“You are alone all this time?” Yu Qi asked.

“Yeah.” Qiu Wang nodded.

“You didn’t meet anyone?” Long Hui asked.

“Well, I did meet someone.
But I could not join them.” Qiu Wang just snorted.

“Why?” Yu Qi asked back.

“They want me to pay them some money.
They said it was for protection.
Humph! No need for that.
It is better to travel alone.” Qiu Wang explained.

“That must be someone from the merchant guild.
They even think to make money out of people here.” Dian Shu Xian gave his remark.

“You can join us.
We don’t charge you the protection fees.” Dian Qi Qi chuckled.

“Is that okay for me to join your group?” Qiu Wang stated.

Our family motto’s welcome the strong.
You are definitely strong.” Dian Ren Qui nodded.

So, with that, Qiu Wang joined them.
They still did not see the white building.
It seemed the building was still far from their place right now.

“I wonder where Brother Zin Fang is right now.” Dian Qi Qi said.

“Maybe Brother Zin Fang has been transported to the opposite side of the miracle space.
Don’t worry too much.
I am sure he is safe.” Dian Ren Qi told Dian Qi Qi.

‘Rukh, have you  been to the white building?’ Yu Qi communicated with Rukh via telepathy.

‘White building… Owh… That? I am sure I have.’ Rukh nodded.

‘Really? How is that? What is inside?’ Yu Qi asked again.

‘That place has nothing to do with monsters.
So, I don’t know about that.
But I am sure I’ve seen humans going to the white building sometimes in a while.’ Rukh stated.

‘I see.’ Yu Qi was disappointed not to get information about the white building.
Well, she just needed to go and see by herself, then.

The monsters appeared more often.
And they were more fierce than ever.
A lot of them were injured after a huge wave of monsters attacked them.
They needed to take some rest and attend to everyone who was injured.

Yu Qi’s instinct as a doctor kicked out.
She tended to a lot of people.
Giving medicine and bandaging the wounded.
She kept running from one patient to another one.

They had a potion.
But not all people were willing to use the item to just treat the small wound.
Better saving the potion in case their lives were in danger.

Yu Qi took a deep breath after seeing everyone had been treated.
She looked around looking for Long Hui.

“Where is my fiance? Did you see him?” Yu Qi asked Dian Shu Xian.

I don’t know.”.
Dian Shu Xian shook his head.

Yu Qi kept looking around.

“What are you doing, Sister Yu Qi?” Dian Qi Qi asked.

“Did you see Brother Hui?” Yu Qi asked back.

“Oh, him… I saw him leaving with that man… What is the name again? Oh, Qiu Wang.
I don’t know where they went, though.” Dian Qi Qi explained what she knew.

‘Master, you should ask Rukh or Aoi.
They followed your fiance.’ Shino appeared from Yu Qi’s pocket and climbed out to Yu Qi’s shoulder.

‘They followed him? I don’t know about Rukh but I am sure that Aoi does not like him so much.’ Yu Qi was confused.

However, she followed Shino’s advice to contact Aoi or Rukh.

‘Aoi… Rukh… Are you there?’ Yu Qi was calling both of them.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

‘Yes, Master.
What is it?’ Aoi answered it right away.

Yes, Master.’ Rukh was slightly late.

‘Where are you guys right now?’ Yu Qi asked.

‘Oh… We are collecting the cores right now.’ Aoi stated.

‘The cores?’

Your fiance asks for our help to guard them when they are collecting the cores.’ Rukh explained more accurately what they were doing.

‘You mean you guys went back to the earlier place?’ Yu Qi inquired.

‘Yes.’ Both Rukh and Aoi said.

‘I see.’ Yu Qi nodded.

‘Why Master? Does everyone want to leave already?’ Rukh asked.

‘I will tell that man right away.’ Aoi stated.

‘No need.
We decide to stay here for the night.
A lot of people are injured and need time to heal.
Protect my fiancee well.’ Yu Qi said.


‘I am protecting him for your sake, Master.’ Aoi snorted.

‘Sure… sure… Thank you… I will give some reward to you later.’

Hearing the reward’s words make Bo Ya and Rukh lifted up.
They wanted to see what kind of reward their Master wanted to give.

‘Master, I want the reward too.’ Shino attacked Yu Qi by acting cute.

Sure…’ Yu Qi patted her face.

Yu Qi began to rest too.
She felt that the monster’s strength increased a lot.
Was that because they began to be closer and closer to the white building?

Since she heard from her uncle that the closer they were to the white building, the more powerful monsters they would meet.

“Have you found Long Hui?” Dian Shu Xian asked.

He is with Qiu Wang and my contracted beasts, Rukh and Aoi.” Yu Qi said.

“Where are they?” Dian Shu Xian asked again.

“They went to collect the cores.” Yu Qi answered.

“I see.
Good to hear they are fine.” Dian Shu Xian nodded.

“The monsters are very strong.” Yu Qi made a remark.

“Hmm… Meaning we are on the right path.” Dian Shu Xian said.

“I hope we can get through this and arrive at the white building.” Yu Qi sighed.

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