Sold By Her Husband

To Each Their Own

The dungeon was an underground jail-like cell built on the back side of Jabril Palace. It was dark, damp, and smelt foul, embodying the misery and hopelessness of the days after the world war. The loud, boisterous sound of intense quarrels and curses entered her ears before her eyes adjusted to the darkness.

And when it did, Shamsiya felt a sinister chill slither down her spine at what she saw.

”This…what the hell is this!? ”

Earlier when she heard the word Lawless from Iblis Jabrils mouth, she had an inkling of what was waiting for her, and prepared her heart for the worse.

Or so she thought.

However, at this moment, she realized no preparation would be enough to prepare her for the desperate battle awaiting her.

Unaware of her shaken mentality, or just not caring, the squad of servants led her through the dungeon, which immediately fell silent at their appearance, and roughly shoved her in the darkest cell on the farthest corner.

With a bang, she was locked in the cage.

”Woman, you know what situation you
e in now, don you? If you have any brains, you should request to see our Lord right away. Otherwise… ”

”Tsk, tsk. I can already imagine the sight you would make for your inmates today… ”

Shamsiya shuddered, and she felt her surroundings spin. She barely registered the retreating footsteps of the servants. Numerous lusty gazes burned her figure, stripping her off the flimsy garment that offered her dignity with the heat of their desire. The dark hunger and savagery she perceived from them made her tremble in fear.

This wasn what she signed up for.

She didn stab her heart to escape defilement in Iblis Jabrils hand, just to end up in a den of wolves.

”Hehe…what do we have here? ”

”Looks like a new whore. A pretty one. ”

”Whos going first? My dick is already swollen hard. ”

Sprawled across the stone floor and pressed against the cold walls were battered women under the bodies of men covered in nauseating boils and blisters from head to toe. Their weak, feeble plea for mercy fell to deaf ears as the men gripped their throats and ruthlessly thrust into their private cave.

The scent of musk, blood, and sweat permeated the cell as the wet, slapping sound of flesh rang in Shamsiyas ears like the cruel hand of fate.

Merciless and relentless, it seemed determined to break her, trample her, and make her submit to its design…

Seated in the side-room of his study hall, Iblis leaned back in his seat and asked the reporting servant. ”How is it? Did she ask to see me today? ”

”No, My Lord. ”

”No? Its been a week since she was thrown in that dungeon. Why is it that she still hasn asked for me? Did you place her in the right cell? ”

The boiling anger in her Lords voice caused the servant to inadvertently shiver. Wiping her sweaty hand on her jeans, she swallowed and nervously said, ”Just as you instructed, its the cell in the farthest corner of the dungeon, My Lord. ”

Slamming the tea table, Iblis jumped to his feet with red eyes and flaring nostrils. ”Then why!? Why is she not here!? ” He roared.

”Forgive me, My Lord! ” The servant immediately fell to her knees and ruthlessly knocked her head on the marble floor. Blood gashed from the impact, but as if she didn feel any pain, she kept banging her head on the floor.

At this moment, this little pain was more endurable when compared to the wrath of the Demon Lord.

”The Lawless aren able to approach her. The first day she was thrown in the cell, she brutally stabbed one through the heart, killing him with a single blow. This made the others become wary. On the second day, two attempted to ambush her, but fell prey to poisonous thorns. They died in pain, bleeding from the seven orifices. After that…there was a confrontation. ”

Iblis frowned. ”Confrontation? Did they gang up to beat her? ” He asked with a dark expression.

The servant trembled and hurriedly replied. ”No, My Lord. The Lawless lit a torch and threatened to burn her alive. They thought she would succumb under the threat of death and beg them for mercy, but she said, Death before dishonor! If you have the balls, then go ahead and set the fire! I would like to see who will blaze like a torch first. You or me. After that, they labeled her a madwoman and began to hoard her meals. Its been three days since she last had a meal, but she hasn fallen weak or relented. ” Expecting a kick to the head, the servant closed her eyes and waited in dread.

