Athena closed her eyes. She could feel him leaning back

slightly. She felt his lips brush gently on hers. She held her breath. When she opened her eyes.he was still looking ather.

”Im willing to take that risk. ” She said in a whisper. She

then went in for a kiss, Jason did not move neither did he

react to her approach. When their lips touched she closed

her eyes again. His lips were warm and soft. To her

surprise, she felt him kiss her back, slowly and passionately. She let his tongue roam around in her mouth as the kiss became more deeper. Slowly, Jason pulled back making her yearn for more. She opened her eyes and she was now met with his friendly eyes.

He smiled at her and whispered to her, ”l have to get going

”, his hand moved from her neck to her waist.

”You don have to go, not now at least ” she said with lustful eyes. Athena couldn deny it any more,she was deeply in love with Jason. He was not like most men she had dated. Even though he was a mystery, she couldn resist his effect on her. She raised her hands to his face and gave him another peck

on the lips.

”I really have to get going ” he said in a soft voice, ”I have

to meet someone at seven and lll start running late if

stay here with you and do whatever your thinking ” he finished ashe saw her teasing eyes light up.

”Just someone? ” She asked with a raised brow.

”Yes,someone,you don have to start worrying. Its not as

if its a date or something ” Jason said as he could see that she was doubting his every word.

”Well then if its not someone that important then you wouldn mind dropping in to my house after your meet up ” she said as she played with his shirt buttons avoiding eye contact.

”My oh my! You really are not wasting any rounds. You

firing on all cylinders aren you? ” He asked as she hid her

face on his chest. ”Ill see if I can make it around 9 ”

Athena walked to the table and wrote her address on a

piece of paper and walked back to Jason,she put it in his

shirt pocket with a pat.

”Ill be waiting ” she said into his ear.

Jason picked the documents on the table and walked to

the door gesturing her to step out first. When they

reached the ground floor they were walking side by side

to the reception.

”How did it go? ” Kay asked them enthusiastically.

”Splendid ” Jason responded

”Not what l expected ” Athena added on.

”Kay,would you mind filing these files for me.l need them

sent to my house tomorrow, ” Jason said as he handed

them over to her. ”Sure,anything else? She asked

”Yes, inform the moving staff to have Jasons stuff

transferred to my office by end of business today ” Athena told her.

”Just to clarify on that,you said to have his stuff moved to your office? ” Kay asked obviously confused.

”Correct ” Athena confirmed

”I have to get going, so,see you guys Monday morning ” Jason said as he was leaving the reception. He walked

past Athena and couldn resist the urge to tease a little bit.Looking at Kayla who was busy sorting the files he had given her while Athena leaned on the reception desk. Her ass was at such an angle that it formed a perfect P with her legs. He spanked her slightly avoiding to make a loud noise that would grab unnecessary attention. Athena

jerked a little and turned to look at him as he walked away

Athenas P.O.V

Athena was about to react to Jasons spank when she

realized that Kayla was right in front of her. All that she

could do was watch him as he walked away.

”Hes in a good mood today ” Kayla said as she went

through the files.

”Isn he always? ” Athena asked

”Good question. By the way, do you mind if l ask something? And don take it the wrong way ” Kay went on now her eyes raised to meet hers

”Go ahead ” Athena answered

”Whats up with you and Jason sharing an office? ” Kayla asked smiling

”Get your head out of that daydream Kay ” Athena said

after realizing where Kayla was heading to. ” Its Alphas

doing. He said that we should work together on the

Magraff case and that is how Ive ended up with Jason as an office mate. ”

”Fine,fine, ” Kayla said as she continued sorting the files. ”

But you can deny the fact that he is kinda cute you know ”

”No lie in that ” Athena said as she imagined Jasons face.

”Away from that, I need to know something too about a

certain someone ” Athena said

”Who do you want to know about ? ” She asked.

”Tm interested in a guy known as the Ghost of Europe ”

Athena replied as she watched Kaylas reaction.

”What particularly interests you about him ? ” Kayla asked

”Tell me everything you know about him ” Athena responded.

”You might want to take a seat first ” Kayla said offering

her a seat behind the desk. ” Im about to tell you about a man believed to be the best lawyer in the whole of Europe. Everywhere hes been,he was given different aliases but

the name Ghost stuck more on him because of all the

cases he handled. He was thought to be able to posses the judges into ruling in his favor. Never has he ever lost a case, thats according to every lawyer who happened to

have come across him in a courtroom. It never mattered

whether you were caught red handed killing someone, he

could prove your innocence in a court of law. Ironically, he

has never been seen as his way of representation was so

unorthodox that it kept his identity a secret. He wouldn

represent you in a court physically but through another

advocate. Only this lawyer and the the CEO of the

Metropolitan knew his true identity since they would meet

in a secret room unknown to everyone else where he

would tell the lawyer what to say and how to say it for the case to be won. It was only about one year ago when the lawyer who worked under him pulled out of a case he was handling about a certain serial killer and from that day nothing has been heard from the Ghost. Rumours suggest that he might still be in Europe around

Birmingham while others say that he might be dead. If I

were asked,Id say he is still around waiting for the right

moment to resurface. ”Kayla finished off with a slight shrug

”Thats a lot to take in ” Athena said as she tried to imagine that Jason was the Ghost of Europe but it didn fit. She even gave it a thought that Alpha might have been playing a prank on them

”Why the sudden interest? ” Kayla asked

”Nothing really, I was just clarifying something ” Athena said as she got up, ”are you leaving anytime soon? ”

”Im just finishing with these files and inform the moving

staff and Ill be out of here. It has been a long week and I

need to lay down. ” Kayla answered.

”Same as me. Im just going to lay down and have a few

glasses of wine.See you on Monday and enjoy your

weekend. ” Athena said as she started exiting before

coming toa halt and head back to Kayla who was looking

at her

” Did you forget something? ”Kayla asked

”No..I mean yes. One last thing,what is the name of the

lawyer who worked with the Ghost of Europe? ” Athena

asked as she seemed deep in thoughts

”Krovaçic… Yuri Krovaçic ” Kayla answered and watched

Athenas reaction, ”he is,,or rather was the father of the

Krovaçio brothers ”

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