Another major event occurred in the Three Thousand Demon Realms.

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The ruler of the Little Demon Realm, the Holy Maiden of the Demon Sect, Bai Xiaoyao, took on the task of going to the Magical Artifact Pavilion.
It was a task that was usually assigned to ordinary members of the Demon Sect, not a high-ranking figure like her.

This caused a huge stir in the Three Thousand Demon Realms.

Naturally, the disciples of the Demon Sect connected this event with the fact that the Saint of the Demon Sect, Luo Wusheng, had taken on the task of becoming the new head of the Magical Artifact Pavilion a few days ago.

Luo Wusheng might have been acting foolishly when he took on that task, but when the Holy Maiden took on the same task, it was a different story.

Unlike Luo Wusheng, Bai Xiaoyao was not a character in the Demon Sect without purpose.

A demoness never did anything useless.

Soon, disciples and elders of the Demon Sect who were close to Bai Xiaoyao went to ask her about the reason, and her answer shocked the entire Demon Sect.

“The reason? Of course, it’s because I’m eloping with Senior Wusheng!”

Of course, apart from some uninformed disciples of the Demon Sect, very few people believed this statement.
But Bai Xiaoyao’s attitude towards the matter indicated one thing.

Something big was about to happen at the Magical Artifact Pavilion.

Perhaps Luo Wusheng’s sudden decision to take on that task was not just a random act of foolishness.

Many disciples of the Demon Sect who had secretly ridiculed him after he took on the task began to ponder deeply.
When Bai Xiaoyao boarded the boat to the Immortal Nation, they finally couldn’t sit still.

They mobilized their respective intelligence networks and began to investigate whether anything big had happened in the capital, with a particular focus on the events surrounding the Magical Artifact Pavilion.

The conclusion they eventually arrived at was that everything was normal.

Impossible! This couldn’t be!

It must be that the Holy Saint and Holy Maiden had access to information that they didn’t have!

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However, without precise information, they dared not act rashly, nor were they interested in the task of working at the Magical Artifact Pavilion.

In the end, they could only request that their subordinates collect real-time information on the Royal City and be prepared to seize an opportunity to gain an advantage.

During this process, the voices that had secretly mocked Luo Wusheng had completely disappeared.


The Immortal Nation was the only country inhabited by humans in the world today.

Its territory was vast, divided into nineteen states, with the Xuan Yuan State where the capital was located as the core.

Behind the Immortal Nation dynasty was an ancient sect that had been passed down through the ages – the Taoist Sect.

There were also many new sects and powers that emerged after the ancient times on the Immortal Nation’s land, such as the Sword Pavillion in Jianzhou, the Heavenly Mechanism Building in Suanzhou, and the Jianghu Alliance in Qingzhou.

Such a country naturally had various rules.

What impressed Luo Wusheng the most at this moment was undoubtedly the fact that he was not allowed to fly in the Xuan Yan as long as he was not a master.

Only those cultivators who have reached the Nascent Soul Stage cultivation realm could be called Masters.

Luo Wusheng was still one small realm away.

So he could only sit bored in the carriage, fiddling with his fingers.

“Excuse me, how much longer until we arrive in the capital?” He stuck his head out and asked the coachman outside.

The coachman was a bald, burly man wearing a coarse linen shirt.

The carriage driver’s deep voice made Luo Wusheng shrink back.
“Probably still another hour’s journey,” he said.
“But we’ll definitely arrive before the city gates close today, don’t worry too much about it, Mister Cultivator.”

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Luo Wusheng inwardly remarked on the man’s loud voice and took out a wooden short sword from his waist.

He had developed a new use for this sword: creating a chessboard image with his spiritual sense and playing against an opponent in real-time!

When Luo Wusheng proposed the concept of online chess to Lu Yuli, the little girl remained silent.

Then the two of them played for more than an hour.

Well, to be more accurate, rather than playing, it’s more of Luo Wusheng bloodily stomping Lu Yuliu for more than an hour.

