3・Coming inside the virgin also seems to be this world’s way of doing things.

「Hah! aAh, ah, nn, i, yah, don’t want, jee……don’t want……!」

「Cute, cute, you’re so cute.――Come on, feel me more? Come on, get even more uncomposed.」

―――This brute…!!

 This prince, even though such a pitiful bishoujo (me) was petitioning him to「please stop already」he won’t stop.

 According to my knowledge the bodies of females and males were different, whether from inside or outside I knew they were able to cum any number of times.

 But after surpassing around 10 that pleasant feeling would change into pain.

 Just how much have I been made to come, I wonder.

 If I called for help, would someone come save me?

 No, for argument’s sake even in the case I called for help, the one to come rescue me would definitely be a man.

 And it would be a different type of handsome ikemen type than this prince.

 And then if this prince spoke about the circumstances, he’d say「that’s no good, I’ll help as well」or something and they’d immediately rush into a 3p, probably.
If I remember correctly, I have a feeling I had a conversation like that with big sis before.――…Ahh, otome games are such fearsome worlds.

 While in a sea of pleasure I thought back to my (rotten headed) big sis’s talk.

 If I’m not mistaken, it concerns the case where I am able to successfully and continuously call for help 6 times.
――…If I do that then in the end all 7 male heroes will appear, we’ll break into a 8p in the opening, and the reverse harem will be completed.

 Otome games are scary…….!!

 What is with this fearsome world…….!?

The title of this game is『Snow White and the Seven Lovers』.
The heroine Snow White’s has 7 lovers as her official setting.

 The ones that appear in this game aren’t Snow White and the Seven “Dwarves,” but the Seven “Lovers.” 1

 Shit, who in the hell was it, the person who made this outrageous game… !!

 Dogeza to the Brothers Grimm!! 2

 If I were to seek rescue here and now, a new man would appear and I’d raise the flag for gang rape, so it’s better to not call for help.
It’s absolutely better.

(Something as terrifying as a men-filled reverse harem, as if I’d ever let that come to completion……!!) 3

 If my first experience was with a man, and furthermore an 8p, I’d die.

 Even if I didn’t die physically, I’d die mentally.

 Undoubtedly I wouldn’t be able to recover. 4 ――…I mean, even as a realistic problem, my hips would be broken and I wouldn’t be able to stand anymore.
This prince is too skillful.
Aahhn female bodies are the best.
Women’s bodies feel too good.
Is this prince really a virgin? It feels too good I’ll die.
Already, I can’t think of anything else.
Actually, hurry up and stick it in, I can’t endure it anymore.

 「Funyaa」if I said this with my past life’s face I’d be beaten to death, but when it leaked out of Snow White’s mouth with a cute voice, the prince smiled with satisfaction.

「It feels pleasurable? My Princess Sugar is really adorable.」

Nupu…  5

 The Prince slid his long and well defined fingers into Snow White’s hidden place.

「hHaa, …un, mnN」

「To be honest, you’re too cute so it’s difficult for me as well, but――…To decrease the burden as much as possible, I’ll take time to slowly get you accustomed, ok?」

 Saying so the prince began to move his fingers.

 Even though ever since the time that slime’s feelers had nyuru nyuru’d this place it should’ve sought stimulation, but the foreign feeling of this body being directly penetrated was pretty dreadful.

 Towards the fear of the wriggling foreign feeling inside her body, Snow White’s throat reflexively tightened.

 Shaking her head side to side voicing her reluctance,  the prince asked「does it hurt?」tilting his head and his face turned troubled.

「Since you’re already this wet, I think it’s about time to increase the number of fingers.」

「Nn… Noo, nn!」

「Un, since you’re a good girl do your best for a little longer ok?」

―――I don’t want to do my best to have a guy’s dick go inside me!!

 Even though I thought so.

 A shudder had already ran down Snow White’s back.

(Wait a minute!! What is with this sensitive heroine-chan……!?)

 Every time his fingers moved an indecently wet jupu jupu noise would resound, the sinful toxicant attacking the eardrums, in addition it even felt like my brain fell under assault.

 Moreover Snow White’s breathing was chaotic, as if wanting to be spoiled a lovely high pitched spilled out from her mouth.

 The tears floating at the edges of her eyes were not from fear or pain, but something brought about from only pleasure.

「It looks like you can even feel it here too.」

「Noo…… nn!」

 Don’t say itttt!!!!

 It’s my second life so don’t say itttt!!

