4・Seems like bespectacled polite speech characters are indispensable for otome games.

「Nn… 」


 When I came to there was an unfamiliar ceiling in view.

 While staring at the unfamiliar wooden ceiling for a while, I recalled the events that happened before I fell asleep.


(……I feel like I’ve witnessed a shitty dream…。)


 Somehow I felt like I really wanted to eat mom’s handmade gyoza.
Or the gyuudon or karaage she always brought home after work.
For some reason that gyuudon store had good karaage.

 While feeling discomforted about the dull pain in my hips I turned over and bumped into――…The moment the sleeping man entered my field of vision, I fully realized that nightmare was not a dream, but reality.


(That’s right.
I’ve reincarnated into another world…………On top of that, as a woman…。)


 The thought of escaping reality and going back to sleep crossed my mind, but I would have to face reality sooner or later.

 Without a choice I moved to get up, but at that time――、


「Good morning, my Sugar Princess.」



 Perhaps he’d been feigning sleep all along, I was hugged from the side tightly and got in my way.


「Do you remember me?」



(I wanted to forget you from the bottom of my heart though……。)


 I held my aching head.

 Though the curtains were shut the light from the prince’s chrome yellow golden blonde hair scattered about as he gazed this way, and for some reason his face held a happy grin.


「Um, where is this place? You announced yourself as the crown prince of Rigerbrook, but is that the truth?」


 Casually taking a look around, there was no way this log house would be a fitting place for a crown prince to live.
Well, I felt it was much more finely made than a commoner’s house, but even so.

 For a second I thought we might be at an inn, but this room feels very lived in.


 The prince who had totally fallen for me (or rather Snow White), while looking over here with spellbound eyes he began explaining where this place was, and why he the crown prince was currently in this situation.


It seems our neighbor Rigerbrook was right in the middle of a family squabble.


 Snow White was also a princess.

 Even though she’d been treated like a servant by her obstinate step mother for years, she’d heard rumors on the wind of the neighboring country’s royal inheritance troubles.

 In other words.
He, the first prince――Amir Karlos Arold Artibalud von Rigerbrook was exiled from his country by his younger brother prince Emilio and was now here, inside a cabin located in a forest slightly outside Riger’s national border in the course of easygoingly living his life.


「T-that…… Isn’t that a pretty bad situation?」

Exactly that, it’s troublesome.


 I wonder if this prince who just carefreely nodded his head really understands these circumstances.


「But you see, Emilio is a really good kid.
Well, sooner or later he’ll miss his onii-chan and come get me.」



 No, he definitely won’t.


 It was well known that Riger’s second prince Emilio was an ambitious person.

 The first prince and heir to the throne who could only be seen as an eyesore―― prince Amir was deported and the second prince and younger brother successfully became next in line for the crown, so why would he (Amir) think that he (Emilio) would come to get him?


(This onii-chan, even though he’s good looking his head is funny……。)


 Snow White listened to this prince’s story with half-lidded eyes, but now clearly grasped this man’s identity.


 The seven capturable characters that appeared in『Snow White and the 7 Lovers』was made following the Grimm fairy tale’s original plot.

 Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey, these 7 dwarves…… Or not, these were the appearing lovers, so my (touched in the head) past life’s sister said.


 This prince-sama playing dumb in 8 or 9 cases out of 10 would be Dopey.


 The neighboring country’s first prince was always blockheaded, it was actually also famous that he was called the foolish prince.


「Incidentally, it’s certain that you’re the neighboring country’s princess, Snow White Ecarat Lenette Calman Revere do = Lordrutingain?」

「So you were aware of my identity.」

「Pretty much.
The names of royalty and titled nobility from the western continent are generally in my head.」


 Is he smart or is he not smart, is he a dunce or is he not which one is it, you prince.


―――Maybe this prince-sama is just pretending to be a fool and is actually a big shot…… Nah, no way.
After all, if that was true then he wouldn’t have been exiled from his country and living in this mountain hut now.


「Snow White, there was no day that I didn’t hear rumors about you.
Skin as white as snow, lips as red as apples, beautiful brunette hair with an ebony lustre…… From the single glance I saw as the slime attacked you, I was already fully aware of who you were, you know?」


 I see.
That’s why this nii-chan was full of smiles when he discovered Snow White…。


「I apologize if you have some sort of expectations, but in truth I…、」


 Snow White also explained her current circumstances to the prince.


