2・It seems a virgin having good technique is considered common sense in this world.

「Cute, you’re so cute, my Sugar White.」

 Eyes as if delirious by fever were directed towards me.

―――I’m convinced.
This prince had definitely fallen for me(Snow White, 18 year old black haired flat chested beauty ).

「Jus– wai……Ngugu!!」

 I wanted to say「Just wait a moment」but my lips were sealed.

 My thoughts came to an instantaneous halt.

(I-I’m getting kissed by a guyー!?)

 As if to ascertain the tenderness of my lips(I mean Snow White)who was internally screaming, the prince pecked my mouth.

(This prince, his pick-up lines aren’t the only mushy things……His kisses are even sickly sweet.
As one would expect from a prince…)

 While I was falling into turmoil, I thought I had to get away from the prince somehow and struggled from within his arms.

(Tte, my first kiss was stolen by a guy thoughー!!?)

 That wasn’t the only thing.

 This prince-sama, before I knew it he’d even held my right hand with interlocked fingers as if we were lovers.

 When I tried to twist my body away, the prince used his free hand to wrap around the back of my neck.

 If an adult man used his strength to pin her down, Snow White wouldn’t be able to escape with her thin arms.

 Nah, even for the me in my past life, it might’ve been impossible to escape from this guy.
――…This prince must be doing some combat training or something because his body is mysteriously well built.

「You can’t run away, this is a necessary treatment to save your life.」

「No…way… ――Nnu, ah」

―――These fucking side benefits!! When I was still a male, I wanted to savour these kinds of side benefits with a pretty girl and take her virginity too!!

 When I glared sharply at him, the prince’s eyes deepened with an anguished color.

「It’s alright to loath me.
It’s even fine to detest me.
――…If I’m able to save your life, then I’m fine with that.」

 If it were a normal girl, had they been told these words by this beautiful prince with softened eyes and getting kissed, they would probably fall in love――…Unfortunately, I am a man.

 Even though my current body is that of a woman, a bishoujo and on top of that a princess, what’s inside is a full fledged male.

 There was no way my past life self was interested in guys, I was a girl-loving super ordinary and healthy Japanese male.

 It was just around the time my classmates began to get girlfriends and graduate from virginity little by little and when I began to fantasize mufufu「I should get a girlfriend soon and then…」that the event happened out of the blue.

 Even if he stared at me with those kind eyes and said those kinds of things to me, I could only think「Being able to deliver those kinds of lines off the bat and do it with a beautiful girl and then throw them away……You handsome guys have it on the best easy mode, huh.」――…However, the extremely fearsome truth was that right now, I was on the woman’s side of being used and thrown away by this man.
I didn’t know whether this world had any birth control or not, but even if there was I wouldn’t be saved from the slime’s poison without intravaginal ejaculation.
Getting creampied was the determined course, probably.

「B-but…What if I get pregnant…!?」

「It’s alright, it’s alright」

 Saying so, the prince once again gave me light kisses.

 Not only my first kiss, but this man also stole my second kiss, my third kiss, and even my fourth kiss.

「There’s no way, it’s alright…!」

「Don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility」

「That’s, a, lie…!」

「Please, will you believe in me?」

 Fumu, I see.

 The world’s ikemens spew these kind of sugary lies to convince women to go through with creampie sex…While getting my fifth kiss stolen, I was strangely convinced.

 After they finished, when the woman said「take responsibility」and urged them to marry, they would reply with「did you take words said in the bedroom seriously?…」then laugh while running away?

 If I reincarnate as a pretty boy next, then by all means, I’ll definitely use this technique, prince.

―――Tte, oioioioi, wait wait!!

 Even while I was thinking this stuff, this prince had started to deep kiss me(Snow White, 18 year old soft and smoothed skinned princess).

「Fu, nn……n……uuh……!」

 The kiss this time wasn’t like the careful and gentle kisses before.

 He forced open my mouth and thrust his tongue in.

