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1・The around 30 who couldn’t become a noble villainess girl step mother stops because of reincarnation…

Unusually there is no ero at all this time around.

 Once upon a time there lived a princess named Snow White, and she was a very beautiful princess.

 With skin as white as snow, lips red as apples, and beautiful ebony wood like black hair.

 However, unfortunately as soon as Snow White’s mother birthed her, her mother was summoned to heaven.

 Her crying and grieving father the King believed that a babe needed a mother so he married a second wife.

 The new Queen was a very beautiful, but she was haughty woman with a rude disposition.

 And she hated losing to people in looks above all else.

 She believed that she was the most beautiful in all this world.

 She possessed a mirror that could answer any of her queries.

 That mirror could only reply with truth, a magic mirror.

 The stepmother asked the magic mirror every morning.

「Mirror oh mirror, in this world, who is the fairest of them all?」

 The mirror answered.

「It is you, Queen.」

 The mirror replying so, the stepmother was satisfied and lived her days fully.

 But she picked on the daughter of her husband’s former wife who stole his eyes, and would never forget to torment her without fail.

―――It was the day when Snow White turned 18.

 When the Queen enquired the magic mirror「who is the fairest of them all?」the mirror replied,「it is Snow White.」

 No matter how many times she asked the mirror’s answer was the same.

 Burning with rage the Queen summoned the Hunter, ordering him to kill the princess and bring back her heart as proof.

 But the Hunter thought Snow White to be pitiful and left her in the depths of the forest without killing her.

 The Hunter told her.

「Please run somewhere far, far away, princess.」

 In place of the Queen’s evidence, the Hunter cut out a boar’s heart and presented it to her.

 Snow White who was let free by the kind Hunter wandered in the forest.

 The she met seven dwarves in that forest――……No, seven lovers.

 It was the start of Snow White and the 7 Lovers sweet, sweet love story.



 After the subtitles disappeared, streaming out along the OP movie that followed was familiar music.

■ Amir Karlos Arold Artibalud von Rigerbrook (Dopey)

「Snow White, marry me.」

「――…I vow to protect you with my life.」


■ Illuminato Riberio Lideo Mild von Viscardi (Doc)

「Oya oya, what a troublesome princess.」

「――……These feelings, I‘ve never known them before.」


■ Elvemitorre Sylvestorre (Sneezy)

「Snow White, is there nothing bothering you? If there’s anything troubling you, you can always talk to me ok?」

「On this holy night, I’ve long decided that I would propose to you underneath the light of the snow.
――Snow White, will you marry me?」


■ Hildebert (Happy)

「Eh!? You’ll make lunch? Luckyー♪」



■ Lukas Selestine(Sleepy)

「I wonder if there’re any cute girls out there~」

「……Princess, you’ve made me serious.
Take responsibility.」


■ Merhi (Bashful)


「I will…… Protect you.」


■ Emilio Bajer Bachelard Tenni von Rigerbrook (Grumpy)

「I, it’s not like I care about you or anything! Don’t misunderstand, ok!?」

「If you say you love him, then I…」


 With a splendid line up of voice actors, the characters appeared and said their lines one after another.

 At that moment, my logic collapsed.

(Emilio-tan! Emilio-tan! Emilio-tan! EMILIOOuuUUUWAaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF! SUーHAーSUーHAー!SUーHAーSUーHAー!Aahh, Emilio-tan smells so nice…Sniff sniff.
The dakimakura also has a somewhat floral scent sniff sniff.
IS IT CUZ EMILIO-TAN HAS HONEY BLONDE HAIR!? IT SMELLS LIKE HONEY!! Yummy, you’re so yummy Emilio-tan!! Right, 12 year old Emilio-tan in the novel was so cuuute!! AAhaaAA…AAA…AhAaAAAAAAAAA!! fuaaAAANN!! It’s good you were decided on 4th in the anime, Emilio-tan! GuWAAaAAAAA! Cute! Cute! Tsundere princes are so cute! Emilio-tan who actually likes his brother is super cute! AhAAaAANNN! I’m also glad they started selling the comic……Tte, NOoOOOOOO!!! uGUWAAAAAAAAA!! GIYyaAAAAAAAAA!!  GUGA!! GUGAGAGAGA!!! EMILIO-TAN DIDN’T APPEAR IN THE COMIC!? WHY!? WHYYY!? ……Aahh, I see, Emilio-tan’s appearance was a little further on…。But, but, that, that, UWAaAAAAAAAAAA!! MY POCKET MONEYYYYYYYY!!! If Emilio-tan isn’t gonna appear, I shoulda bought the special episode collector’s edition of「Snow White and the 7 Lovers」first!! UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!! UGyAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!! ――…he, he, he appears!? A mini Emilio-tan appears in the afterward!? UhHAAAAAAAAAA!! UhHYOOOOO!! UHAaAAAAAAN!! I’m glad I bought it, I’m glad I bought the comic version Shirayuki!!!!! )


 It seems I’ve fallen asleep.

 I saw a dream.
――A dream of my waifu, super moe character Emilio-tan.

 For some reason my mouth is itchy.

 Seems like I slept with drool on my face.

 A stain appeared on the sofa I was napping on.

 While stifling a yawn I slowly awoke.

(This is……?)

 With an atmosphere you could say belonged to a witch’s black magic laboratory, when I opened my eyes in that cellar―――I, Miura Aki remembered my past life.

「Queen, pardon me.」

 The the familiar beautiful face that appeared, I jumped in surprise.

「Me, Merhi…?」

 To the handsome hunter’s entrance, I realized this was an otome game’s world.
――This was, the world of the otome game I was obsessed with『Snow White and the 7 Lovers』.

 The next moment, the memories of the 32 year old obstinate stepmother of the protagonist of Shirayuki Snow White, streamed through my head like a revolving lantern.

(Wha, what should I do……What cruel things I’ve done to the heroine-chan……?)

 I turned blue and drained of strength, but the Snow White I drove out should be in the mountain hut deep in the forest by now.

 And most likely, she’s already met the capturable targets.

「As of today, I will quit work at this castle.」

 Saying that with an expression of scorn and leaving was one of the capturable characters, Merhi.
One of the first or second most skilled hunters in this country.

(Aahh, my Meru! Don’t look at me with such eyes……!?)

 Us two, don’t we have a friendly relationship where we went adventuring in the forest on a date countless times!?

 Didn’t we look at hares and laugh together!?

 Even the time when I was about to be attacked by a wolf, you courageously fought against it! In the end we became spouses, built a mountain cabin and lived together happily! How many times do you think I’ve married you!? 102 times you know!! Why are you looking at me with such eyes!? ……Tte, aah I get it.
This is the event after the stepmother orders him to kill Snow White and they separate.

 Merhi originally hated this haughty stepmother, but this time he was utterly disgusted with her civility.

「I will choose my master myself.」

 Merhi who coldly declared that to me and left for the small cabin would most likely pursue Snow White who was left behind in the dark forest.
――…Exactly according to the game scenario.

 For the moment, I who was left alone in the dark basement stood stock still in a daze.

(It would be better if I’d been reincarnated as a noble villainess girl.
Why an around 30 stepmother…… It’s not dreamy… Not at all…。)

「Isn’t it normal for me to be reborn as a girl much younger and prettier and have fun with love, or rebirthed as a baby and live a cheat life…?」

 For some reason I was reborn as a around 30 woman more than 10 years older than my past life age, plus I reincarnated as a married person.

―――The one in despair after reincarnating into their after life characters was not only the younger brother, but also the elder sister.

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