In the morning, after breakfast, Dian Qi Qi dragged Yu Qi to go out with her.
Even Grandma Dian told them to go and play outside.

Yu Qi thought about helping out for tonight’s party.

“N need for that.
We already have a lot of people here.
You girls have fun outside.” Grandma Dian said.

Dian Ren Qi also wanted to go out but Grandma Dian prevented it,

“We need your help here.” Grandma Dian glared at him.

Dian Ren Qi gave up the thought of going out.
So, only Dian Qi Q and Yu Qi went out.
However, they were accompanied by others.
Yu Qi noticed there were people following them.
So, she told Dian Qi Qi.

“Don’t worry.
They are our people.” Dian Qi Qi said.

Dian Qi Qi dragged Yu Qi to her favorite shop that sold the cosplay outfit.
The owner already knew Dian Qi Qi greeted them when they entered the shop.

“Welcome… Oh, my… it is Xiao Qi… Hmm… Who is this?” The owner looked at the unfamiliar face Yu Qi.

“It is my cousin, Tang Yu Qi.” Dian Qi Qi introduced Yu Qi to the owner.
“Sister Yu Qi, this is Miss Cindy, the owner of the shop.”

“Welcome… Welcome… Such a beautiful girl.
Hey, do you want to be a model?” Cindy asked Yu Qi.

I am sorry.
Not interested.” Yu Qi apologized.

“Tsk… you are the same as your cousin.” Cindy clicked her tongue.
“It is a waste of those bodies of yours if you don’t use it.
You can even become famous and rich.”

“Miss Cindy, my sister already became famous with you.
She is even richer than you.” Dian Qi Qi put on a proud face.

“Really?” Cindy did not believe it.

“You can search Tang Yu Qi of Binhai Nation.” Dian Qi Qi said,

Cindy immediately did what Dian Qi Qi said since her phone was already in her hand.
She typed as Dian Qi Qi said.
The result popped out right away.

A successful surgeon.

A researcher.

Head of the researcher of Tiantang Research Center.

Owner of HuiQi Jade.

Cindy’s eyes were opened widely.
She looked again at Yu Qi.
This girl was very young.
If there was no picture of her show, she could not believe it.

“See, my sister is famous and rich, right?” Dian Qi Qi smiled.

“Yeah… Yeah…” Cindy began to admire Yu Qi.
“Well, do you want to buy  new clothes?”

“Yeah, do you have new designs?” Dian Qi Qi asked.

“Of course.
Tao Wen, go and pick the new designs at the back.” Cindy ordered her assistant to go and pick up the clothes.

“Yes, Miss Cindy.” Tao Wen quickly went to the back.

“Hmm… Miss Tang, I want to talk about business with you, can I?” Cindy looked at Yu Qi.

“Bussiness? What kind?” Seeing a serious question from Cindy, Yu Qi also became serious.

“When I went to Binhai Nation for a fashion show, I did hear about HuiQi Jade.
I was attracted to the jewelry there when.
I went to see the jewelry.
I would like to use HuiQi Jade jewelry for my next show.
It will give a good advertisement for HuiQi Jade as well.” Cindy smiled.

“Sister Yu Qi, Miss Cindy is a famous designer.
She is widely known over Europe.” Dian Qi Qi helped Cindy.

Dian Qi Qi was not lying.
Cindy was indeed a famous designer.
This shop was her side hobby.

Yu Qi thought about that for a few moments.
She did have a plan to introduce HuiQi Jade to the world market.
So, it was a good opportunity for HuiQi Jade.

“You can contact the manager for the matter.” Yu Qi took out a card.

Cindy took the card.
“Thank you… Thank you… You will not regret it.”

Tao Wen came back with the clothes.
Cindy was feeling good.
She began to introduce the clothes one by one to Dian Qi Qi.
Dian Qi Qi put on the clothes that she liked.
She also asked Yu Qi to try out the clothes as well.

“Oh, Sister Yu Qi, you look fantastic.” Dian Qi Qi praised Yu Qi.

You look like an angel, right Tao Wen?” Cindy also praised Yu Qi.

It suits you very well.” Tao Wen joined too.

“I don’t think I will wear this.” Yu Qi looked at the clothes.

“You can wear this on Halloween.” Dian Qi Qi said.

Great Idea.” Dian Qi Qi nodded.

Yu Qi did not think she would get away from this.
So, she bought the clothes that she tried.

“Just this one.
I don’t want to buy anymore.” Yu Qi said.

“Hmm… okay…” Dian Qi Qi nodded.

Dian Qi Qi bought a few clothes.
Well, she liked to wear it even though people would look at her in different ways.
She did not care much about others since her parent did not say anything.

Well, her family did say something.
But did she care? Not like she robbed the bank or something.
She just wore what she liked.
That’s all.

They paid for everything.
Dian Qi Qi then called one of the bodyguards.
The bodyguard came.
Dian Qi Qi asked him to send the shopping bags to Dian Residence first.  They still wanted to be out.

The bodyguard did not say anything.
He took the shopping bags and walked away.
Well, this did not the first time Dian Qi Qi did something like this.

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