Sin City.

Sex Sounds

d under her tank top.

Athena nearly froze in breathing when Jasons hand made

its way from her stomach to her breasts and he started

massaging them one at a time. He wasn surprised to find out that she had no bra at that time. She let out a soft moan and closed her eyes. She couldn take it any longer she took off her top exposing her juicy and firm breasts to Jason whose facial expression showed that he was clearly pleased at what he was looking at. He went for her neck and started kissing her gently and made sure he left countless hickeys all over her neck and down to her

cleavage. His tongue traced its way down her chest

where she struggled to breath as he went further down to

her boobs. He stopped slightly looked at her as he placed a light kiss on her right nipple while his hand worked on her left boob driving her absolutely crazy. His tongue flicked around her areola as she let out a loud moan when he went further went to cover both boobs with kisses.

In the background, Athenas moans were in sync with the

song that was currently playing.Zayn Maliks Pillow talk

that perfectly fit the situation.

”Climb on board! Well ho slow and high tempo. Light and

dark, hold me hard than a mellow. Seeing the pain.seeing

the pleasure… nobody but you.body but me,body but us,

bodies together.. ” the song rose in tempo as Athenas

moans kept on rising.

She finally took of his pull neck and got off from him and

unbuckled his belt. She pulled both his pants and shorts

down to his knees exposing the full length of his erect

shaft. Jason lay back and braced for what was about to

come. Athena took it into her hand and let her mouth and

tongue work the magic. She ensured that her tongue

danced on his manhood till he let out loud moans and

groans. She did this for a while till Jason could no longer take it.He rose from the couch and raised her placing her on the now converted chair/bed.He went back to kissing her boobs working his way down to her navel as his hands

opened her shorts. He took them off like a rabid animal and threw them away as he leaned back for a second to

admire her glorious body. Without warning he went in and

started kissing her thighs making her moan even louder.

His mouth made its way to her coochie and he did justice

the same way she had done to him ensuring that she had

reached climax more than once to which she had drenched the sheets when she squirted. Amid struggled

breaths she managed to say, ”Enough! En…ooh…enough.. ”

Making him stop. He rose and watched her squirm as she

tried to catch her breath.

As he was on top of her,he directed his dck to her

entrance and gently started to push it in. She wrapped her

hands around his back and her nails dug into his flesh with every inch that his shaft went in. He could feel that she was tight and knew best not to be in a haste. He slowly pumped in and out till she caught his rhythm and the room was once again filled with both their moans making the perfect melody for sex sounds.

Jason could feel her nails dig deeper into his skin and to

neutralize this he leaned in and kissed her deeply as his

tempo rose. He then flipped her over so that she could ride him. With her on top riding him just turned him even more. She rode him for a while as she took in the full length of his shaft till they changed position for him to give her fire strokes from behind. She bent over and arched her back so that they could do it doggy.She perched her ass that he couldn resist but spank her hard as he humped her. This went on late onto the night filing her apartment with theirmoans and groans till they were exhausted. He waited till she had reached her climax so that they both came together and dropped beside her letting out a loud sigh. They were both exhausted and in deep need for a rest. She pulled the sheets and snuggled close to him as they both drifted into a deep sleep.

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