“Can you stop arguing? Tell me what happened earlier.” Su Yu Qing was fed up with the argument.

Mu Rong Xie kept her silence.
So, Mu Yian was the one who explained everything to their mother.

After listening to everything, even Su Yu Qing became angry at Mu Rong Xie.

“Why can’t you restrain your thought? You can’t just spur everything in your mouth.” Su Yu Qing scolded Mu Rong Xie.

“It is not on purpose.” Mu Rong Xie looked down.

Su Yu Qing sighed and pinched the area between her eyebrows.

“This party is important to your father.
You can see a lot of potential business people at this party.
You are lucky that your father is not around when this matter occurs.
Otherwise, he might also need to get out of the party.” Su Yu Qing sighed again.

“But how could a such man be called an ancestor? His body is not like a normal old man.” Mu Rong Xie wanted to argue the topic.

“You should not care about that.
They can call him whatever they like.” Mu Yian became angry again when hearing Mu Rong Xie wanted to argue about that.

“Your sister is correct.
You should keep your thought to yourself.” Su Yu Qing agreed with Mu Yian.

Mu Rong Xie felt that she could not win talking back to her mother and sister.
So, she went to silence.

The driver arrived.
He asked about Mu Li Zei.
Su Yu Qing told him that her husband was still at the party and said that Mu Rong Xie did not feel well and that they wanted to return home first.

The driver needed to come back and picked up her husband and son later.
Even though the driver felt it was too tiring for him, he did not dare to ignore the order from Su Yu Qing.

“I will send a message to your father telling you we need to return first.” Su Yu Qing sent the message to Mu Li Zei.

Mu Li Zei arrived at the message but he did not care.
He would look at the message later.

pAn-d a-n0ve1.com Qin Xia talked for a while with Grandpa Dian and others before excusing himself.
However, a lot of people wanted to greet him.
So, he often stopped by the people.

He wanted to go to Yu Qi.
Yu Qi was currently talking to Grandpa Mu with Long Hui.
Beside Grandpa Mu, there was Kang Pian Sue.
So, they did not act like a grandfather and his granddaughter.

However, it was not much awkward since Yu Qi could talk about business.
They had some deals together.

Kang Pian Sue just observed their interaction.
Kang Pian Sue knew that his husband must be happy when talking to Yu Qi because Yu Qi looked like his first wife.

Seeing this, Kang Pian Sue could see that Yu Qi treated Grandpa Mu like a normal acquaintance.
Yu Qi seemed not to know anything about her husband’s first wife.

“Yu Qi.” Someone called Yu Qi.

Yu Qi turned around and saw Qin Xia.
“Ancestor.” She called him in respect.
For more chapters, please visit pand(a-n0vel.c)om

Qin Xia narrowed his eyes when he heard what Yu Qi called him.  It was the correct way to call him here.
People around them were cultivators.
They could hear everything in their range of hearing.

“Excuse me if I have been rude.
But can I ask you one question?” Kang PIan Sue interrupted.

Qin Xia looked at her.
He knew that she wanted to ask him.
What is it?”

“Why are they calling you ‘Ancestor’? You seem very young to me.” Kang Pian Sue asked what she wanted to ask.

People around them heard the question, also waiting for Qin Xia to answer the question.
They wanted to know what kind of answer Qin Xia would give to that woman.

“Even though I look like this, I am still older than the main character of this party.
As for what they call me, I don’t care much about that.” Qin Xia answered the question carefree.

Kang Pian Sue looked very surprised when she heard that this man said that he was older than Great-Grandpa Dian.

Great-Grandpa Dian was 150 years old.
So, how old this man was? Was this man lying? But the majority of the people in this party really respected this man.

Not only Kang Pian Sue was surprised, but even Grandpa Mu was also shocked to hear that.

“If you are done with your question, can I talk to Yu Qi then?” Qin Xia looked at Kang Pian Sue through his mask.

Kang Pian Sue immediately felt fear when the man looked at her like that.
The look felt very horrible.

“Yes… Yes… You can talk to her.” Kang Pian Sue nodded.

“Shall we go somewhere else?” Qin Xia said to Yu Qi.

“Let’s go.” Yu Qi said.

Qin Xia walked away.
Yu Qi also followed him.
However, she did not forget to pull Long Hui along with her.

They arrived at the corner of the hall.
Qin Xia waved his hand.
Then, it suddenly became silent.
Yu Qi was surprised.

“How can…” Yu Qi asked.

“I put on the barrier.
People could not hear what we talk inside this barrier and we also could not hear the sound from outside.
So, we can talk normally this way.” Qin Xia said.

Yu Qi looked around.
She did not see anything else.

“It is very amazing.” Yu Qi praised.

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