 While replaying with sounds of comprehension like「fumu fumu」and「I see, it must’ve been tough」, this nii-chan would nuzzle noses with Snow White, or tenderly rub their foreheads together while smiling, did he really understand our individual circumstances…、Or was he just not listening seriously…。


 The slightly irritated Snow White pushed on the prince’s chest who wanted to embrace her body with his own and somewhat harshly replied.


「That’s why.
Although I’m grateful you saved me from the slime, the current me has no backing whatsoever.
I cannot help you, and I also have no power to help you.
I’m in a position where I am even unsure how to make a living from tomorrow on.」


 But, it was regrettable.

 This heroine-chan――Not only Snow White’s voice but her face was also lovely.

 No matter how angry she made her face, the prince only said「how adorable」with a wide smile.


「If it’s that then there’s no worry, from today on you can live here together with me.」


「I said I’d take responsibility didn’t I?」

「……Eh? 」

「Emilio should be coming to get me soon, so once he does we can return to Riger together and hold ceremony then, ok?」

「…………E, excuse me?」


 Dropping a kiss on my forehead, I unveiled cold eyes.


(This guy, is his head really alright……?)


 My head began to hurt.


「By the way, there’s something I want to discuss with you.」


 Abruptly putting on a serious face, Snow White’s heart leapt dokin!


 Nononono, just because he’s good looking don’t be cheated, Snow White …… or rather, me.

 You should be fully aware of what kinda guy he is from the flow of this conversation.


 This is a genuine blockhead.
――…If you get married to the likes of him, you’ll definitely regret it.


 I’ve understood that there are still parts of me that haven’t come to terms that I am now a woman.

 There is resistance, and if possible it’s my honest feelings that I’d never want to do it in my life―― but someday Snow White may get married to a man.

 But at that time, I want to get married to a guy who is more capable and useful than me, at least.

 This is a middle ages world swirling with conspiracy and scheming, and once you take a step outside it’s where ferocious monsters rampage, it’s a super dangerous alternate world.

 If Snow White didn’t get married to a capable man with genuine power then a feeble girl like her would be instantly killed.

 There was reluctance to live as the female Snow White after all, but I don’t want to die.
That was most important right now.


「Wha, what is it?」


 Asking in turn while muddled at my strayed heart, prince Amir replied with an extremely earnest expression.


「Snow White. ……It’ll just be us two until tomorrow morning.」


(I have a bad feeling about this…。)


「So let’s make love until morning?」

「Y, ……yes?」


 Quicker than before Snow White could comprehend those words, the prince pulled her into the bed.

 Chu chu, while making those noises he pecked at her lips and nudged something hard into her waist――… I realized that I was being assaulted by this man once again.


「The slime poison is already gone, so there is no reason for me to do it with you……!!」

「No, there’s a chance that the amount of semen wasn’t enough, so it’s just in case.
I’ll have to pour it deeper inside.」

「EEEEEHHHHHー!! N, no way!?」


 He was acting nonchalant, as I thought this prince-sama was being cheeky!!


「Besides, you also like doing it with me, right?」


 His sweet, low voice dripping with passion tickled Snow White’s senses.

 Being stared at by the prince’s sharp eyes as if a carnivore had just decided on its prey―― for some reason my body wouldn’t move.


「Sto…op! ……Don’t want, I, will get mad!?」

「I’ll ask your body directly whether it really hates it or  not.」


 The instant he pinched the ornaments on her chest, the overly sensitive Snow White’s body once again reacted.


「Fua……nN! u, Ah」

「Look, it doesn’t hate it.」


 To Snow White’s moans the shape of the prince’s smile deepened.


(Seriously, what the heck is this body……!!)


「Nuh, noo……u!」

「Snow White is a liar, even though this place has become so wet.」


 The moment the prince’s finger traced along Snow White’s slit, her hips jolted.

 While laughing at Snow White’s reaction and leaking out a「how cute」, with a jerk he lifted up her thighs.

 Having her secret place bared in front of his eyes, her face was dyed red with shame.


「Wha……! Wait a……!?」

「I won’t stop.
It’s your fault for being so cute.」


 The prince kissed her flower wick as is and bit it playfully.




 For a while he played with that part of Snow White by pinching it between his lips, sucking on the covering skin and lightly biting it, but when he noticed the situation over here where she used her hands to cover her mouth and desperately suppressed her voice from leaking out, he pried the dainty covering away and began licking.