 The first deep kiss I’ve experienced――…I feel bad for any girls who dreamed of a handsome prince as their partner, but unsympathetically it was a disgusting thing.

 I struggled against the man’s tongue that moved freely as if it were a living creature and felt revulsion towards the saliva he was pouring in, but with Snow White’s resistance this man’s body didn’t move an inch.

(What is…this…?)

 This is gross.

 Although I was supposed to think that, for some reason my body gradually became feverish from the stimulation inside my mouth.

 Maybe he sensed how I was feeling, the prince chuckled when we parted lips.


 A silver thread hung between the two.

「I’m happy.
This is your first time kissing?」

 I was perplexed by the prince who had a satisfied face and gazed at me with love while smiling, and at the changes in my own body. 

「Don’t worry, because I really plan to take responsibility.」

 Towards the sweet words, from Snow White’s hidden place her hot nectar flowed down languidly to her thighs.

(What is this……My lower half feels itchy…?)

 Is this because of the slime’s poison from earlier? Or maybe, although I don’t want to consider it much, I felt it from a man’s ki――…Noー!! Save me mom!!

 I don’t want to be violated by a man!!

 If I was going to be raped then it would’ve been better if it was a more dream-like partner!! ――…Like what are common in fantasy worlds, like a busty futanari onee-sama, I’d rather have that!! If I was going to get plowed then that was definitely better!!

 Is there no busty futanari beauty route, big sis!? ――I’d asked my elder sister from my past life before, but obviously, she replied there was no way there would be…

「Sugar, my Sugar White…」

 Towards the sweet, coquettishly tinged tone of voice, Snow White adobmen tighened and throbbed.

 Towards the painful aching of a woman’s body experienced for the first time, unintentionally a heated sigh leaked out.

 The prince murmured「you’re adorable…」and after joining lips once more, he stripped me of my dress that had been more than half melted by the slime’s mucus.

「Ffuu, n, ua!」

So cute, my beloved princess.」

Wait wait please wait, Snow White-chan!! ……whose body I posses.

 No matter how handsome he is, don’t want the penis of a guy you’ve just met, you floozy! Even though I was thinking so, even though I was thinking so――…When this man touched me, this body trembled and sprung up in reaction.

 This otome game’s……No, the heroine they used for this ero game geared towards women Snow White’s body was either made to be sensitive, or maybe it was this prince’s technique.
Or else it was the slime’s poison.

(It’s no good…This feels great…)

 I was feeling it to an unthinkable extent.

 Even though the rational me in the corner of my head was screaming「Doing ecchi with a man is definitely impossible!」and「At least spare me from dick insertion!」, it seemed as if Snow White’s body had already forgotten to resist against the man in front of her eyes.

 Since before, the feelings towards the hard and hot thing pushing and hitting against me weren’t fear and disgust.
It was something impatient for, wanting to quench my thirst.

 I wanted him to tear off the piece of cloth that already ceased functioning as underwear thanks to the slime’s mucus and plunge it roughly into me.

(Tte, it’s a lie right?……I, what did I think just now…?)

―――There’s no way.

 This is unthinkable.

 However, as he scraped against my clit with his fingertip, it felt irritating, vexing, itchy, and deep within my stomach I began to want something hot and stiff, so my hips began to move of their own accord.

 Certainly in this moment, this body wished for the penis of the man in front of me.

 I was enduring with my rationality, but if I lost concentration, then I would want to scream「hurry and insert it」so I felt like dying.

―――What the hell is this lecherous bitch heroine……whose body I posses.

[TL: Bitch in JP means more along the lines of “slut” and “whore”]

 But I have the history and pride of living as a male for 18 years.

 With that I was able to hold onto the last of my pride, and I frantically restrained the words of my heart from leaking――…However, it was already impossible to hold back my strained sighs and my disordered breathing.

 My flushed cheeks, my sweaty skin, my greedy secret place that clenched, and my flattering flesh that overflowed with love fluids and seemed to melt with heat, it was already clear as day to the man before me.

