She Dies if You Love Her

Releasing the curse

That afternoon, Mariette suddenly received an unexpected visitor.

She was checking out her small frozen pond when Linda informed him that Elroy Gauthier was visiting again.

”I have come on behalf of my mother, My Lady. Im sorry if I disturbed your resting time, ” Elroy said as soon as they met in the living room.

”No problem. But why did Her Grace send you here? ” asked Mariette in surprise.

Elroy scratched the back of his neck. That seems that was his habit, Mariette thought. ”I tell her a little about the accident you just had. My mother is concerned and sent you a fruit pie, ” he said, then handed her a food basket. ”She said, wish you a speedy recovery. ”

”Thank you. Her Grace shouldn bother me, ” said Mariette. She called the maid to cut the fruit pie.

”Absolutely no bother. My mother loves to give other people food. ”

Mariette was silent for a moment, remembering how Lady Gauthier had treated other people.

They rarely saw each other, especially when there were salons or big parties at the Palace. And Lady Gauthier is indeed…

She doesn like to see thin girls because they are on a diet.

”Yes, I understand that, ” Mariette later said. ”Too bad you both were talking about me on your holiday. ”

”I-I didn tell her anything about your curse! ”

”Oh, okay. ” Mariette blinked. Even though thats not what it meant. ”You don have to think about it too much, Sir Elroy. I won kill you if people find out about my curse. ”

”Eh? I honestly felt threatened at that time… ”

”You don need to worry. I can kill a great knight like you. ”

”But you can send someone else to kill me, right? ”

Mariette sipped her tea quietly. ”Sir Elroy, you have quite the imagination for a knight, don you think? ” she said. She saw Elroys face turn embarrassed. ”Exactly what do you think of me? ”

”Im sorry, My Lady, ” sighed Elroy embarrassedly. ”Because you said that if your heart is frozen, I think you are becoming a heartless person. ”

”Well, being callous doesn mean Im immoral, ” said Mariette. Right then, Linda came in with the piece of pie that Elroy had brought earlier. ”People around me help a lot and translate feelings. Linda is one of them. ”

”Uh, huh? ” Linda looked confused. But then immediately smiled at Elroy. ”Please enjoy your meal, Sir. You don have to overthink about Lady Mariettes situation. Excuse me. ”

Elroy watched as Linda left, then returned to Mariette who had started eating her pie.

”Are you really all right? Somehow after touching you yesterday, it felt worse than that, ” Elroy said carefully. ”The way Emmanuele asks you to move your arms and legs also indicates that your sense has also disappeared, right? ”

”As long as I am alive and able to work, everything will be fine, ” said Mariette. ”Feelings don matter to me at this point. ”

”Is there no way to undo the curse? ”

”Yes, but its difficult because I need help from other people. Besides, there is a high chance that the curse will affect the person who helped remove my curse. ”

Elroy let out a deep breath, then looked down at his teacup. For some reason, the man looked very confused and worried in Mariettes eyes.

Why? Mariette thought uncomprehendingly. They knew each other but weren so close that Elroy deserved to worry about her. Was this some kind of human feeling that Mariette couldn understand with her frozen heart?


Finally Elroy returned to his castle after minutes of silence lost in his own thoughts. He bade farewell to Mariette and prayed that she would recover quickly.

”Sir Elroy looked very lethargic when I walked him out, ” commented Emmanuel, sounding concerned.

”I didn say anything that could make other people sad or hurt. You already gave me the manual how to communicate properly and correctly, ” said Mariette.

”Ah, my apologies, My Lady. I didn mean that. Im only worried because its the second time Sir Elroy has left our estate with that expression. ”

”Don ask me. I don even know why. ” Mariette took a deep breath. ”Sir Elroy was just too concerned about the curse I received. ”

”Oh? ” Emmanuele raised her eyebrows. ”Is that so? ”

Mariette nodded. ”He even asked if there was a way to remove this curse, ” he said. ”I just learned that Sir Elroy is very caring, but Im getting worried too. ”

”Shouldn it be prevented? ”

Prevented, huh? Mariette thought.

The question is how.

From the start, Mariette didn understand the concept of love, so how could she prevent it?

No, no. Don think too far ahead. ”Does Sir Elroy love me? ” she asked. ”If thats the case, Id have died since he helped me, right? ”

Emmanuele let out a long breath. ”Love can come in many ways, My Lady. There is love because you hate too much, there is love at first sight, and there is also love that comes because you are used to it, ” he explained. ”Sir Elroy could have loved you from seeing you so much. Moreover… it is obvious that Sir Elroy is interested in you. ”

”Because of the curse I received. ”

”I don know, My Lady. I thought Sir Elroys feelings might have developed beyond curiosity. ” Emmanuele looked at Mariette apologetically. ”Forgive me, My Lady. But… wouldn it be better if you don receive love from other men for the time being? ”

Emmanueles gray eyes were the ones that had stared at Mariette since she was 5 years old. The eyes full of love and tenderness that replaced his father. The eyes that had kept Mariette from all harm.

The eyes that until now had not Mariette known what it meant.

”Yes, I understand. Theres no need to worry, Emmanuele. ” Mariette stared out of her living room window, where the sun was currently setting. ”Theres no way a man could love me. ”

Even though deep inside, Mariette wants to know what its like to be loved by the man who is meant for her.

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