you with my brother or Ill ** you and let my men have a taste of you too ” He said and left the room and I collapsed on the floor as more tears fell from my eyes .

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