In the end, everyone returned to the Demon Artifact Pavilion in silence.

However, the four officers of the Demon Artifact Pavillion occasionally stole glances at the Holy Maiden who was walking at the back.

Bai Xiaoyao pouted, her small hand covering her forehead, and she glared back fiercely with her watery eyes when she sensed the gazes of the officers.

The officers immediately stopped looking at her and turned their attention to the Holy Saint who was walking at the front.

The Holy Saint was truly a role model for them.
He was not tempted by the Holy Maiden’s allure and even resisted it with his strength.
The rumors within the sect were indeed true!

The atmosphere inside the Demon Artifact Pavilion was now vastly different from when Luo Wusheng first arrived.

It seemed that these officers had nothing else to do for the past few days and could only focus on improving the cleanliness of the pavilion, making Luo Wusheng quite satisfied with this.

At the very least, these officers were willing to work hard and not just laze around when he’s not looking, which was a good thing for him as from now on, he would be their boss.

After some thought, Luo Wusheng decided to hold the discussion on the third floor.

The place where the books were kept had been emptied by him seven days ago, leaving only a few tables and chairs that could barely serve as a place for the discussion.

(However, if they were going to stay in the Royal City for a long time, I would need to buy a large enough residence… These officers were probably used to sleeping in the fireworks brothel overnight even if they were not on duty there.)

If it was just the few of them, it wouldn’t be a big deal, as he would need to spend some time refining artifacts in the Demon Artifact Pavilion.
However, since Bai Xiaoyao was here, he couldn’t let the harem of the real protagonist suffer.

His decision was made, he brought a large yard that had their employee dormitories already built, after all, he had enough money to do so.

After considering everything, he brought his attention back to the present.

He had originally wanted to ask Bai Xiaoyao why she had come to the Artifact Pavilion, but he was not sure about how close their relationship was just now, which caused this girl to be a little sulky.

“Let’s try to coax her later.”

So he turned his gaze towards the four officers who were watching him quietly.

“Let’s start by introducing yourselves first.”

Upon hearing the Holy Saint’s words, Hu Dingtian, who looked completely different from seven days ago, immediately straightened his back.

“My name is Hu Dingtian.
Your Holiness, it’s been seven days since we last met.
Do you remember me?”

He was a bit nervous, but when Luo Wusheng nodded, he showed a happy expression and continued, “I am a disciple of the Hehuan Realm.
I have been here at the Demon Artifact Pavilion for almost a year and am probably the one who has been here the longest among us.”

Luo Wusheng let out a humm of understanding, and then looked towards the next person.

The next person was the honest and sturdy old Wang, who looked a bit out of place among the three thin-looking individuals.

“I’m Wang Wude, also from the Hehuan Realm.
I came here six months ago.”

He was the type who didn’t like to talk much and seemed like an honest person who only did practical things.
Luo Wusheng made a mental note and moved his gaze on.

“I’m Li Xing, just like them, I’m also a disciple of the Hehuan Realm.
I came with Old Wang six months ago.
I once saw Your Holiness from afar in the Demon Sect.
Now that I see Your Holiness up close, you are truly outstanding and handsome.
No wonder the senior sisters and junior sisters from my realm are all mumbling about you…”

After taking a quick glance at the blank faced Bai Xiaoyao who was burying herself manipulating her silk thread, Luo Wusheng’s gaze moved away from Li Xing.

Hmm, the demoness still seemed to be sulking, not even wanting to listen to a few genuine compliments.

After wishing Li Xing good luck in his heart, Luo Wusheng looked at the last person.

Unlike the sly and glib Li Xing, the last youth seemed a bit shy.

“I…I’m Xu Yuchun, also from the Hehuan Realm.
I’ve been here at the Pavilion for three months and have seen Your Holiness.”

