Sold By Her Husband

What Else Have I Got To Live For?

him? Has he grown soft recently or did she lose her mind?

Iblis wanted to know this so desperately that he was prepared to do whatever it took to keep the wench alive. Life was so dull and boring that he had long grown weary and tired.

His Queen and the numerous mistresses in the palace worshiped him and begged for his attention. They were all the same, lustful and needy to the point of revulsion. He found it to be a strenuous task to even glance at them, as the desolate mountains and lakes were more pleasing to his eyes.

It was probably because he had gone through too many women in his quest to get an heir. His heart didn stir, nor did his core burn and ache with need at the sight of a womans naked body. He stopped feeling the lust and desire symbolic to healthy men a hundred years ago.

He thought he had grown numb and immune to the pleasure of flesh…until he saw her.

This was the first time in a long while that he felt his body stir at the sight of a woman. A long, long time since someone dared to challenge him.

If he let such an interesting toy slip his grasp, then what else would he have to live for?

”A hybrid. Ive never seen a hybrid who could command the element. ” If he wasn wrong, the stake that breached the window was a manifestation of wood element. Witches and fairies could perform flashy magic and cast spells, borrow the power of the five elements to assist them in attack and defense.

But they didn have the ability to command the elements.

”Hehehe…Interesting. Very interesting. ”

When the healer and the squad of servants entered the room, it was this sight of their Lord sitting with his legs crossed, one arm supporting his elbow, while the other stroked his chin in a thoughtful manner and cackling sinisterly that they witnessed.

The poor servants almost lost their soul from fright.

”Damn, damn! The Lord is smiling! Why do you think hes smiling? ”

”You ask me, then who am I supposed to ask? ”

”Maybe hes thinking about how hell drink the womans blood and rip her to shreds after she recovers. ”

”Or maybe, hes thinking about how hes going to punish us. ”

Cold silence settled over the group, and their minds started to wander. How would the Demon Lord punish them? Rip off their arms? Throw them to the electric eels, razor fanged wyverns, or dark specters?

There was also the bone ghoul…

The more and more torture beasts flashed through their minds, the colder and colder their hearts became.

”My Lord, the woman sustained a fatal wound. Without a dragons heart blood, it will be difficult to save her. ” The healer who was hunched over the naked woman, sighed regretfully before rising to his feet.

”A dragons heart blood? ”

”Yes, My Lord. The womans heart is damaged beyond repair. If not tonight, then shell be dead by morning. A dragons heart blood is the only thing that can heal the damage and give her a chance at life. ”

Iblis narrowed his eyes. Under the red candlelight, the womans pale complexion radiated a lustrous sheen that belied her deteriorating health. Her unrestrained, mad laughter resounded in his mind, mocking and jeering to his ears in their content.

You can have my body…if you want my soul…hahaha…no way, Jose!

Iblis rose to his feet and viciously kicked the nearest servant, abruptly snapping the dazed group back to their senses.

”You lowly servants! Go to the Isle of Eve and bring a dragons heart blood! If you fail to return by midnight…Heh…you can kiss your families goodbye! ”

”Yes, My Lord! ”

With cold sweat trickling down their foreheads, the squad dipped into a uniform bow and hurriedly scuffled out of the room.

The same anxiety, the same trepidation, as when they sought the healer, marred their features. Only this time…their task was more dangerous than grabbing the healer.

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