These three men were the remaining workers at the Demon Artifact Pavilion.


At this moment, a sudden thunderclap rang out.

“These past few days, the weather has been getting stranger.
It keeps thundering without any rain.
If someone didn’t know better, they’d think some powerful figure was crossing a tribulation,” muttered Li Jianren.

“But it’s just the season.
We’ve gone through weather like this before,” quipped Xu Yuchun.

However, Hu Dingtian couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off, while Lao Wang also had a pensive expression.


Fourth floor of the Demon Artifact Pavilion.

Various types of jade and gemstones in Luo Wusheng’s hand gradually melted and mixed together.

“Hmm, Nine Revolutions Immortal Jade combined with Blazing Sun Stone… then finally cooled with Frozen Spirit Crystal…”

“Next, let’s try to infuse the ‘Deathless Lifeless’ intent of my Unborn Finger…”

The liquid that was once flowing quietly in Luo Wusheng’s hand suddenly boiled up, its color turning dull in an instant and finally turning into a stagnant pool.

“Failed again?”

Luo Wusheng furrowed his brows and let out a sigh.

It wasn’t that simple after all, was it?

Shaking off the rising discouragement in his heart, he forced himself to focus and took out another set of materials from his storage bag.

Each of these strange stones was worth a fortune.
Ordinary artifact refiners wouldn’t dare use such materials for fear of damaging their original value.

But Luo Wusheng didn’t care.

There are plenty of these strange stones in his storage bag.

“But I can’t keep failing… I think I’ve found the reason.
My Unborn Finger is much more dominant than I thought, and even if I continuously improve the quality of the materials I use, it’s difficult to bear the [intent] within it.”

“Do I need to further improve the quality of the materials I use…”

Luo Wusheng hesitated.

The quality of the materials he was currently using was already quite high.
If he improved it further, it would reach a level that even he would find costly.

After gritting his teeth, he replaced one of the materials.

(I have a total of ten Frozen Immortal Crystals.
Taking one to experiment with errors is still acceptable…)

So, he began a new round of attempts.

After a long time, another dead water puddle fell to the ground.

But this time, a glimmer appeared in Luo Wusheng’s eyes.

“It’s feasible! As long as I replace all the materials with this grade, I can achieve the same effect with the Unborn Finger!”

“Although this method can only be used by me… I have to succeed once before considering making any more improvements!”

He waved his hand again, and one after another, the strange stones with terrifying fluctuations fell in front of him.

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