Sin City.

The Meeting

”Are you kidding me? ” Athena asked after she had nearly chocked on her wine

”Do I looklike Im laughing? Jason asked. His face now a

little rigid but his eyes were still friendly from the way he

looked at her

”You want me to give you my underwear ? ” she asked as if

she had not heard him the first time

”I believe that is what I said ” he said as his face now softened and his usual smile was back. ”I told you to be

careful with what you wish for ”

”First of all, do you know that any inappropriate advances

towards your superiors can get you firedAthena said as she tried to escape from the dare.

”I believe that trying to hit on a colleague is also against office rules. So is the act of interfering with an inferior

corworkers time schedule for personal gain. Plus,taking a

fellow colleague on a date during working hours is also

there. Athena,you are already going against three codes

of conduct. I believe Im in a safer position than you think ” Jason told her as he finished his meal and wiped his mouth with a napkin

”For goodness sake! How the hell do you know these rules? You barely even know your way around the building. ” She was honestly shocked at how Jason did it ”Tm a lawyer by profession Athena. Point of correction,Im a very good lawyer by profession. Its what I do best ”Jason replied with a grin

”Can I please have another dare then.anything else apart

from that one,please Jason ” she pleaded

”My dare still stands. Im not changing it ” he replied

”You really are not going to budge,are you? ” she asked

”Not even a single bit ” Jason said as he knew that the bait

had fallen on the right place

Athena sat there in silence trying to figure out any other escapes. Unfortunately for her all her exits were closed


”Fine ”she huffed as she was getting up

”And where do you think you are going? ” Jason asked as he finished his drink

”To the restroom of course ” she replied as she stood next

to him. Now,Athena was wearing the same blouse that she had on but this time she had only the top button undone. Down below she had an office skirt which made way just above her knees exposing some skin. On her hips it hugged her tight revealing her seductive figure. As it came

became a little less tight allowing for her free movement.

From the way it looked on her,Jason had already known

that she could easily slide off her underwear without much of a struggle. Athena was about to walk past Jason when he grabbed her hand. She stopped and eyed him questioningly. From her position she was able to see where his eyes were looking.

His eyes were fixed on her thighs since she was just

beside him. He didn bother to raise his eyes to meet hers.Using his other hand.he traced his fingers slowly on her leg. Starting from her knees going to her thighs. Athena held her breath. She thought of stopping him but her body betrayed her thoughts. Jason stopped, as Athena thought he was done,he again placed his hand now on her knee, underneath her skirt

Immediately Athena let out a soft sigh. Her breathing

started becoming intense. Jason slowly traced his hand

again now on her soft and delicate skin. Athena was trying

so hard not to let out a whimper. With every inch that Jason covered, she could feel herself loosing control. He

found his way up to below her ass and started to caress


”Im assuming you didn hear me correctly. I said

here and right now,so.. ”Jason finally said as his hand

went to her inner thighs just above her cunt. His eyes

raised to meet hers as he did this. She immediately looked

away knowing what he was trying to do.

”Mmmh! ” Athena let out a slight moan even though she was trying to fight it desperately.

As if that was not enough, Jason then placed his thumb gently on her panties and pressed down on it slowly.

Athena nearly crumbled to her feet at his touch. She only

managed to stand because she had placed her hands on

his shoulder and leaned on it for support. Unable to control herself,she found herself saying ” Oh my God ” in a very low voice but she was sure that Jason heard her

”So, ” Jason picked on from his previous words, ”you are

to take it off in front of me or ” he then pushed his thumb

gently again, ”I can take it off from you on your behalf ”

Jason felt her hands grip more tightly on his shoulder. She was biting down on her lower lip desperately and let out another soft moan

Athenas P.O.V

Athena could feel Jasons hand between her thighs. He

was warm and he slowly massaged her thighs by pressing on them slightly. When he pushed his thumb on her pussy,she could no longer take it. She tried fruitlessly to remain calm but she found herself clinging on his shoulder for support. She, twice, felt a soft moan escape her lips. Her legs were wobbly. She bit on her lip tightly trying to avoid the temptations but with every passing second she could feel herself becoming more wet. She held her breath and tried to open her mouth to speak but she couldn . She felt Jason release some pressure for her to regain her composure but his hand still caressed her inner thighs. After taking a few deep breaths, she was

finally able to speak.

”Uhm…I will

… do it..mys.. ”she swallowed hard, ” myself ”

she finished as she loosed her grip slightly on his shoulder. ”You don have to do that. Ill manage ” she went on as if she was trying to reassure herself that she was back in control

”As you wish, ” Jason said as he shrugged his shoulders but his smile did not fade. He slowly withdrew his hand from her skirt and looked at his thumb. Athenas eyes followed his. When Jasons eyed landed on his thumb she followed suit. She could finally think clearly again and had regained her composure. Through the dim lighting she could see his thumb glistening in the light. Jason lifted his face and looked directly onto her eyes. She could see mischievousness written on his face. Without looking away, he brought his thumb to his mouth and licked it and in a low deep voice he said asty. She

couldn deny the fact that this actually turned her on a

little. She felt her nipples becoming hard. They rubbed on her bra as she breathed and since they were now

hypersensitive she could feel every single fiber in her

body responding to what she was watching

”Im waiting Miss Athena ” Jason remarked after licking clean his thumb. She looked around to see if anyone cold see her,luckily for her the small booth she had chosen for their table offered just enough privacy that no one could see whatever was happening on the inside. After ensuring that all was clear, she put her hands underneath her skirt and slowly pulled off her panties. She could feel that it was already damp from her wetness. She felt some embarrassment coming over her as she watched Jason stretch out his hand and open his palm. She placed it on his hand to which he said,

”Pink, just like your bra. And look at what we have here, ”

he said as he enclosed it in his hand, ” its moist, I wonder

why ” he continued with a grin as Athena sat down. As she was wondering what he was going to do with it, he

lifted his hand to his nose and and opened it. ”Its also

warm ” he said as he put it on his nose and took in a deep

breath. He finally exhaled and opened his eyes. ” it also

smells goood. …and tasty. ” he said as he lowered his hand.

Athena contend to eye him curiously and in disbelief, she

watched as he folded it nicely and put in his pocket without another word

”Shall we continue from where we were? ” he asked as if

nothing had happened

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