Luo Wusheng stood at the bow of the ship, looking melancholy.

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As he had expected, the fact that he had spent a day alone with an ordinary-looking female disciple of the Demon Sect had spread throughout the entire ship.

Just a moment ago, a group of his “brothers” had come over and greeted him with subtle glances, expressing that life at sea was indeed more difficult than they had imagined, as even the revered Saint Son of the Demon Sect was now resorting to eating anything he could get his hands on.

As expected, he was too well-known among this crowd.

So Luo Wusheng had mercilessly pressed them down to the ground and rubbed their faces in it, reminding them of the dangers of the Jianghu.

As the person with the highest cultivation level on the ship, he was the danger of the Jianghu.

Those passengers who had thought that they could use the shared experience of a barbecue to get close to him saw this scene and immediately retreated.

Now, only he remained at the bow of the ship, feeling the sea breeze blowing against him… and a few of his “brothers” who had been beaten to death and were now lying motionless on the deck.

“Hiss… I say, Brother Lu, you were too ruthless… we all shared the experience of watching those things together, couldn’t you have shown a little mercy?”

Among the corpses, a scholar dressed in white robes writhed on the ground and complained.

Although he dressed politely, he had a name that revealed his domineering nature – Long Dahai.

He was considered the leader of this group of wandering cultivators.

“If I didn’t hold back, one finger would crush you all into dust.”

Luo Wusheng rolled his eyes.

This statement wasn’t an exaggeration.
With his cultivation close to the Nascent Soul realm, it would be too easy for him to deal with these Foundation Establishment cultivators whose realm was inflated.

“I have self-restraint.
I didn’t hit you in the face.
Besides, with your Foundation Establishment cultivation, you’ll recover soon after we enter the Immortal Nation, so you won’t be lying down the whole time.”

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The few people lying on the deck heard this and shed tears of gratitude.

Ignoring this group of jokers, Luo Wusheng looked towards the direction of the cabin.

He didn’t know how Miss Lu Yuliu was doing.

Hmm, once she accepted her social death, she would become invincible!

Luo Wusheng had confidence in her.

Just as he was thinking this, someone walked out of the cabin.

The person was dressed in the attire of a disciple of the Demon Sect, with an ordinary appearance that was unremarkable.

It was the appearance that Lu Yuliu had disguised herself as before.

Lu Yuliu stood in front of Luo Wusheng and said indifferently, “Come in, I have something to talk to you about.”

Then she turned and walked back.

She didn’t even glance at the corpses on the ground from beginning to end, as if they didn’t exist.

Luo Wusheng blinked and keenly caught sight of the diamond-studded chain hidden on the little girl’s neck.
His expression softened, and he also didn’t look at the few corpses on the ground, quickly following in the footsteps of Lu Yuliu until they disappeared into the cabin.

It wasn’t until they were gone that the few corpses looked at each other with strange gazes.

“Did she treat Brother Luo like this before?”

“Definitely not… She clearly had a different attitude yesterday!”

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“That little girl looks so ordinary, but she’s so confident and has a unique temperament…”

“So what? Can she compare to that woman from the Demon Sect? But… tsk tsk, Brother Luo really doesn’t discriminate, he is a true cultivator of the Dao.”


Long Dahai glanced at the enthusiastic brothers beside him, hesitated for a moment, and finally reminded them, “I heard that the hearing range of a Golden Core cultivator is very wide.”

Suddenly, the deck became quiet.


Luo Wusheng, who had already entered the room, didn’t bother to pay attention to the few jokers on the deck.

His mind was only on the girl in front of him.

A man and a woman sat facing each other on the bed, speechless for a while.

“Ahem, are you back to normal now?”

Luo Wusheng, trying to break the silence, looked at Miss Luyuliu with a probing tone.


Lu Yuliu glanced at him lightly, her expression showing neither sadness nor joy.

(It looks like she’s in better shape than I thought, at least she’s still calm…)

With this in mind, Luo Wusheng continued to speak, while the girl in front of him asked, “When did you know I wasn’t a disciple of the Demon Sect?”

The Miss sword fairy stared at Luo Wusheng, and although she no longer had her beauty after her transformation, her eyes showed a sharp edge after her state returned to normal.

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Upon hearing this, Luo Wusheng breathed a sigh of relief.

It seemed that this girl intended to brush the incident under the rug.

“Sooner than you think,” Luo Wusheng smiled.
“After all, my Blood Spirit Jade isn’t something that’s easily obtained.”

“You already knew that Bai Xiaoyao’s Blood Spirit Jade was meant for me? No, did you use the induction method on the Blood Spirit Jade?”

Lu Yuliu frowned slightly and subconsciously touched the storage bag around her waist.

The Blood Spirit Jade she obtained from Bai Xiaoyao was stored inside.

“It doesn’t matter if you think it’s the latter,” Luo Wusheng said mysteriously.

But Lu Yuliu felt that everything became clear.

No wonder he found her as soon as he boarded the ship, and no wonder his attitude towards her was obviously different from that towards other disciples of the Demon Sect.

It turned out that he already knew there was something wrong with her.

And she, because of the rumors she had heard before, thought he was clueless and wouldn’t discover her true identity even if she relaxed a little.

Thinking of the days she had spent staring at Luo Wusheng and the words she had spoken to him that went beyond the identity of an ordinary disciple of the Demon Sect…

Thinking of the expression on the face of this Demon Sect Saint who often smiled but said nothing…

He probably knew everything in his heart, but enjoyed watching the interesting performances with a clear expression.

Her fist gradually hardened.

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Looking at the young man in front of her who still had a smile on his face, Lu Yuliu swore that one day she would make this guy unable to laugh.

As long as her cultivation surpassed his…

Suddenly, she paused.

She realized something that she had been ignoring all this time.

The Holy Saint of the Demon Sect, with a cultivation base of Perfected Golden Core

And her current cultivation was only at the late Foundation Establishment stage, not even at the perfection stage.

Even her master in the Sword Pavilion was only at the early stage of the Nascent Soul realm, just one small realm away from the young man in front of her.

Clearly, there was a huge gap in their identities and strengths, but there was not much distance between them.

“Why… did you not expose me as a non-Demon Sect disciple when you discovered it long ago, and you didn’t even care about which faction I belonged to?” Lu Yuliu frowned, unable to understand.

“Is that important? What good would it do for me to expose you? And it’s not hard to guess which faction you belong to, especially with your goal to become the top sword cultivator in the Immortal Realm.
How could you not be a disciple of the Sword Pavilion?” Luo Wusheng shook his head.

Lu Yuliu blushed.

Becoming the strongest sword cultivator in the Immortal Nation… those were the words she said during her delirium and self-introduction to Luo Wusheng.

The memories that she had already decided to seal away suddenly flooded back into her mind like a tide.

Then she suddenly laughed.

She laughed very amiably.

“… Speaking of which, I haven’t given a gift in return to the Holy Saint yet, have I?”

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