 Seeing Snow White’s state, the prince laughed lightly.

「Fortunately I have time today.
I’ll take lots and lots of time and love you plenty.」

「Nooooo, tha…at’s」

―――What the heck is this brute.
After all the teasing he’s done, he still doesn’t plan to insert it?

 While rolling around my right nipple in his mouth, he pinched and released the other with his fingers, pinched and released repeatedly so the heat in my lower half steadily heightened.


「Even though it’s to help someone, to be able to take such a cute girl’s first time, I must be the world’s luckiest man.」

 Right, I think so too.

 This lucky pervert.

「hHa! Ahaahh, nhn, yah, stoppp」

 But contrary to my heart, my coquettish voice wouldn’t stop.

―――What is with this reception.
What is with this sensitive girl?

 This guy seems to be having a LOT of fun since a while ago……Isn’t this unfair?

 I mean, why am I Snow White?

 This prince’s part would’ve definitely been better.

「Do you want to cum?……What should I do, should I let you cum once?」

「Ah…Ah…Aahh………Uu, kuh…」

 Power wouldn’t enter my body.

 Since before my lower half has been quivering.

 Seeing me, the prince said「It’s alright, it’s not scary」with softened eyes and while pinching my clit.

「Ahh, no, noo, sto……op!」

(No way… Girl’s bodies are this incredible…?)

 Just by pinching that place, it felt so good that sparks flew behind my eyelids.

 When I squeezed my eyes tight towards the peaking sensation, the prince chuckled and rubbed my clit strongly.

 Previously a guy I had no clue, there was no way I could’ve known, I felt fear towards the swelling something.

「Don’t, want, I’m……scared」

「It’s alright, I’m here with you」

 As if to reassure her, the prince once again dropped a gentle kiss onto Snow White’s face and put power into their connected hands, but――…No, that’s not it.
That’s not the problem.

 To the steadily increasing stimulus, my brain went white.

「Go ahead and cum」

「uuah! Ah, ah, nnu―――……hah…a, AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!」

 With the strong stimulus, Snow White’s body easily climaxed.

(This is dangerous……It feels good…)

 While flopping onto and entrusting my completely exauhsted body to the prince, for a brief moment I had peace of mind.

 Or rather, is this guy really a virgin?

 I was a virgin too but I probably wouldn’t be able to go about this as promptly, without embarrassment, and with the self confidence to smoothly make a girl climax like this.
Not at all.

 Was it because this was an otome game, or was it a skill acquired because he was an otome game hero.

(By all means, I want to steal this technique…)

 The next time I’m born as a man, without fail.

 Absentmindedly staring at the man in front of me with a dazed face, he tilted his head「Hm?」and laughed.

 Ahー, this guy is really pretty.
Next time I want to be born with this kind of face.
Then I could probably enjoy life to the fullest.

「Did it feel good?」

「Un, it felt amazing.」

 When I honestly nodded without thinking, the prince swallowed a breath.


 The next moment, a light shock ran through my back and my vision became blue with the sky.

 I was several seconds slow, but I finally noticed that Snow White’s body had been pushed down to the ground by this prince.

―――This is bad…! Did I flip his switch…!?

 Towards those blue eyes in front of me steeped with the color of lust, my sense of impending crisis grew.

「Cute, you’re so cute Snow White, I’ll make you feel even better!!」

「Yaahn, hii――I just came……soooo!」

「That’s right, that’s right, cum one more time? Let’s feel even better?」

「Uu, ah!……Ah, ah, no, noooo…!」

 As the prince sucked on the decorations on her chest and while he rubbed her clit, Snow White’s body lightly climaxed again.

「Snow White, I won’t let you go, from today on you’re mine.」

 From the body of a woman who is powerless to put up a decent opposition, the glinting, passion filled and lustful eyes of a man were this frightening, huh?

―――Crap, I really will be violated by this man…

 I felt like the shock that ran through my back at the time probably wasn’t just fear, but to preserve my peace of mind, I decided to convince myself that it had been fear alone.

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