“Yu Qi, your occupation is a doctor, right?” Wei Ding Ye asked for confirmation.

“Yeah.” Yu Qi nodded.


“Hmm… Just hire competent employees to handle it.
You just need to look at the business from time to time.
That’s all.” Yu Qi explained.

She could not handle everything.
She only had one body.

“I see… It works too.” Gu Ning nodded.

“Let’s stop talking about that.
Since it is free, let’s enter and play.” Wei Ding Ye stated.

“Wait!” A voice came from behind.

Everyone turned around and looked at the owner of the voice.

“Second Brother!” The man took breaths after arriving in front of them.

‘Second Brother? Who does this man call?’ Everyone except Yu Qi and Long Hui asked this question in their minds.

“Second Brother, I have some problems that need your help.
Please help me.” The man began to beg Long Hui.

“You followed me here?” Long Hui narrowed his eyes while asking the man.

They were surprised that this man knew Long Hui.
Well, this man was Liang Mo Han.
He was quite famous in the business world.
He was the rising idol in the business world.
Even they knew a little bit about this man.

They also were surprised by the fact that Long Hui knew Liang Mo Han.
Looked like Liang Mo Han wanted to get some help from Long Hui.

“I called you, but you didn’t answer.
So, I did something else to get your location here.” Liang Mo Han explained while looking at Long Hui nervously.

“You should know who I’m with.” Long Hui glanced at Yu Qi.

“Second Sister-in-law, I am sorry to disturb your time together.
But I need his help.” Liang Mo Han looked at Yu Qi.

“Brother Hui, let’s hear what he has to say first.” Yu Qi stated.

“Okay… But you don’t have to wait for me.
You can accompany them first.
I will get back to you later.” Long Hui patted Yu Qi’s head.

“Owh… Sure…” Yu Qi nodded.
Then she turned to the others.
“Let’s go in first.”

“Okay.” The others nodded.

They all entered the place without Long Hui.

“What is it?” Long Hui asked Liang Mo Han.

“Second Brother, we already found those people.
They are indeed hiding at Country Max.” Liang Mo Han stated.

“Oh…” Long Hui smiled while his body emitted a murderous aura.

Liang Mo Han trembled a little when he looked at Long Hui.
Since Long Hui got together with his Second Sister in law, Long Hui did not have this look anymore.
But this matter triggered Long Hui’s inner demon.

“What should we do now? Do you want to wait or go now?” Liang Mo Han was waiting for Long Hui’s decision.

“We will go right now.
Wait for a moment.
I will call Qi Qi to inform her that I am leaving.” Long Hui took out his phone and dialled Yu Qi’s number.

He could hear his beloved Qi Qi’s voice answering her call.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

“Brother Hui, what is it?” Yu Qi was confused when Long Hui suddenly called her.

He should come in and meet her right away instead of calling her like this.
Something happened.
That was her thoughts.
It must be related to Liang Mo Han coming here.

“Qi Qi, I am sorry.
I can not accompany you to play right now.
I have something important to do.” Long Hui explained.

“I see.
Please take Shino with you.
He would be able to contact me if you are in danger.” Yu Qi suggested.

“Do you think I will in danger?” Long Hui teased.

“Well, it is better to take the situation cautiously.” Yu Qi said.

Even though she knew that Long Hui was strong, not to mention, he was a cultivator.
But she did not dare to take his safety lightly.

“Sure… Sure…” Long Hui could not reject Yu Qi’s suggestions.

“Wait there.
I will take Shino out for you.” Yu Qi said.

I will wait here.” Long Hui said.

“Are you done, Second Brother?” Liang Mo Han asked.

I am waiting for something.” Long Hui stood waiting for Shino.

The call ended.
Yu Qi put her phone away.
Coincidently she was in the changing room to change her clothes.
Yu Qi entered her space.

“Shino, come on.
I have things for you to do.” Yu Qi stated.

Shino nodded without saying anything, he quickly climbed up on Yu Qi’s shoulder.
He did not even ask what things he needed to do.

Yu Qi came out of her space.

“Shino, you need to follow Brother Hui.
If something dangerous happens to him, please contact me as soon as possible.” Yu Qi told Shino his mission.

“Okay, Master.” Shino nodded.

“You can go now.” Yu Qi put Shino down.

Shino rushed out searching for Long Hui.
He remembered Long Hui’s scent.

Long Hui sensed something moving fast toward him.
He noticed Shino.
Shino moved very fast.
So, normal human eyes couldn’t catch him.
So, Liang Mo Han who stood beside Long Hui did not notice Shino at all.

Shino climbed into Long Hui’s pocket.
He safely placed himself into it.

Long Hui nodded.
“Let’s go.”

“Huh? Didn’t you wait for something earlier?” Liang Mo Han asked feeling confused.

“It’s done.” Long Hui said and started walking without waiting for Liang Mo Han.

Liang Mo Han quickly rushed over.

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