“Elder Dian has a daughter?” Ling Su Liu was confused.

From what she knew that Elder Dian only had one son, no daughter.

“That daughter run away and married outsiders.” Bucong Jiye told Ling Su Liu what she knew.

Bucong Jiye heard from her father before.

“Outsider?” Ling Su Liu was once again surprised.

Usually, when a cultivator wanted to marry a normal person, the family would prevent that from happening.

Elder Dian’s daughter married a normal person and live outside.
You should know that Dian’s Family already moved outside.
So, they did not care much about that.” Bucong Jiye felt that it was a pity that the great family like Dian Family did something like that.

“But if she married an outsider, her descendant would not be a cultivator.
How could she be a cultivator?” Ling Su Liu asked.

“Hmm… I dont know about that.” Bucong Jiye said.
“Well, we are glad that you are safe.
My brother is happy to see her fiancee safe.” She looked at her brother, Bucong Shuye.

Yes, Ling Su Liu was Bucong Shuye’s fiancee.
She was engaged to him when they were younger.
Her mother was a friend of Bucong Shuye’s mother and they wanted to be in-laws with each other.

Of course, Ling Su Liu was happy with her mother’s arrangement.
Bucong Shuye was a bachelor that all single women wanted.  Power, look, and family background, which women did not want that?

When she met with her friends, they also felt jealous of her fiance making her very proud of herself for being engaged to such a powerful man.
However, when she saw that man earlier, her heart was beating fast.

She snapped out of herself.
From what Bucong Jiye said earlier, that man was from outside.
So, he must be a normal human.
But how could he enter this miracle space? She really wondered about that.

“Sister Ling, let’s go.” Bucong Jiye called Ling Su Liu.

Ling Su Liu turned to Bucong Jiye.
Let’s go.” She should forget him.
It was not worth it for herself.


“Now, the burden is gone.
We can talk the human language.” Aoi said.

It is easier.” Shino stated.

“Hmm… It is hard on you.” Yu Qi said.

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m

“What do you say?” Aoi glared at Long Hui.

Both of them always fought like this.
Yu Qi sighed when seeing they were like this.

“Can you stop it?” Yu Qi stopped it.

“He started it first.” Aoi pouted blaming Long Hui for that.

Yu Qi glared at Long Hui.
Long Hui looked in another direction.
They walked again until they noticed something.

“Master, I think something strong is ahead,” Aoi informed.

“Let’s proceed carefully, then.” Yu Qi said.

They walked carefully and saw a bird guarding something behind it.
Yu Qi became curious about that.
Then, she saw something.

“It is Lingli, a precious herb for cultivators.” Yu Qi whispered to Long Hui.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Yu Qi already studied herbs in the cultivation world.
She asked Grandpa Ray about that.
Grandpa Ray was glad to follow her request since Yu Qi healed Great Grandpa Dian.

So, Yu Qi recognized the Lingli herb in instant.
It was hard to find Lingli in the cultivation world.
So, Yu Qi was surprised to see this herb here.

‘Master, this Lingli is more precious than a normal Lingli.’ Bo Ya said.

“What?” Yu Qi replied.

“Hmm? What is it, Master?” Shino responded.

“No… No… I am talking to Bo Ya.” Yu Qi stated.

‘This herb’s age is about 10,000 years at most.’ Bo Ya explained.

‘Wow!’ Yu Qi’s eyes lifted up.

‘Master, you should dig the herbs and plant them inside the space.
The effect will be much better.’ Bo Ya suggested.

‘Really?’ Yu Qi asked.

‘Yes.’ Bo Ya was happy to help Yu Qi with this.
None of Shino, Aoi, and Long Hui knew about this.

I will try to get it.’ Yu Qi smiled.

“We will pick the herb.” Yu Qi told the decision.

“I knew this would happen when we crossed herbs.
Especially a rare herb as this.” Long Hui chuckled.

“Master, that is roc bird,” Aoi said.
He recognized it.

“I see.” Yu Qi nodded.
She thought for a second.
“Okay, we will fight it.
Shino, your role is the most important one.”

Shino stood up when hearing that.
“What is that, Master? What is my role?” Instead of being scared, he was excited to be given an important role.

“I want you to dig the herb until its root.
Make sure to be careful not to ruin the roots.
Do you understand?” Yu Qi explained his role.

“Okay, Master, I will try my best.” Shino nodded.

“After you are done, confirm with me as fast as you could.” Yu Qi said.

“Yes, Master.” Shino saluted.

“We will distract the roc bird.” Yu Qi looked at Aoi and Long Hui.

“As you wish, my lady.” Long Hui nodded.

“Yes, Master.” Aoi saluted.

A normal monster in this place would be afraid of the roc bird.
However, not for Aoi even though he was from this place.
Because he grew up in Yu Qi’s space and was inspired by Yu Qi for not being afraid of anything.
To be honest, he was excited about fighting with the roc bird itself.
If his parent knew this, they would be shocked.
That’s for sure.

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