he Bridge District.
He was obviously in poor condition after the battle in the suburbs last week and was killed by someone in the end…”

The captain of the Punisher team showed obvious anger on his face.
He asked, “Are you a psychic? Do you know who did it?”

The team member sighed sadly and replied, “It was too late for us to find An Rui’s body.
He was killed by a few homeless men and thrown into the garbage dump.
There aren’t many remaining spirits, and the psychic couldn’t get a good reading.
However, our ‘Watcher’ speculates based on clues that he must have met a gang member in the East District while severely injured and was robbed and killed.”

“How dare those maggots in the sewer?! Hmph, since it was a robbery, they should have taken away An Rui’s belongings and extraordinary characteristics.
Follow this clue and make sure you find the garbage that harmed An Rui!” The captain stood up and slammed his fist on the table before sitting back down, looking discouraged.
He continued, “You and old Rhett should also rest for a while before setting out to investigate.
The sky is about to dawn and since I have a clear idea of what to do, I will go and confront An Rui’s family on my own.”


Liu Bo woke up with no confusion, calmly taking out a pocket watch to check the time.
He thought to himself, “I’ve been unconscious for nearly six hours… I seem to have a bit of luck when it comes to time travel.
It’s just a bit of luck that allows me to fall unconscious for six hours in just a few seconds… I wonder if it’s just gold-plated, though.”

He then looked at himself in the half-length mirror and saw that his eyes were back to their normal size.
However, he couldn’t forget the pure white pupils he saw before he passed out, and he couldn’t help but laugh at himself.
“What is this? The white eyes of the Hokage? In terms of insight, it’s about the same, but the duration is too short! Well, according to the painting style of this world, I’ll just call it the ‘Pure White Eye.'”

Despite making self-deprecating comments, Liu Bo knew that this traveler’s welfare, which he had named the “Pure White Eye,” was actually quite functional.
In just a few seconds, he had already gained a lot of benefits from it.
He took out a pen and paper to summarize these benefits in Chinese.

“The first ability of the Pure White Eye is to enhance my memory and memory processing ability.
In just a few seconds, I not only absorbed all the memories of the original owner, Abner, but also all the knowledge and books I had read before time travel.
The knowledge and books I have read are also clear! This is wealth, not to mention anything else.
The potion formulas and ritual spells involved in the novel “Lord of the Mysteries” alone are priceless.
I loved reading this novel before, but it was impossible for me to memorize the potion formulas on purpose.
Now, the Pure White Eye allows me to directly access these memories, which is really great! However, after leaving the Pure White Eye state, these memories will gradually become distorted and I’ll have to review them quickly to truly remember them.
It seems that knowledge related to demigods is particularly prone to being forgotten, and knowledge about outer gods is even harder to remember.”

“The second ability is to enhance logic and insight.
It allows me to discover many details in the Pure White Eye state and think about the internal logic and connections of these details through multitasking.
It’s an excellent auxiliary skill for planning and strategy.
I had no confusion after waking up because I thought through all the situations in the seconds before I passed out.”

“The third ability of the Pure White Eye is its most important, and that is its ability to analyze.
This ability can only be used based on the knowledge in my memory and the specific phenomena I have observed.
In other words, the first two abilities are prerequisites for this one.
And this ability is extremely powerful.
In those few seconds, I was able to analyze a lot of things just by glancing at the Extraordinary characteristic and looking at myself in the mirror.
I recorded the analysis results on a new piece of paper:

First, this Extraordinary characteristic belongs to the ‘Reader’ sequence, specifically the ‘Deduction Student’ of Sequence 8.
Secondly, my body has indeed been polluted by the Extraordinary characteristic, but because I passed through the suppression of the Pure White Eye, these pollutions have been integrated into my body and spirit.
This has slightly improved my spirituality and mental body, similar to the second generation of low-to-middle-sequence Extraordinary who are born with some Extraordinary characteristics.

After writing this, Liu Bo couldn’t help but laugh bitterly to himself.
He thought, “This also means that I can’t advance to other sequences.
I can only try to improve as a ‘reader’, and the superhumans of this sequence also improve memory, insight, logic, and analysis ability in the early stage.
My Pure White Eye is almost a standard ability for them, and I’m sure I’ll be able to continue improving.
Is it really just a coincidence?”

“Oh well, I don’t really have a choice now.
Even if I do manage to advance as a ‘reader’, the integrated characteristics from the suppression of the Pure White Eye will still be a great hidden danger.
If something goes wrong, it could get out of control…”

Thinking of this, Liu Bo continued to write on the paper with the analysis results:

“The main material of the Reader Sequence Nine: the pupil of the Galore fish…”

This is the true power of the Pure White Eye’s analysis ability, which surpasses the five-level analysis ability of the reader’s pathway sequence.”

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