「Fufu, I’ll give you even more pleasure.」


 I mean, haven’t you been moaning ahn ahn in a cute voice too much since before, Snow White!?…………Or rather, me.

 At this rate no matter how much you say no no it’ll only look as if you’re gasping, Snow White!…………Or rather, me.

 Be more serious in your refusal, Snow White!…………Or rather, me.

 But even though I wanted to threaten him in a manly voice, Snow White’s voice was unduly cute and shrill.

 Plus there’s also the circumstance that after the 18 years I’ve lived as a man, I’ve lived 18 years as Snow White as well.

 Even though I said I’ve taken back my past life’s memories, I’ve spent 18 years as a woman until now.

 The current situation was that while I was being pleasured even now, I was unable to distinguish whether this was a dream for my previous life or if this was a nightmare happening now.

「It should be enough soon.」

 Saying that the prince increased the fingers within Snow White’s vagina to 2 fingers, 3 fingers.

 There was no pain especially, but from the sensation of the moving fingers inside and the uncomfortable feeling of alien objects slowly proceeding inside while increasing in number, it certainly wasn’t a good thing.

 While appealing in tears that it was「scary」and「it feels bad」, the prince soothingly murmured「it’ll be fine」and「don’t worry, it’ll feel good soon」.

 Nononono, there’s no way that’ll happen.

 Having a guy’s dick inserted into me would definitely feel disgusting.
It’s impossible.

「It looks like it’s ok now.」

 After speaking the prince pulled out his exaggeratingly imposing thing from out of his trousers, and for a moment I forgot my current situation of getting assaulted by a man and slime poison and my eyes opened wide.

 Huge!! This guy’s dick is huge!! As expected of a foreigner!!

 Or rather, how many times bigger is it than my previous life’s!? You picking a fight with me, huh!!?

「I-impossible!! That thing will never fit……!!」

「It’s fine, I’ve properly prepared you.」

「That’s not the pro……!!」

 But my resistance was in vain, the prince pressed forwards with his hips.

「nN, h, HUuuuRts!!……This thing……is definitely, impossible…not possible……!!」

「……Hah, ah…………As I thought, it’s a tight fit…」

 Towards the feeling of the entrance being torn, without thinking I shrieked.

―――But, the next moment,


 Insides stretched to the limit felt like they were being torn through with a thrust, the prince’s feverish pole pierced into the deepest depths inside Snow White’s body.

「Hi, aAh, ah……Aahh…AAhh……Ah」

―――Snow White’s hymen was broken by a man she had just met……

「Don’t worry, …… All of it, is in now.」

「No wayy, noo, noooo….

(It’s really inー!!!?)

 Until step mother came, Snow White who had been raised as a butterfly among flowers as a country’s princess had now fallen into a state of confusion.

 In an alliance with the Sacred Country, this country treated a woman’s virginity with importance.
――…In other words with this, Snow White would never be able to marry a decent man in the future.

 It’s unthinkable this suspicious man she just met would truly take responsibility either.

 Originally she would wed one of the neighboring country’s royalty and become that country’s queen, but now the most she could do was get married to her own country’s problematic objects, piggy feudal lords or erotomaniac elderly nobles with several tens of mistresses.

(Tte, that sort of thing has no relation to me anymore though…)

 I was thrown out of the castle by step mother after all…

「Snow White, my sugar princess.
It’s alright, I won’t move until you get used to it.」

「Kuh, uu……hic 」

 He gently caressed my cheek and smiled at me, for a moment I was almost moved by his kindness.
――…But remember, Snow White, this guy is a man.

 No matter how kind he feels, he’s the guy who claimed life rescue and took advantage of the situation and took the peerless bishoujo Snow White’s (me) virginity forcefully, a lucky pervert.

 When Snow White was entangled by the slime and this guy was straddling a white horse, think back to his purely beaming smile that yelled「lucky」when he found you.
It was a smile.
This bastard definitely had a wide smile.

 Perhaps he really is my life’s savior, but I wonder why.
There are some things I’m unsatisfied with for some reason.

「It should be fine soon.」

「No, w, wait, no, waiiit… !!」

「But listening to what you’ve stated, the slime’s poison has already circulated and you’re already at death’s door.
This is also an act of mercy.」

「N, no way……!」

 Saying so the prince began to slowly move his hips.

(This is a lie, right…?)

――…However, each time he thrusted I could dimly feel my insides spasm.

―――Even though it was her first time, Snow White’s body was able to feel it from her insides.

