Yu Qi lifted the ferret gently and look straight at his small bead-like eyes. 

”Do you want to return to your own place? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Well… ” The ferret hesitated. 

Actually, he was living alone in the jungle.
He did meet a human a long time ago.
That was why he knew the creature in front of him right now was a human.
However, he thought that this human seemed to be different from the human that he had met before. 

”Actually, even though you want to return to your own place, I don't know how to make you return.
I am sorry.
If you don't mind, you can stay here for a while.
You can find a way to return to your own place in between. ” Yu Qi suggested.

The ferret was stunned as he heard that suggestion.
”Is it okay if I stay here? Is it alright to trouble you like this? ”

”Well, I don't mind.
I bet Aoi and Bo Ya may be happy since they will get a new friend. ” Yu Qi looked at Aoi and Bo Ya.

Aoi and Bo Ya nodded themselves.

”Okay then…
I will trouble you for a while. ” The ferret said.

”By the way, what should I call you? ” Yu Qi asked.

I don't have any name. ” The ferret said. 

In the jungle that he lived in before, there was no need for the name since nobody would be calling him. 

”That will not do.
You need to have a name since you will be going to live here.
It is easier to call you if you have a name. ” Yu Qi said.

”Well, Master, you should choose one for him.
You did for me and Aoi. ” Bo Ya said.

I will like you to choose one for me. ” The ferret looked at Yu Qi with an expectant look.

”Hmm…Yeah…I will think about that. ” Yu Qi was thinking what was a suitable name for the ferret.

She read about the animal called ferret before.
She looked at the ferret with a closer look.
This ferret colour was cinnamon.
It was the rarest colour for ferrets.
He also had pink colour on his nose.

Your name is Shino…
Do you like that? ” Yu Qi asked the ferret. 

I really like it. ” The ferret…
Shino really liked his name.
”Thank you,  Master. ”

I am not your master. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

”Huh? But they called you,  Master.
I thought your name is Master. ” Shino was confused.

”My name is Tang Yu Qi.
They call me master because we have a special bond. ” Yu Qi said.

”Can I call you,  Master too? ” Shino asked.

Yu Qi was silent for a moment.
”I guess you can call me master if you want.
I don't mind. ” 

”Thank you, Master, ” Shino said.

I will go and cook.
We need to celebrate since we have a new friend here. ” Yu Qi's announcement made Aoi and Bo Ya shouted happily.

It made Shino confused.
”Why are you both like this? ”

”Wait until you have a taste of my Master's cooking.  It is so delicious.
You will crave for more. ” Aoi said to Shino.

You three help me with the preparations. ” Yu Qi said to them.


”It is very delicious. ” Shino ate the meat cooked by Yu Qi.

Shino was very touched by the deliciousness, making him cry a little bit.
He did not expect that it would be too delicious like this.
He was now wondering what was he just eating until now in that jungle.

Yu Qi was in the shower right now.
She said that she would eat later.
So,  she served three of them first.

”Right? This is what I am talking about.
I also acted like that when first time tasting Master's cooking.
I don't want to go back to my old life,  that is what I am thinking. ” Aoi recalled his memories.

”Huh? You mean you are also not from here? ” Shino asked.

I also accidentally appeared in this space and met with Master. ” Aoi nodded.

”What's about Bo Ya? ” Shino turned to Bo Ya.

”I am the guardian of this space.
I am always here. ” Aoi said.

”So, Aoi,  you will not leave this space even if you found the way to go back to your original place? ” Shino asked.

Well,  I already can't since I already had a blood contract with Master. ” Aoi said.

”You just bite Master and form the contract just like that. ” Bo Ya said.
He remembered the scene. 

Aoi just grinned.
”My instinct tells me to do so.
I am glad that I am following my instinct.
It turns out very good. ”

”Is that really good? ” Shino asked.

Master is very good to me.
She really likes to cook for us. ” Aoi answered based on his glutton.

Do you think she would like to bond a blood contract with me too? ” Shino asked again.

”Wait! What? You want to do the blood contract with Master? ” Aoi was surprised.

”Don't you want to return to your own place later? ” Bo Ya reminded Shino.

If you form a blood contract with Master,  you can't leave Master.
And if Master dies,  you will also die. ” Aoi explained. 

”Yeah,  that's right.
You need to think about it carefully. ” Bo Ya added. 

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