Arrival in the Loen Kingdom, the capital of all capitals, Backlund.

The city is divided by the Tussock River, which flows southeast towards the estuary, and is connected by the Backlund Bridge and a ferry.
With a population of over five million, it is one of the most prosperous cities on the continent.

At that time, in a dark alley in the bridge area of the metropolis, a young man was crouching in the shadows of a corner.
He had no visible injuries on his body, but his expression was extremely ferocious and distorted, as if he was in great pain.

Enduring the lingering buzzing in his mind, Liu Bo struggled to open his eyes and saw the bridge above him, with the crimson full moon high in the night sky.

Crimson Moon… Loen Kingdom… Backlund… Memories of these names flooded Liu Bo’s mind.
After a while, he felt that his body had regained some strength and he leaned against the wall to stand up.

He looked down at his hand, which didn’t seem to belong to him, and said with a wry smile, “I’ve time-traveled… Loen Kingdom, Backlund? Heh, hearing those familiar names, I’m still in the world of my favorite online literature, “Lord of the Mysteries”? This isn’t exactly a place to look forward to!”

Liu Bo was originally a lecturer at a third-rate university.
Who would have known that when he woke up, he would travel through time and even be reborn into the world of “Lord of the Mysteries”?

“My current body is called Abner Bryan.
I just turned 18 and was still studying in public school.
I fell off the Backlund Bridge while in a trance and that’s how I traveled through time.
As for the reason for the trance, it seems to be a big change in the family… Wait, that doesn’t seem right!”

Liu Bo, who was recalling the memories of the original owner of the body, suddenly changed his expression and quickly reached into his pocket to take out a thumb-sized, sharp-edged blue gemstone.

Holding the gemstone up to the red moon, a scene flashed through Liu Bo’s mind: a middle-aged man lying in a pool of blood, wearing only his underwear.
The gem was lying quietly on his chest, untouched after he was robbed.
Abner, who happened to pass by this remote corner, became greedy and picked up the gem before quickly leaving.

“Is this gem the extraordinary characteristic that is precipitated after the death of an extraordinary being? Did the death of the original owner involve an extraordinary event? No, maybe it was just the erosion of the extraordinary characteristic that killed him!”

Thinking about how the original owner, Abu Na, had carried this gem close to his body for almost a week, Liu Bo’s eyes twitched.
While mourning his ignorance, he quickly took out an iron cigarette box, like Klein in “Lord of the Mysteries”, and threw away the only two cigarettes left inside before carefully placing the blue gem inside.

After taking care of the gemstone, Liu Bo let out a sigh of relief and put away the cigarette box.
He determined the direction based on his memory and rushed to his temporary rented residence in the East District.
The bridge area was not a safe place to be at night, with a diverse and potentially dangerous population.
It was not as secure as the relatively safer areas in the East District.

On the way, Liu Bo was constantly worried.
He hadn’t fully received the memories of the original owner and was unsure of the exact date after time travel.
He was afraid of encountering killers, demons, or cultists from the original book “Lord of the Mysteries”.

Fortunately, his worries were unfounded.
Apart from seeing some homeless people who looked like walking corpses along the way, there were no other accidents.
He returned to the small one-bedroom house he rented on Black Palm Street in the East District without incident.

The house was small and the rent was 4 soli a week, so the furniture was also very basic, with only a bed, a chair, a bedside table, and a half-length mirror hanging on the wall.
Thanks to Emperor Roselle’s improvements in craftsmanship, the cost of glass manufacturing had been greatly reduced, otherwise, there might not have even been a mirror.

Liu Bo lit the candle on the bedside table and took out the sapphire from the cigarette case again, examining it carefully.
He said to himself, “I don’t know which sequence number this extraordinary characteristic belongs to or if there are any sequelae to the erosion of my current body…”

As he spoke, he suddenly found that his concentration and logical analysis ability had increased dramatically.
His brain seemed to have turned into a high-speed computer, with data flowing and being calculated in it.
Within a few seconds, severe pain flooded his brain and Liu Bo let out a scream, collapsing to the ground.

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the half-length mirror before passing out.
It was a young man with brown curly hair, but his eyes were completely white at this moment, as if he had lost his pupils.

At the same time, at the base of the Holy Wind Cathedral in the Jowood District, a member of the Punisher team was reporting to the captain:

“Captain, Old Rhett found An Rui’s body in a garbage dump in t

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