Rukh was now in a smaller size and wanted to stay on someone’s shoulder.
He saw Long Hui and flew over to stay on Long Hui’s shoulder.

Everyone was surprised to see this coming.
Yu Qi’s contracted beasts usually hated Long Hui and also fought with him.
They would not want to stay with Long Hui without bickering.

“Are you sure to be here?” Long Hui asked Rukh.

“What? I can’t? He is already over there.
I am afraid my master will be tired of my weight.
So, I go to you.
You seem strong.” Rukh stated.

“That’s right.
You should not tire your master.
You can stay on my shoulder.” Long Hui agreed.

Yu Qi laughed when she listened to the conversation.
They continued their journey again.
After a while of walking, they heard a commotion not far from their place.

“Let’s go and see it.” Long Hui said.

Yu Qi nodded.
While approaching the place, Yu Qi heard a familiar voice.

“Brother Shu Xian, over there!” The girl shouted loudly.

When Long Hui and Yu Qi arrived there, they would see people from the Dian family currently fighting with a group of monsters.
Without waiting any longer, they rushed to help people.

“Sister Yu Qi!” Dian Qi Qi was happy to see Yu Qi.

“We will help too.” Yu Qi stated.

It was a large number of monsters.
After a while, all of the monsters had been killed.
People immediately took a rest after a horrible fight.

“It’s over now.” Dian Ren Qi was relieved.

“What happened here? Why there are so many monsters here?” Yu Qi asked Dian Qi Qi.

“There are some idiots who went to provoke the monsters.
They came running to us.
The monsters must think we are their enemy too.” Dian Qi Qi volumes up her voice.

Some people immediately looked down when they heard that.
They could not deny that.

“I see.
Are you going to collect their cores?” Yu Qi asked.

I don’t need it.
I don’t want to touch the bloody monster’s body.” Dian Qi Qi shook her head.

“Everyone, does anyone wants the monster cores?” Yu Qi asked people around.

They also shook their heads.
They were already tired.
They did not want to waste their energy on something like that.

I will be collecting them.” Yu Qi was ready to do the work.

Without saying anything, Long Hui also helped Yu Qi collect the cores.
The people watched them speechlessly.

There were a lot of monsters.
So it required a lot of time to collect those cores.
The people already wanted to leave.

“How much longer that they want to be here?”

“Yeah, the smell of blood is horrible.”

“Why do they want to collect those cores?”

Some people could not help to complain about this.
Yu Qi happened to hear that.

“You can go first.
There is no need to wait for us.
It would be taking a while that we will be here.” Yu Qi said.please visit panda(-)

People who were talking earlier felt awkward but at the same time, they were happy to leave.
They looked at others, especially Dian’s family.

“We will be waiting for them.” Dian Shu Xian’s statement crushed their hope.

They were hoping Dian’s family would be coming with them.
They were the strongest people among them.

Dian Shu Xian approached Yu Qi.
“I will help you too.
Give me a pair of gloves.”

“We can do it by ourselves.” Yu Qi stated.

“It will be faster if I help you.” Dian Shu Xian said.

Yu Qi took out the pair of gloves and gave them to Dian Shu Xian.

“You are prepared.” Dian Shu Xian chuckled.

“Of course.” Yu Qi smiled.

So, three of them collected the cores.
Some of the people around did not want to wait any longer.
They left the place.

Only Dian’s Family and a few people were waiting for them.
Well, they were waiting far from the place because the place smelled blood.

They told Yu Qi that they were prepared to stay the night at the place.
Yu Qi and others should come after finishing the work here.

Two hours later,  all of the cores had been collected.
Yu Qi immediately put the cores inside her ring space and Long Hui:’s ring space.

“You are finished?” Dian Qi Qi appeared.

“Hmm…” Yu Qi nodded.

“Let’s go.
We find a cave where we can stay for a night.” Dian Qi Qi said.

pAnD a(-)

“You are back.”

“Hmm..” Dian Qi Qi nodded.

They entered the cave.
People also settled down.

“Come and eat.” Wan Yang Mi saw them and called them to eat.
“Everyone already eats.
But I just prepared for you.
There is not enough for the contracted beast.”

“Thank you, Sister Yang Mi.
I will give another food for them.” Yu Qi said.

Yu Qi took out the food and called their contracted beasts.

“Aoi, Shino, Rukh, come here.” Yu Qi called them.

“Wait, Sister Qi Qi, this is a newly contracted beast right?” Dian Qi Qi looked at Rukh.

Because of her loud voice, everyone turned to Yu Qi.
The contracted beast was rare, so people tended to be interested for them.
They could see there were three of the contracted beast over there.

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