The Miss sword fairy fought bravely and without rest, and yet still got stomped to the ground.

Finally, it become like this.

[Hey, still there?]

[No, asleep, don’t disturb.]

Looking at the clearly sulking response from the little girl, Luo Wusheng’s mouth twitched.

There was always a feeling that the Miss sword fairy was starting to talk more and more like him, was it just an illusion?

[Uh, I have a question about something important.]

[Sorry, I don’t know which is the best brothel in the city.]

Luo Wusheng raised his eyebrows.

This girl was even teasing him now, was he that kind of person in her mind?

And wasn’t the Empress of the Immortal Nation supposed to be the future harem member of this girl?

He understood now that Lu Yuliu probably didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

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He sighed, put away the short sword, and began to think about his plans for the future.

First of all, I need to establish a permanent residence in the royal city and secure my position as the head of the Magic Artifact Pavilion.

I can’t let myself be called back to the Demon Sect, at least not until the Demon Suppression War has gone by, nor can I let the Magic Artifact Pavilion collapse prematurely.

If possible, I can try to revive the Magic Artifact Pavilion, but the chances of success are small, especially since I know nothing about the method of crafting a magical artifact and such.

If the Magic Artifact Pavilion cannot be saved, I will have to consider other options.

Should I join the court and become an official?

Although the Immortal Nation is a dynasty supported by the Taoist Sect, it welcomes all human forces to become officials within the dynasty.
The Demon Sect also does not prevent its disciples from making this choice.

However, there are no Demon Sect disciples who want to stay in the royal city.

Luo Wusheng constantly weighed the pros and cons in his mind.

And so, just like that, the day went by, and he didn’t know how much time had passed when suddenly, the carriage he was in suddenly stopped moving.

Luo Wusheng thought he had finally arrived at the royal city, and asked, “Are we there yet?” But the scene in front of him made him frown.

The towering city walls had indeed appeared in his line of sight, but there was still a significant distance to go.

When he took a look at his surroundings, he noticed that his carriage had been surrounded by a group of people.

‘Could they be some daylight robbers?’

Such ideas were quickly dismissed by Luo Wusheng.

Most of the people who came wore black and white masks with no patterns on it, all of them wore the same clothing, indicating it’s an uniform, and they also carries a swords at their waists.

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One of them had a mask with a scale pattern, and their clothing and subtle differences from the others clearly indicated that they are the leader of this group.

Their clothing seemed to be the official clothing of the royal city, but Luo Wusheng didn’t know what specific position it represented since in the original novel, this kind of small detail is not explained nor mentioned.

He tried to sense their cultivation level, and when he noticed it, Luo Wusheng’s heart sank.

While he could sense the cultivation of the people at the back, with many of them ranging around Foundation Establishment realm, he couldn’t see through the leader cultivation level at all, something that indicates that the leader has a higher level cultivation realm than him.

It means that person is at Nascent Soul Realm, at minimum.

“Who are you? Why did you suddenly appear here in a carriage?”

The masked person who seemed to be a Nascent Soul cultivator stepped forward and, along with the other masked people beside him, surrounded Luo Wusheng in the center.

The voice of the other party sounded like a woman…

Upon closer inspection, her figure was indeed not bad, with long legs and a slender waist.
As for her chest, had she gotten used to binding her chest? This was not a good habit, as over time it could lead to deformation and sagging of the girl breast.

However, a cultivator who is already at the Nascent Soul realm probably wouldn’t have such concerns.

While collecting basic information about the other party, Luo Wusheng mind chewed the words from the other party slowly, digesting the meaning behind it.

Soon though, Luo Wusheng realized that something was amiss.

“Hold on, what do you mean suddenly appeared? Didn’t you see the carriage driver?”

While saying so, Luo Wusheng quickly scanned his surroundings, and much to his surprise, the bald carriage driver was gone.

And he hadn’t noticed when the driver had disappeared after riding with him for such a long time!

Only one thought came to his mind at this moment.

“What the f*ck, did I run into a ghost in broad daylight?”

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