She Dies if You Love Her

Bloody Snow White

Theres the sound of wolves roaring in the distance through the thick winter snow. Elroy lifted his head from the pile of documents on his desk and walked over to his study window.

Outside you can see nothing but a white expanse like cotton.

”Ill be out for a bit, ” Elroy said to the knight, who was working on completing a pile of reports with him.

Elroy took his horse and rode it out of his castle. He walked towards the source of the wolf roar earlier, which seemed to be in the forest behind the castle.

Who was the madman who walked into the winter frontier forest like this? thought Elroy in surprise to himself.

It was common knowledge that the forests on the borders of the Lamamont Kingdom were full of wild beasts. So even though there have never been any problems with neighboring kingdoms, the border guard knights still have to work extra hard to keep away wild animals, especially in winter like this. Somehow the wolves and bears became very aggressive during this time.

Elroy stopped near where the roar had been heard. The snow was ankle-deep now. He wished in his heart not to find humans or wolves in this state―

until he finally found an unoccupied horse.

”Hey―hey, calm down, ” Elroy tried to calm the horse. ”Where is your master? ”

Elroy looked around, trying to find a clue. The ground around him was already covered in snow, but it was confirmed there was chaos there. Some branches and bushes were scattered on the ground, and also…

”Sapphire brooch? ” muttered Elroy as he picked up the brooch only nobles could have.

He began to take steps forward, looking for something else. The further ahead, the more uncomfortable feeling.

And sure enough, Elroy soon found snow white covered in blood.

A woman with skin as pale as snow lay miserably there. Her brown hair lay in a mess, her winter robes partly torn and stained with blood. Her face could not be seen because it was covered by her long hair.

Even though it looked like the woman was dead, Elroy approached her swiftly. How shocked he was when he realized the coldness of the womans skin. And when he brushed back her hair, Elroy was even more shocked.

”Viscountess Tierney! ” Elroy called frantically.

Elroy immediately checked the womans condition, but…

he couldn find a pulse.


”Wheres Viscountess Mariette?! ”

Elroy, who heard the commotion, immediately came out of the infirmary room. He found a man entering the guarded castle with a pale face and panic.

”Sir Elroy! ” the man called as soon as he saw Elroy. ”Wheres Viscountess Mariette?! I came right here as soon as I got your message. ”

”Master Emmanuele, calm down, ” said Elroy. ”Come on, follow me. Her Ladyship is in the infirmary. ”

Elroy led the Tierney familys butler to the infirmary in the

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