The food arrived in their room.
Everyone waited for Grandpa Tang to start eating since he was an elder in the group.

”Let ’s eat. ” Grandpa Tang signalled them to eat.

They started eating.
The food was very delicious.
Yu Qu acknowledged the food was very delicious.
Aoi was eating again and again.

Yu Qi excused herself to go to the ladies.
Long Hui wanted to accompany her but Yu Qi rejected him.
She did not think that someone would be doing something to her.

”I really envy Yu Qi.
She has a good brain for studying.
She has a rich family and a handsome boyfriend.
I wonder what had she done in her past life to get something like this? ”

Yu Qi stopped to open the ladies ’ door when she heard someone was talking about her.
The conversation still continued.

I bet she had saved the king. ”

Then they opened the door from inside.
They were stunned when they saw that Yu Qi was standing right in front of the door.
Their expression became awkward.
They were An Shu Lin and her friend.

”You want to know what had I done in my past life? Then let me entertain you. ” Yu Qi paused before continued.

”In my past life, I was betrayed by two people whom I had truly trusted.
They killed me in a vicious way.
They had cut my arms and legs by a machine while I was watching them cutting my arms and legs.
Then they told me that they had already fed my grandfather a poison a long time ago so he would be a corpse sooner or later.
After that, they dumped me in a jungle full of beasts and left me there to die. ” Yu Qi told them the truth.

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The two of them were stunned by hearing Yu Qi ’s story.
Yu Qi then ignored them and went into the toilet.
Yu Qi stood in front of the mirror and looked up in the mirror.
Yeah, it was the truth.
She could not forget her past life.

Yu Qi returned to the room.
Everyone was talking to each other.
An Shu Lin and her friend watched Yu Qi came in.
Coincidently, Yu Qi also looked at them.
They flushed and turned around and started talking about something else.

Aoi suspected something had just happened to his master.
Her master ’s mind was unstable.
Using his paw, he patted Yu Qi ’s leg.
Yu Qi looked down to Aoi.

’What is this, Aoi? ”

’Master, what happened to you? ’

’What do you mean by that? ’

’Your face.
Your face tells me something just happened. ’

’Don ’t worry.
I ’m fine. ’

’Okay. ’

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Aoi did not want to force his master to tell him.
His master would tell him if she wanted to tell him.

Long Hui entered the room.
It seemed that he also went to the toilet.
When he sat together, his hand grabbed Yu Qi ’s hand.
Yu Qi was surprised and looked at Long Hui as her eyes asked what was going on.
After a few minutes, Long Hui released Yu Qi ’s hand.

”I just want to hold your hand. ” Long Hui whispered to Yu Qi ’s ear.

The dinner was over after 2 hours.
The lecturers and other students thanked Grandpa Tang for the dinner.
Grandpa Tang waved his hand and signalled it was nothing.
The lecturers and other students requested to go back to their hotel.

Yu Qi did not leave yet.
She wanted to accompany her grandfather to his hotel.
Although Grandpa Tang denied her asking her to go back to her hotel, she still did not listen to Grandpa Tang.

”Don ’t worry, Elder Tang.
I will send her back later. ” Long Hui said.

There was no way that he would let her go back to her hotel on her own.

”Of course.
You will send her. ” Grandpa Tang said.

”How come you attend this conference, Grandfather? When have I told you that I ’m going to the conference, why have you not told me that you are going too? ” Yu Qi asked her grandfather the question that she wanted to ask earlier.

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”Because I don ’t plan to go to this conference in the first place. ” Grandpa Tang told Yu Qi.

”Huh? ”

”I have been invited to give a speech at this conference.
At first, I want to reject them.
But, when you have told me that you will also be going to this conference, I decided to go. ” Grandpa Tang explained.

”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”But I never thought that I ’m going to this conference will create big news.
The government wanted someone from the military to escort me here.
I wanted to reject but your uncles and aunties forced me to agree with that condition if I wanted to come here.
So, that is why this brat and his friends ended up escorting me here.
But I don ’t understand why does this brat want this job. ” Grandpa Tang explained more about it.

Yu Qi smiled.
She probably knew about that.
Long Hui probably knew that she was going to the conference and grabbed the chance to come here and have a meeting with her.
She chuckled and looked back at Long Hui who walked a step behind her.

”I ’m happy that you come here, Grandfather. ” Yu Qi hugged Grandpa Tang ’s arm.

Because her grandfather wanted to come here, she got a chance to meet with Long Hui.
Grandpa Tang smiled when he watched Yu Qi ’s behaviour.

Long Hui saw this scene and unconsciously smiled.
He thanked Grandpa Tang.
Because of him, he got an excuse to come here and saw his beloved Qi Qi.
They arrived at the hotel.

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”We have already arrived.
You must go back now.
It is getting late. ” Grandpa Tang waved his hand telling Yu Qi to go.

”Two of you, pay attention to your surroundings. ” Long Hui gave orders to the other soldiers who were together with him.

”Yes, Sir. ” The two of them saluted Long Hui and followed Grandpa Tang in.

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