“――…But where in the world did this girl come up with such nasty words, I wonder.”



“Yeah, well, that’s…”



With a chuckle, the man grabbed Snow White’s soft buttocks and――、



“I have no choice.
If you insist that much, I’ll use that nasty hole of yours.”












He started attacking the depths of her vagina with his vicious shaft.



“Ahn, ah! Nh! …..Hn…nn…!!!”



Despite thinking “What the hell is this guy talking about?” when I heard Illuminato’s line, I couldn’t hold back my voice as I was penetrated all the way to the back with something I had been waiting for for a long time, and my body was rocked violently.



The lewd bug felt good, but I guess it was made so that the woman’s body would eventually beg for a man’s sperm.



This was a dreadful phenomenon: the more I was pleased, the more I climaxed, and the more the tingling inside increased, the more I wanted a man’s cock.



“Now, let’s play with these ones as well.”






Illuminato squeezes Snow White’s breasts, which are still tender, with both hands afterwards.



After gently rubbing her soft, perspiring breasts, he suddenly pinched her nipples with his fingertips.
He rolled them around, toying mercilessly with them and continued to poke and prod at her hard.
――…In the meantime, her thought process had stopped working properly, again.



As Snow White began to sense it, the lewd bug, which had remained attached to her flower core, also began to move with renewed vigor.



The tentacles, which are like the tip of a brush, continue to tickle her most vulnerable parts.






―――It’s too good… it almost feels painful!!



I couldn’t stop myself from shedding tears at the torment of the lewd bug and Illuminato’s torture.



a, Illumi-sama, ngh.”



As she wriggles and writhes, the man roughly handles Snow White’s breasts.



He sinks his fingers into the soft skin and says in a rather mean tone of voice.



“Hm, what’s wrong?” 



“Please, hurry up and take, take the bug away…!!” 



―――This is driving me crazy…..!!!!



“Oh my, haven’t I told you before? I can’t do that.
It heightens the sexual pleasures of a woman, her folds will become tighter and she will feel even more pleasure.
Anyone who would engage with her will also feel more pleasurable.
Whether she is a poor, unskilled virgin, or a jaded woman, she’ll become a perfect tool for a man’s pleasure.”  






The man’s words that came out in a sinful whisper that brushed against her ears did nothing else but enhance Snow White’s arousal at the moment.



Snow White’s hips jolted up with every word from Illuminato.



“Moreover, ah, the amount of fluids a woman would secrete will increase, just like this sloppy mess.――…But you don’t need this kind of bug, do you? After all, you have such a sensitive body.” 



“If that’s the case, take it off… Give me a break!!” 



He lets out a small chuckle right into her ear as she cries out.




“I’m afraid I cannot do that――…This is your punishment for being a naughty thief.”



“Eeh, ah, ahn….



A charming cry escapes from Snow White’s mouth as her nipples are pinched hard and urgently while her earlobes are nipped by his mouth.



(That’s what he says, but I didn’t steal any vegetables!!) 



“Ah, as expected of this little canary, you have a very enticing voice, don’t you?” 



“Ah!! I-I don’t!! No, no!!” 



Snow White’s tone apparently got his attention, and he began pinching at her nipples in an attempt to make her cry out for more.



As I was being poked hard from behind while the man teased my nipples, I saw something fluttering out of the corner of my eye again.



“Well, this is quite good, you have a very nice voice.
Come on, sing more, little canary.”



“N-no……please, take the bug off, quickly!!” 






The more she is poked and prodded, the more nectar flows out of her secret place, and the movements of the lewd bug on her clitoris becomes more and more intense.



―――No, this is really too much pleasure, it’s driving me crazy…..!!




“Take it away!! Please ta…ke… take it…!! I, I’m going crazy!!”  



“If you wish to be freed from the lewd bug, I’m afraid you’ll have to try your best to please me then.” 






There was no shame in getting this far.



Snow White starts to move her hips on her own.



But her upper body remains on the ground.――When Snow White moaned because she couldn’t swing her hips properly, Illuminato grabbed both of her wrists, which were stiffly held at her back, and pulled her toward him.



Snow White’s upper body was pulled backward.――



“O-oh, aaah…… ngh!!”



When the cervix was pierced even more deeply, her eyes went completely blank.



“Very well.
Yes, you’re a good, good girl.
――…Naughty, slutty, greedy.
Absolutely unbecoming of a noblewoman, don’t you think?.
You are truly my favorite.”



“Ah! No, no, aaahn…!!” 



The man ignored Snow White’s words and continued to move his hips, grabbing her wrists and pulling her closer to his body.



The man’s sweet torture didn’t seem to stop at all, no matter how many times she had whimpered “I’ve already came so much, please give me a break!” 



“And what shall we do about it, hm? ―― Actually, I was going to make you the consolation prize for our men……But I’m tempted to keep you all to myself.”



The other side must be nearing climax.



The man’s movements grew more intense.



“I wouldn’t be able to let go of such a compatible body.”






The moment Snow White ascended again, the man also seemed to have come at the same time.



“A-ah, hah, ha… d-did you… finish?”



When the man let go of her wrist he was holding down, Snow White’s body fell limply to the ground.



The moment Illuminato withdrew his own burning heat, the juncture of her engorged flesh unraveled, and she felt a thick white residue leaking from her own secret place.



I hear a breath of air coming from behind me.






―――Incredibly, this body of Snow White, which had not stopped twitching, still wanted a man.



All this and more was caused by the lewd bug that was still wriggling on her clitoris, even though she kept coming over and over again.



When she pleaded with her eyes for help, the man, smiling with a face that said he understood without saying a word, cut the rope holding Snow White in place with a knife.



“Now, turn over.――…As you wish, I’ll have lots of fun with your filthy hole.”



―――Wait a minute…!! 



“You said you’d take off the bug…?!” 



“I’m not quite satisfied yet, you see?”



“Wai! ..N…oo….
Ahn, no!!” 



Slipping through.



The man’s relentless scorching heat was buried in her again, and Snow White continued to shake her head on the ground, crying.



“Oya, it’s outrageous that you don’t like it.
After all, this is the flesh of the man you’ve been craving so badly.
You should enjoy it more.” 






The sounds of skin slapping against skin, accompanied by a naughty wet sound and a sweet voice never stop.
Sweat as clear as crystal pearls over their bodies.



“Fufu, good.
That’s really good, Snow White.” 



The man then lifted Snow White’s thighs and placed her legs on his shoulders.






The moment the position changes and he inserts himself deeply, she again becomes disoriented.



“Come to think of it, I’ve already inserted it.
You haven’t even said thank you yet, my dear, what an ungracious girl you are.”



As he says this, the man again pinches Snow White’s nipples.



I hate the way he teases me, pinching me and pulling away, and I can’t stand the fact that I’m feeling so much even though he’s caressing me so ridiculously, so I put my hands around his neck and pressed my body close to him.



“Th-thank you so much…! Please use my body and enjoy it to the fullest…!!” 



“I see.
That’s a good attitude.――Then please me with more lewd whimpers.”






When in the world will I be free from both the lewd bug and this man?



I thought of that as I held on to the man and was rocked by him. 



I had a sore throat, probably due to the fact that the prince then Illuminato had made me cry one day after the other in a row.



I knew in my head that I shouldn’t make any more sounds, but Snow White’s sweet cries didn’t stop until she passed out.

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