to the Red Blossom Pavilion, but he himself did not stay in the pavilion.
Instead, he went to another place?

After receiving the information from the Six Gate Bureau spies, she only went to handle some minor matters before coming over.
With such a short time, it couldn’t be that the Demon Sect Holy Saint had already finished his business, right?

So, the purpose of that Holy Saint was not the Red Blossom Pavilion after all?

Did he bring the people from the Demon Artifact Pavilion here just to divert the attention from other forces?

With the deductive ability of a seasoned detective, Miss Kirin quickly came up with her own speculation.

“From the looks of it, Luo Wusheng should have another hidden agenda… Is it another secret mission that is ordered by the Demon Sect? Or is he trying to prepare something big for the Demon Artifact Pavilion?”

Miss Kirin’s masked gaze flickered with thought.

But as expected, the saint was not a lascivious man that loves to linger around in the brothel.

“Although, if he really were a man like that, it would have been easier to recruit him.”

Miss Kirin’s current mood was somewhat complicated.

She didn’t want her reasoning to be wrong and be proven otherwise, but at the same time, she wished that Luo Wusheng could be easier to understand.

After all, a deeply thoughtful Demon Sect Holy Saint was not an easy man to control…

She shook her head gently and stopped thinking about it further.

Then she locked onto several of her own Red-Robed Catcher members who were busy indulging themself in pleasure inside the brothel.

Hmm, some of them were still drinking in the hall before going to the rooms.

Thinking of this, she transmitted her message to each of them.

Inside the Red Blossom Pavilion, the faces of several men who were drinking and making out with the brothel girls suddenly stiffened.

Then these man silently touched the black and white mask that they had thrown into the ground and started to dress up again.

Many of them are thinking of the same thing.

‘Why did Captain Kirin have to come to the very brothel they are having fun in, it’s not like she’s a voyeur right?’


Meanwhile, a stunning young girl dressed in white fairy clothes arrived at the entrance of the Red Blossom Pavilion.

Bai Xiaoyao certainly didn’t want to walk into the Red Blossom Pavilion openly.

Not because she was concerned about her reputation, but because she was afraid of alerting the person behind the scenes who had sent the message to her and prompting her to take new actions.

Hmm… if Senior Brother is really inside, she also didn’t want to let him discover her too early.

Thinking of this, she moved her body and merged into the light and shadow of the brothel.

As the Holy Maiden of the Demon Sect, she naturally had a great concealment technique.

(With my cultivation level, if Senior Brother deliberately conceals his aura, I definitely won’t be able to detect him…)

The demoness who had already merged into the light and shadow thought for a moment and decided to first find the several officials in the Armory.

This was easy enough, and she soon found the two officers who were still in the hall.

It’s Wang Wude and Li Xing.

As for where the other two had gone, it was obvious.

“… You don’t know how glorious I was in the Trial Martial Arts arena this afternoon.
If it weren’t for my opponent’s trickery, I wouldn’t have been injured at all.
But even so, I still won one battle after another today, that time, i’m invincible on the martial arts platform…”

Li the scumbag was weaving a story with great enthusiasm, drawing responses from the women around him.

And the old Wang sitting at the table drinking, not looking for girls, was the exact opposite of Li Xing.

“Young lady, let me tell you, that second battle today was so dangerous.
At the time…”

Li Xing suddenly stiffened and stopped talking as he looked towards Old Wang.

Old Wang also stopped drinking and looked a bit solemn.

They both received a transmission from their own Holy Maiden.

The content of the transmission was simple, with only nine short words.

“Come to the outside of the Red Blossom Pavilion.”

But Li Xing felt a cold sweat on his back.

He looked around for where the Holy Maiden might be hiding.

After searching in vain, he exchanged a glance with Old Wang.

(If only I had picked a girl to take to the room earlier… Why can’t I control this big mouth of mine?)

Saying goodbye to the girls around him, Li Xing and Old Wang walked out of the Red Blossom Pavilion together.

Sure enough, the stunning Holy Maiden was already waiting for them outside the Pavilion.

“Where is my senior brother?”

The Holy Maiden asked such question expressionlessly.

Li Xing’s face was full of bitterness.

How could a small fry like himself get caught up in the troubles between the Holy Saint and the Holy Maiden?

What a disaster…

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