「Hii, ah, Ahh AAAaHhh……u!」


 An even sharper sensation that resembled an ache ran through her body like an electric shock.

 Having the thing hiding herself stolen away and her small meat bud licked with his tongue, it was already useless.


「Didn’t I tell you it’s not good to hold back your voice? Let me hear a lot of your cute moans?」

「Ah, n, nooo…っ!」


 While having that done to her, this body that was too sensitive had already lost the power to resist.

 Towards the overwhelming pleasure her hips jerked in the air.

 She was unable to suppress her voice anymore.


―――Snow White’s body was already wanting this man’s thing.


「You like it here right? I’ll tease it a lot.」

「Kuh, nNu, ……Ah, Ahn, nh, Noo! Already, no gooood、っ!!」

「It’s not no good, I’ll make you feel even better ok?」

「St, op! ……N…o, do…n’t……っ」


 It might be because there’s no slime poison.

 Snow White’s mind is a lot clearer than last time.

 As there is no slime mucus aphrodisiac effect now, I currently can’t make any excuses.
Because of that reason, the ascendingly filling up sensation now was somehow very frightening.


「This time we’re indoors, we’ll take our time and I’ll throughly tease you.」


 The prince’s blue eyes seem to be on fire.


 The true identity of the shiver that ran up Snow White’s back at that time, ――… As I thought, I don’t want to admit it.




―――Early morning the next day.


 I’ve sneakily escaped from the cabin.


 The royal inheritance of the neighboring country seems like it’ll be a shitty problem to be rolled into, so I don’t wanna.

 In the worse case, if a pursuer comes and I’m with that Dopey prince, I’ll be killed.
I definitely refuse that.


 Plus…… I dunno how to say it, but it felt like my relationship with that prince would become something strange so I got scared.


 This bitchy heroine’s body, just by that handsome prince touching it, it’ll immediately be unable to resist.

 Perhaps we should call this『Snow White and the 7 Lovers』main hero Prince Amir’s compelling force. ――…If so then I’ll go to a place where he can’t touch it.
It was an extremely natural flow of thought for me who was still reluctant to have sex with men.


 And above all else the thing that scared me most was the prince’s words that once morning came, the other members of the reverse harem would return home to that cabin.


 If I didn’t escape here before then, I’ll die.


 I haven’t even gotten over the shock of being violated by a man or being made to gasp Ahn Ahn by a man, if the reverse harem members gathered now who knows what would happen…。


 This happened after 5 minutes of running away from the mountain cabin.




 The moment she heard the sound of small wooden planks dangling from a rope, Snow White’s body was vigorously pulled up into empty space.




 Calm down, calm down, Snow White-chan!


 Calmly assess your current situation.

 This is a trap.
A trap set up for getting boar or deer.

 Even Snow White had seen this type of major trap multiple times.


(But this, how am I supposed to get down…?)


 Snow White’s body was bound from the trap and was currently tied up in hemp rope while dangling from the tree.

 Underneath Snow White who was suspended in midair was a small field.

 This trap must’ve been made to snare the wild animals that tried to raid and lay waste to the vegetable garden.


(Tte, aren’t I in an incredible appearance right now ……Rather, Snow White.


 As promised from an eroge, should I say?

 Because Snow White had struggled the hemp rope had become entangled weirdly, somehow it came to look like tortoise shell bondage, and her slender nude body was tightly bound up.

 The men’s shirt she borrowed selfishly from Amir was rolled up to her belly button, and not even mentioning her thighs, but her genitals and butt was exposed.

 Though saying so, there was no choice.
That cabin didn’t have any women’s underwear after all.

 Although I’ve lived long as a girl, in my past life I was a boy, so there was no reluctance in putting on men’s underwear.
There was no reluctance, but there was definitely reluctance to put on that prince’s underwear so I left the cabin in full commando.


「Nn………Uu, what should, I do……?」


 The rope digging into her bare genitals, with a strangely sensitive constitution Snow White’s body was already feeling odd.


(Wait, hemp rope……?)


―――I have a vehemently bad premonition.


「Hou, I seem to have caught quite a big trophy this morning.」


 Appearing with crossed arms, a black haired bespectacled man with a polite speech character sympathized with me.


(Th, this is……perhaps……?)


―――Breaking straight into the brutal prime minister’s hemp rope play.

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