Yu Qi walked to the waitress.
”I am the one who have booked a private room one hour ago.
My surname is Tang. ” 

Although the waitress seemed not to believe Yu Qi, she asked Yu Qi politely.
”In order to book the private room, the customer needs to pay some advance money for it.
Do you have the receipt of it? ” 

”See, you don ’t need to lie to save your face. ” The girl that mocked Yu Qi and her friends earlier, interrupted. 

”Idiot. ” Yu Qi said to the girl.

”What did you just say? ” The girl became angry as someone called her, an idiot in front of her face.

Yu Qi did not want to waste her time with this girl anymore, so, she ignored the girl and took out her phone. 

”This is the receipt for the payment. ” Yu Qi showed something inside the phone to the waitress.

The waitress saw it and smiled.
”Thank for coming here, Miss Tang.
I will arrange one of our waitresses to show your room. ” She turned to one waitress.
”Ding Ji, go and show the ’Half Leaf Room ’ to our customers here. ” 

The waitresses made a surprise face.
They did not except this girl to book ’Half Leaf Room ’.
This girl was not the one they could afford to offend.

”What? How could this poor girl book a private room? ” The girl voiced it.

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”Miss, that Miss indeed booked a private room. ” The waitress said.

”You just… ” The girl wanted to say something but someone from their group blocked her.

”Rong Xie, enough. ” A girl stopped her.

Yu Qi looked at another girl who blocked that Rong Xie girl.
Something flipped in Yu Qi ’s heart.
She felt some familiarity with that girl.

”I ’m sorry.
Our Rong Xie said something like that.
I hope you can forgive her. ” The girl said.

”Sister Yian… ” The girl named Rong Xie wanted to say something but she had been glared by the girl who was named Sister Yian.

Yu Qi did not say anything to them but to her friends.
”Let ’s go. ” 

The waitresses and the customers that watched the scene felt that girl, named Rong Xie wanted to humiliate the other group but got humiliated instead. 

When Yu Qi and her friends entered the room, they were laughing. 

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”Did you see that girl ’s face? ” Mei Lilli said.

She wanted to make fun of us.
But in the end, she got humiliated. ” So Pang Lim added.

”Forget about it.
We come here to eat. ” Ding Na An said.

”That ’s right. ” Yun Xiao nodded.

”Here is the book of the menu.
I will leave first.
You can call me back by pushing the button on the wall to make your call. ” The waitress said politely.

”Thank you, sister. ” Yun Xiao took the menu from the waitress.

”You can order anything you want to eat but remember you need to finish it.
Don ’t waste it.
It ’s on me for tonight. ” Yu Qi opened the menu.

”Really, Yu Qi? Well, I will not be polite. ” Mei Lilli said.

They discussed what they wanted to eat. 

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”I thought this restaurant only sells western cuisine but see, they also sell Chinese cuisine. ” Song Ha Ting pointed to the menu.

”I want to taste western cuisine. ” So Pang Lim did not have a chance to taste the western cuisine before. 

”As I said before, you can choose whatever you want to eat. ” Yu Qi assured her friends.

”Okay, I will make the choice.
For appetizers, I want this.
Layered taco dip.
For the main dish, I want Linguine With Seafood Sauce.
Lastly for the dessert, chocolate brownies.
Oh, I forget about drinks.
Apricot Pineapple Smoothie. ” So Pang Lim made her choice.

”I wonder you can finish that. ” Mei Lilli said.

She also made a choice, choosing western cuisine.
Garden Harvest Lasagna for the main dish, Banana Cream Pie for the dessert and Lemon ice for a drink.

Others chose Chinese cuisine.
Hay Wrapped Fragrant Ribs, Fuli Roast Chicken, Fried Tofu Curd Balls, and Steamed Pumpkin Dumplings.
They chose fruity drinks.

Yu Qi did not forget about Aoi.
She let Aoi chose what he wanted to it.
Aoi chose Fuli Roast Chicken. 

After all of them made the decision, Yu Qi pushed the button that the waitress told them earlier about.
Not long after that, the waitress came and took their order.
After getting the order, the waitress went out. 

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They were talking about their study while waiting for their food to arrive.

”Do you already made a choice for your major? ” So Pang Lim asked.

”I have chosen gynecology. ” Song Ha Ting said.

”Dermatology for me. ” So Pang Lim said.
She liked that major because of her own skin. 

”I like children so, the pediatrician is the best choice for me. ” Mei Lilli said.

”Oh, that is unexpected. ” So Pang Lim looked at Mei Lilli.

That is indeed unexpected. ” Yun Xiao nodded.

”What do you think me, huh? ” Mei Lilli rolled her eyes.

”Someone that might beat the children. ” So Pang Lim answered.

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”Oh, should I beat you now? ” Mei Lilli glared to So Pang Lim.

”Great grandaunt, please spare me. ” So Pang Lim quickly apologized.

Others laughed.

”How about three of you? ” Mei Lilli asked Yu Qi, Ding Na An, and Yun Xiao.

”Endocrinology for me. ” Yun Xiao answered.

”Ophthalmology. ” Ding Na An said.

”Oh, have you chosen that major? ” Yu Qi smiled when she heard Ding Na An chose that major.
It must be influenced by her big brother, Tang Han Lee.

Ding Na An gave a faint smile.
If someone looked closer at Ding Na An, he or she might see the faint blush on her cheek.

”How about you, Yu Qi? ” Ding Na An asked so that, the others would stop paying attention to her matter.

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”Surgery. ” Yu Qi answered.

”All of us chose different majors. ” So Pang Lim commented.

”However, we are still friends. ” Mei Lilli said.

The waitress came to deliver the appetizer that So Pang Lim chose just now.
Not long after that, the dishes came in one by one.
They were drooling over the dishes.

Yu Qi took Fuli Roast Chicken and gave it to Aoi.
Seeing food Aoi was delighted.
He ate happily.

They started to eat the food that they ordered.

”Yu Qi, thank you for treating us. ” So Pang Lim said when she first feed her mouth with the food.

”Just eat. ” Yu Qi smiled.

The room was filled with joy.

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