Qin Xia narrowed his eyes after hearing that conversation.
Director Quan had interesting subordinates under him.
Not only the woman wanted to seduce him even the man wanted to enslave him.

”Ignore this meeting.
No need to continue the deal. ” Qin Xia suddenly instructed Min Liang.

”Huh? ” Min Liang was confused.

He did not understand why Qin Xia suddenly told him to forget this meeting.
When they were talking before, Qin Xia seemed okay with this deal.

”If he asks you about that, tell him to ask his competent subordinates about that. ” Qin Xia said.

”Yes, Sir. ” Min Liang nodded.
Well, he would just do it.

”Do you have any updates about the order I gave you this evening? ” Qin Xia asked.

”I still don ’t get any call from our people.
I will inform you as soon I get the call from our people. ” Min Liang stated.

”Great. ” Qin Xia nodded.


Yu Qi arrived at Tang ’s home with Aoi by her side.
When she entered the house, she was greeted by Tang Bo Lin walked toward her.
The little boy already knew to walk.

He looked at Yu Qi wanting to greet her.
Yu Qi put down her bag and picked up Tang Bo Lin.

”Our Bo Lin already knows to walk.
Great. ” Yu Qi kissed Tang Bo Lin ’s cheek.

Tang Bo Lin smiled showing two upper teeth.

”Oh, you also have your teeth.
You should try eating something already. ” Yu Qi looked at his teeth.

”No wonder he wants to walk to the entrance.
He just knows that you come back. ” Su Xiao who was behind Tang Bo Lin said.

”I am home, Auntie Su Xiao. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Welcome home.
How is your business trip? ” Su Xiao asked.

Yu Qi remembered that she made an excuse telling her family that she went to Fanghai Nation for a business trip.

It is doing well. ” Yu Qi nodded as she smiled.

Let me take Bo Lin from you.
You must be tired. ” Su Xiao approached Yu Qi to take Tang Bo Lin.

However, Tang Bo Lin hugged Yu Qi tightly, did not want to be separated from Yu Qi.

”Auntie Su Xiao, I will hold him for now. ” Yu Qi said while patting Tang Bo Lin ’s back.

”This boy must be missing you a lot.
He also wanders to your room, while looking at people.
Maybe asking where you are . ” Su Xiao smiled watching her son clinging tightly to Yu Qi.

”Oh, Bo Lin, you miss me so much? ” Yu Qi looked at Tang Bo Lin.

Tang Bo Lin seemed to understand what Yu Qi said and he nodded.
Yu Qi felt that he was so adorable.

”By the way, where is Heng Nuo? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Oh, that girl likes to be with her grandfather.
They are in the living room. ” Su Xiao said.

They went to the living room.
Grandpa Tang was playing with Tang Heng Nuo.

”Grandpa. ” Yu Qi greeted Grandpa Tang.

”Have you doing well? ” Grandpa Tang asked.

” Yu Qi nodded.

Then, someone came back home.
Yu Qi was surprised to see Tang Qin Hao.

Su Xiao leaned over and whispered something to Yu Qi.

”Qin Hao returned home almost every day for the past week. ” Su Xiao informed Yu Qi.

”Really? ” Yu Qi asked.

If he does not have the night shift. ” Su Xiao nodded.

”Wow. ” Yu Qi could just make that sound.

Tang Heng Nuo who played with Grandpa Tang just now, stood up and walked to Tang Qin Hao.
When she was closer to Tang Qin Hao, she lifted her hand asking Tang Qin Hao to lift her up.

Up… ” Tang Heng Nuo said to Tang Qin Hao.

Tang Qin Hao picked his younger sister.
Tang Heng Nuo was very happy to be in Tang Qin Hao ’s hands.

”Heng Nuo really likes Qin Hao.
I think the reason why Qin Hao comes home now is because of Heng Nuo. ” Su Xiao stated.

”Heng Nuo ’s charm is very good.
No wonder Brother Qin Hao likes her. ” Yu Qi laughed.

At night, they were having dinner together.
Coincidently all the family member did not have night shift and was able to return home for dinner together.

Tang Bo Lin did not want to stay with another person.
He clung closely to Yu  Qi.
Yu Qi did not mind.
She tended to the boy patiently, feeding the boy.

It was the same for Tang Heng Nuo.
She was clinging to Tang Qin Hao.
However, Tang Qin Hao did not know how to take care of a child while eating.
Luckily, his mother sat beside Tang Heng Nuo as well.

Seeing this, Tang Jin Wei was quite jealous.
”Why don ’t they like me? ”

”Maybe because of yourself… ” Grandpa Tang could not reply.

”What? Why? What is wrong with me? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

”Maybe because you like to flirt with many women. ” Tang Han Lee joined the conversation.

”What? Hey, that is in the past. ” Tang Jin Wei retorted.

Everyone was laughing.
The twin looked at everyone and was curious as to why everyone was laughing.

The laugh made Yu Qi ’s mind wander to Long Hui.
She wondered what he was doing right now.
She hoped that his mission would be going well and he could return to Binhai Nation safely.

Well, she was thinking of calling Shino tonight to ask him about Long Hui.

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