Although he looked like an innocent child, he was also from the Hehuan Realm…

Thinking about how he had lived two lifetimes as a person and was now still a virgin , Luo Wusheng couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

However, when the child saw Li Xing being tortured by the demoness next to him who just ignored him, a hint of satisfaction flashed in his eyes, indicating that these two usually do not get along.

Thinking of this, Luo Wusheng also sensed the cultivation level of the four people.

To his surprise, Wang Wude had the highest cultivation level, seemingly touching the threshold of Foundation Establishment; while Hu Dingtian, who had always behaved like a steward, was at the same level as Li Xing, at the mid-stage of Qi Refinement; and the youngest, Xu Yuchun, was at the lowest level, only at the early stage of Qi Refinement.

“Why do I feel like you’re doing better than the three of them?”

Luo Wusheng looked at Lao Wang in confusion.

Wouldn’t an honest-looking person like him be more likely to be bullied by the girls? Are there no bullies in this world who like to pick on honest people?

“Because he has fewer girls to attend to… when we’re on duty, we have to receive many guests, but this guy only has to receive one girl.”

Li Xing, who had given up on flattering Bai Xiaoyan, answered for Lao Wang with a sour tone.

In the end, he added, “Furthermore, that girl is very rich.” (AN: Basically, a sugar mama is in love with Luo Wang, and has been his exclusive girl/Girlfriend)

Seeing Lao Wang nodding with a black face, Luo Wusheng didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Hmm, Lao Wang seems to have the brightest future among them all.

Then he secretly glanced at Bai Xiaoyao.

She still had the same expression, neither sad nor happy, and didn’t react to their conversation at all.

So Luo Wusheng was relieved and shifted his gaze back, remembering the information of the several staff members in his heart, and asked, “Do you have any questions?”

The staff members looked at each other, and finally, Hu Dingtian stepped forward as a representative.

“Um… Holy Saint, have you already solved the shortcomings of the Demon Sect’s refining technique?”

Undoubtedly, this was a question that everyone present was concerned about.

Even Bai Xiaoyao, who had been sulking just now, quietly perked up her ears, waiting for Luo Wusheng’s answer.

“No, I haven’t.”

Luo Wusheng smiled and said.

“Then, what about the event after the seven days Is up..” Xu Yuchun, the youngest one, couldn’t help but speak out.

Similar to him, everyone’s face changed at the same time.

Their response was both unexpected and expected.

After all, countless Artifact refiners throughout history have tried to improve the Demon Sect Refining Technique, but so far, all of them show no sign of success, so it’s not entirely surprising that Luo Wusheng couldn’t accomplish it too.

But if the drawbacks aren’t resolved, how can the artifacts of the Demon Artifact Pavilion compete with others?

And how could the Holy Saint boast that the Demon Artifact Pavilion would soar in seven days if the issue isn’t resolved?

Seeing their expressions, Luo Wusheng understood what they were thinking.

“You don’t need to worry about this matter.
Everything is within my grasp… But you will naturally find out tomorrow.”

Luo Wusheng deliberately created suspense.

The several officers and Bai Xiaoyao were all confused.

“Ahem, since the Holy Saint says so, we naturally believe in the Holy Saint,” said Hu Dingtian, pulling everyone back from their perplexing thoughts.

With a cunning look in his eyes, Li Xing suddenly smiled and said, “To be honest, I was a little nervous when I heard that the Holy Saint was going to learn artifact refining, but I didn’t expect that the Holy Saint is already an excellent Artifact refiner who can make such powerful artifacts.
I am now in complete awe of the Holy Saint, and I will not be afraid no matter what incredible things the Holy Saint does.”

Hm, This guy sure knows how to lick someone’s shoes.

If Luo Wusheng had told him that this was his first time refining, he wondered if this guy would still be impressed.

Of course, Luo Wusheng only thought about it in his heart and didn’t say it out loud.
He didn’t want things to get complicated.

“If you don’t have any other questions, let’s move on to assigning your tasks for the next phase.”

The four officers immediately became serious.

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