Time seemed to slow down as the two women waited for the man to open his eyes. Salronia, a powerful sage of water, was reduced to a doctor undergoing examination as she needed this man to wake up if she was going to be granted certification on healing prowess. She didn want to be a mage.

Her tan gold hands could have squeezed themselves to death out of anticipation but she tried to keep a calm face as she kept her eyes on the man. This mans wife was dead worried beside her and if Sal herself isn confident in her abilities, then imagine what this poor woman will be feeling.

”Come on Derrick, youve got to wake up. ” She sobbed.

Despite the war had ended, attacks were still thrown at the sea harbor. The Olrians wouldn dare to attack them after the whooping they got. The king was a beast when it came to the safety of his people. Now, this poor sailor who didn contribute the afflictions of any state is carrying a big casualty and putting his family in unrest. Anger surged in her, but if it isn the Olrians, then who?

”Mercy, where am I? ” a patched vice squeaked from beneath them. Sal couldn help the sigh that flowed from her lips. She did it.

”Derrick, ” Mercy cried as she hugged her husband. Oh, Sals work was done.

”Its a huge relief that you
e okay sir. All internal bleeding and those deep abdominal holes have been sealed. Your wife here would direct you on the medicine to use to neutralize every excess power in you, and to also speed up your healing process. If you are not sure of my medical certification, you can see a proper doctor. Im really glad you
e okay now. ” She smiled at him.

She packed her backpack and was about to leave when she heard him whisper something softly. Was that a thank you? She turned back to see him staring at his hands intently his words getting more coherent.

”Magic, ” he said as if surprised by the concept.

”You used magic to heal me. ” He continued now looking up and meeting her slightly confused gaze.

Of course she used magic to heal him; she was a sage, though she used minimal amounts. And sages don like to call it magic; they liked to call it…

”Those guys could use magic too, magic so strange, so different. It moved haphazardly, could freeze waters and yet boils them. It was surreal and they wielded it from their bodies, the plants, the ground, but I was more shocked when it came from me. Literally shocking, tingling and then the explosions; it was unlike any element and it required no spell to cast. It was plasma, enhanced plasma. ” The man narrated cutting her train of thoughts.

Sals eyes were narrowed and her suspicions increased. This seemed like a special form elemental force, as few people could wield plasma. The Olrians had no mastery of elemental force and plasma wielders were rare. And to obtain plasma from non-energy sources like the ground, incredulous.

”Ill look into that. Thanks for the info, ” she said and left the tent.

Yes, a tent. Apparently, her mentor thought it wise to have her examined under minimal technology aid and access to help. It was no wonder the called him the cemented mentor, a strange name but she was beginning to grasp it.

As she left, she could hear Mercy calling out a fervent thank you. Despite how much the smile tried to creep in, her face furrowed at the revelation the man gave. She would see what the investigative force had to say though.

The nice evening breeze finally brought out her smile as no one could furrow their brows at that. It brought a pleasant feeling to her nostrils, as weird as that sounded and her brown hair also shared that opinion as it flailed around with the new ability to fly the wind gave it. Not to mention the smell of sweet pastry that the breeze brought from the town below. Absolutely nothing could spoil her mood.

”You took 4 hours, 23 minutes, 32 seconds just for one man. It passes yet but it doesn impress, I expected more from you, you shame me as my student. ”

And the entire scene was ruined and only her cemented mentor was capable of such atrocities. Well, one good thing she gained was that she passed, she was certified.

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