1・S-seems like my partner for my first time will be a man.

 After being driven away from the castle by my step mother with a stubborn pride and being set free by an excessively handsome hunter, I thought「……Hm?」at that moment.

 In the Dark Woods, I was assaulted by a slime like monster with tentacles and a strangely logical mucus that only melted my clothes, furthermore it conveniently had an aphrodisiac effect, then when it was at the point that it felt up my breasts and lower crevices with a nyuru nyuru and I started feeling good making me say Ahn Ahn and a blonde haired blue eyed prince came to my rescue I was convinced.

―――This was「Snow White and the Seven Lovers」…

 I’ve remembered, I’ve remembered it…!!

 It was a game I saw my big sis playing after all…!!

 I wonder how many times I’ve watched over big sis playing this game in the living room raising a shrill voice screaming kya― kya― with cold eyes.

「You, are you alright?」


「This is horrible, you’ve been completely violated by the poison.
I’ll save you immediately, ok?」

 Wait a moment.

 Why are you sucking my breasts chuu chuu, you prince?

「Yaaah, wh, what are you doingg?…」

「My name is Amir Karlos Arold Artibalud von Rigerbrook.
I’m not a suspicious person, I am a prince of the neighboring country.
――…I’m sorry, I feel guilty but……this poison, if the female genitalia isn’t penetrated by a penis and semen isn’t released into it, the aching will steadily get worse and in the worst case, you will die from a high fever.」

「No way…!!」

 What a convenient otome game!?

―――Tte, wait a moment.

(No way, this isn’t the 18 restricted version is it…?)

 Something cold flowed down my back.

 Come to think of it, big sis had said something.
――…That she wanted to quickly leave the house and play the 18 restricted version of「Snow White and the Seven Lovers」.

 I recalled the countless fearsome words of my(rotten headed)big sis.

 In the 18 rated version of this game, in the OP the moment the two meet she would have outdoor sex with the main hero prince.
Next would be a silver rimmed bespectacled prime minister of brutalness where she would be tied with a hemp rope and go through punishment play, then the wounded heroine would be comforted by a doggy-type knight, and just when she thought her spirits were back she would discover that he had ravished her even after she passed out ――…Wait.

(This means I’ve already plunged head first into the outdoors se

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