 Either this prince’s giant dick was incredible, or because this girl was too sensitive, or maybe even both.

 In a hurry I moved to seal off my mouth that had unintentionally leaked out a joyful voice, but the prince caught Snow White by her two wrists and pinned them above her head.

「Let me hear more of your voice?」

「No, don’t wanna…… nN, ah, ah aAhn…!!」

「So it feels good, that’s a relief.」

「Tha, that’s wrong……!!」


 The prince also seems to be feeling good.

 As if savoring the sensation of  Snow White’s narrow walls, he narrowed his eyes absorbedly and leisurely swung his hips.

―――This is bad.
It really feels good, but……What should I do…?

「It seems like you’ve gotten used to it――…I’ll move?」


 The prince lifted Snow White’s white and plump thighs and as if plunging in right above her head, he gouged out a deep place.

「Wai…… w-wait!」

「I won’t wait.」

 NOOOOOO! What’s with this embarrassing position!!

 Making a virgin take this kinda pose, this bastard is a pervert!!

 Snow White’s kind mother resting in heaven and my past life’s mother who worked part time at the gyuudon chain store Sukinan-ya will cry!! STOPPP!!

「uAh, ya, ah, ah, kuh, uUh, ah ahhn!」

「Nn, good girl.」

 Even forgetting to suppress her voice from Snow White’s gratified appearance, the prince smirked with satisfaction.

 When asked what about this prince’s equipment was so terrifying, there was thickness and length and firmness, but what was most dreadful was the head area I suppose.

 When the cusp of his hard as a rock hot rod ruggedly stabbed at my depths my consciousness would fly, and when he pulled out the umbrella-like structure violently chafed against my internal walls.

―――In other words this pulling and pushing felt good enough to die.

「Aahh, you’re super… super tight and hot, it’s amazing, Snow White……!!」

「aAh, hiin! ……nNnu, nh」

 I don’t know whether female bodies were awesome or if Snow White whose virgin body was able to feel it to this extent was amazing, but having the tender wall on the other side of my stomach be grated roughly by a man’s stiff thing, my eyes became dizzy.

 Gradually in the corner of Snow White’s white dyed vision something began to flicker.

(No good…… What is this…?)

―――At that moment,

「Here… or is it here?」

 The prince seized Snow White’s hips who was already unable to do anything but gasp and pulled her towards his own abdomen with a jerk.

「Hih!?――Ah…… Aahh… AAAAHHHH… Ah, Ah ….
ah 」

 The moment when the two’s flesh joined together perfectly, the man’s thing oppressed her cervix to the limit, Snow White lost consciousness for a moment.

(Wh… at.
What the hell…… is this…?)

―――It was the best feeling ever.

 Perhaps having noticed from the sensation that she came, on the prince’s sweet mask blotted with sweat he laughed.

「Did you, come just now……?」

「u, N! …… Probably…… But, I don’t kno, w」

「So your pleasure spot, as I thought, it’s here, right? ――……Look, I’ll prod it more for you」

「Hih, ah, Aahh, ya…… I, … i…iIYAAAAAAAA!! 」

「It’s alright, I’ll teach you how to come step by step.
……For now, this time, shall we come together?」

「Ah, yaa… ah…… nNh, uNNh!」

 The slimy membranes rubbing together, the sensation of touching skin, the entangled feverish gazes, even the sighs that arrived to the back of my neck, everything felt pleasurable.

 An unpleasant place, there was no longer such a thing.

「I’ll fill you up a lot inside.」

 Whispering that, the prince carried the legs of Snow White who was trembling and quivering and excavated into an even deeper place.

―――In a moment, something burst open inside.

「aAuh!! ――……Hot… it’s hott, you, came… inside…?」

「Yes, tha… t’s right, I let out, a lot of hot stuff.
――…That’s a relief, now your life is saved.」

 The prince who broke Snow White’s hymen and enjoyed her soft and fair skin to his heart’s content, incredulously, he really released his passion into her insides.
――…Moreover on a grand scale.

 The moment he unsheathed his feverish rod from inside, the feeling of semen dripping down was somehow ticklish.

 With the sight of the blonde haired prince’s satisfied smile as the last thing in her eyes, Snow White let go of her consciousness.

 Whether it was relief from the reverse harem not being completed in the OP, or from being having my life saved from the slime’s poison, now that it’s at this point I no longer know.

 Just the feeling that I’d lost something important, and remembering that Snow White’s sensitive body’s resistance wasn’t a match for this forceful prince.

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