Qiu Wang and Long Hui returned after that.
Yu Qi went to see Long Hui.
She glanced up and down at Long Hui.

“Qi Qi dear, why are you looking at me like that? Do you miss me that much?’ Long Hui teased Yu Qi.

” I am checking whether you have been injured or not.
It is a relief to see you are okay.” Yu Qi was indeed relieved to see Long Hui was just fine.

“Well, we meet monsters on the way but I solved them right now and get their cores.” Long Hui said.

Long Hui took out the bag that contained a large amount of the cores.
He gave everything to his beloved Qi Qi.

“Wow, this many?” Yu Qi was surprised to see the number of cores.

“Do you forget that you already fought with them earlier?” Long Hui’s corner lips curved up.

“Yeah… Right…” Yu Qi grinned.

“By the way, are we staying here for this night?” Long Hui asked.

“I think so.
There are so many people who had been injured.
They need some rest.
I am sure that everyone would be okay after one night of rest.” Yu Qi informed Long Hui.

Earlier, she already discussed this with several people.
They wanted to rest here for the night.
Everyone did not mind.
They also agreed with that.

They immediately arranged the schedule for the night guards.
Since there were a lot of people who were injured, the uninjured people would take about three hours to guard.

Yu Qi and Long Hui were from the uninjured people.
They did not mind guarding others.

Yu Qi told her three contracted beasts to stay alert too.
“Tell me if you sense something’s wrong, okay.”

They nodded.
Yu Qi and Long Hui were cuddling each other.
The night in the miracle space became colder.

Rukh stood up.
He stared in one direction.
Yu Qi noticed his behavior.

‘What is it, Rukh?” Yu Qi asked.

‘Something is over there.’ Rukh stated.

Yu Qi looked in the direction pointed out by Rukh.
She noticed the monster’s energy but she did not notice anything strange at that place.
That place just had trees.

‘Master, it is a monster tree.’ Rukh said.

‘Monster tree?’ Yu Qi tilted her head.

‘Yes, there is a monster that has a tree appearance.
It likes to act like a normal tree.
When people put their guard down, it would devour.
Humans could not fight at that time and die inside the monster tree.’ Rukh explained.

‘I see.’ Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.

‘What a terrifying monster.’ Shino commented.

Aoi and Shino would never know there was a monster like that, unlike Rukh who lived long enough.

‘It seems the monster wants to try its trick here.’ Rukh stated.

‘Hmm… We need to know something before it does its trick on others.’ Yu Qi said.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

She turned to Long Hui and whispered to Long Hui about what she discovered.
Both of them stood up.

Dian Qi Qi saw it and asked.
“Sister Qi Qi, where are you going?”

“Hmm… I want to go to the toilet.” Yu Qi whispered to Dian Qi Qi.

“Oh… Do you need me to accompany you?” Dian Qi Qi asked.

“No, I have Brother Hui with me.” Yu Qi showed Long Hui.

Dian Qi Qi rolled her eyes at Long Hui before turning to Yu Qi.
“Okay, Sister Yu Qi, just be careful.”

Both humans and three animals walked.
They acted like they did not see the monster tree.

The monster tree felt happy when its prey came in its way.
There was no need for it to go to them.

Shino stayed inside Yu Qi’s pocket.
Aoi was carried by Long Hui and Rukh stayed on Long Hui’s shoulder.
He was not very happy being carried by Long Hui.
But it was his master’s request, he held himself.

Under Rukh’s statement, Yu Qi knew which tree was the monster.
She touched the monster tree and went straight to enter her space.
Since it was hidden from those people and it was dark, no one noticed that Yu Qi and others were disappeared.

The monster tree was confused when it suddenly went bright.
It felt blind for a second due to the sudden brightness.

“Hello.” Yu Qi said hello to the monster tree.

The monster tree was shocked to see its prey in front of it smiling as if nothing happened.
It began to look around.
It wondered where this was.

“Welcome to my space, Sere.” Yu Qi said to the monster tree.

The monster tree stepped back.
Its instinct told it to run away.
But its path was blocked by someone who was Rukh in his normal size.

The monster tree recognized Rukh as the Roc Bird.
It was scared of Rukh.

“Don’t bother to run away.
You can’t run from here.” Yu Qi smiled.

The monster tree shivered.
This human was scary.
It could feel it.

p、A,nd A-n、o、ve,1

Seeing this, Shino already acted the same.
“I am also hungry.”

Yu Qi could not resist when her little cuties act cute like that.

Rukh was speechless to see his comrades.
Just for food, they acted like that.

“Okay… Let’s go.
I will cook something simple.
We can’t stay long inside here.” Yu Qi said.

Thank you, Master.
You are the best.” Aoi praised Yu Qi.

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