But contrary to her expectation, the kick didn come. Instead, a cold chuckle echoed through the hall.

”Hehe…truly a hard nut to crack. ” Iblis sunk back into his seat and sniggered in admiration. He had to admit. The hybrid was harder to break than he thought.

Iblis didn like women riding over his head. So he built the dungeon and threw in a group of Lawless humans disfigured by the radiation of nuclear weapons to break and shatter the will of headstrong women who believed themselves above the status of being his mistresses. All the women he found annoying or grew sick of ended up there.

It was how he used the dungeon.

Before, he only needed to dump a woman in a random cell, before she would be screaming his name and begging for mercy in a matter of a few hours. However, this time, he specifically instructed his servants to throw this woman in the darkest cell with the most inhumane group of Lawless because of her fearlessness.

He wanted to make her beg him. He didn expect to fail so miserably.

”Alright, you can get lost! ” Dismissing the servant, Iblis rose to his feet and walked out of the study hall in pensive thought.

How was he going to break her? Make her beg him and willingly give herself to him?

As the Demon Lord, he had wealth that far surpassed the richest countries in the world. Combined with his good looks and massive territory, even Werewolf and Vampire Princesses threw themselves in his arms. Take his Queen for instance. The woman went against her family and her pack to marry him and come to his land.

As such, he never faced a situation like today where a woman refused him or dared to challenge him, leaving him clueless on what course of action to take to bend her to his will.

Right as he was deep in thought, a flurry of footsteps rounded the corner and paused at his feet. He raised his head and frowned at the maid servants in displeasure.

”Lowly creatures, have you forgotten how to conduct yourselves? ”

”Forgive us for the insolence, My Lord. But its bad news! The Fae Princess lost the embryo! ”

”She what!? ” The color drained from his face. Iblis felt his heart sink as dread and unease overwhelmed his senses. He pushed the servants aside and raced towards the Fae Princesss chamber.

Yet again, another one was gone.

Reduced to a puddle of blood before his eyes, never to breathe and grow in this world

He was the Demon Lord, possessing massive wealth and territory beyond the imagination of ordinary men. And yet, after hundreds of years, he had no heir.

What would be the point of so much fortune if he didn even have a progeny to pass it on to? In the end, wouldn he be leaving it all to the bloody dogs and bloodsuckers?

No, he refused to accept this possibility. So what if he butchered them? So what if he laid numerous packs to waste? In a land of dog eat dog and survival of the strongest, they could only blame themselves for being weak!

No bloody shapeshifter or bloodsucker would enjoy the fruits of his labor.

As for the rumors claiming the Moon Goddess cursed him…hehehe…he didn give a **!

”Open the cell! ”

”Yes, My Lord. ” Quivering with a chain of keys, the guard in front of the darkest cell hurriedly opened the metal door, and stepped to the side.

Iblis stepped into the dim cell, the rancid stench of vomit, sex, and blood buffeting his senses as he narrowed his eyes. As soon as his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, he saw her.

His stubborn hybrid.

Curled up in a corner with a net of thorny spikes cocooning her like a butterfly in the midst of a breathtaking transformation.

She was skin and bones, seemingly as weak as an ant, and yet, managed to survive in his dark dungeon. At this moment, she was his only hope.

The Lawless scattered away and huddled in fear. They knew who he was, and even if they were given the courage of ten bulls, they wouldn dare to look him in the eye.

Leisurely walking across the cell, Iblis paused in front of her and smiled as her fearless eyes collided with his. The unwavering and rebellious spark in her silver-violet orbs never failed to amaze him.

She sneered and proudly held up her head, then coldly said, ”If you
e here to make me beg you, then you can forget about it. ”

Iblis crouched to her level, finding her increasingly pleasing to his eyes. In a tone as cold as her own, he smirked and lightly whispered, ”Beautiful, Im not here to make you beg me. This time, Im here to make a deal with you. ”

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