”Chu Xiao, do you know what is the important thing that Old Master Tang wants to discuss here? ” Pei Xian asked after they arrived at the Tang Main Residence.

Yeah, they had arrived at the Tang Main Residence.

Grandpa Tang had already entered the house leaving Huang Chu Xiao and Pei Xian to handle the luggage that they had brought here.

It must be related to Young Miss.
Old Master is usually excited about two things, Young Miss and the herbs.
The herbs are not here.
Meaning it is Young Miss ’s matter. ” Huang Chu Xiao made a guess.

”Oh… ” Pei Xian nodded.

”You are back. ” An old voice greeted them.

”Grandpa! ” Huang Chu Xiao greeted Old Butler Huang and hugged him.

Thank you for taking good care of Old Master Tang. ” Old Butler Huang said.

”You are a new person, right? ” Old Butler Huang turned his eyes to Pei Xian.
He had never seen this person before.

”Yeah, sir.
My name is Pei Xian. ” Pei Xian nervously introduced himself.

Just tell the others to handle the luggage.
Both of you enter and take a rest since it must have been a long journey and you have also departed so early in the morning. ” Old Butler Han said.

”Yes, Sir. ” Pei Xian nodded.

Huang Chu Xiao secretly laughed at Pei Xian.
Her boyfriend was too tensed.
She did not want to introduce him to her grandfather now since it was not an appropriate time for doing that.

Grandpa Tang who had entered the house earlier than them met Yu Qi and Long Hui who were sitting together in the living room.

Seeing Grandpa Tang, Yu Qi greeted Grandpa Tang excitedly.
”Grandpa, you are here. ”

Long Hui who was behind Yu Qi also stood up and greeted Grandpa Tang.

By the way, what is this man doing so earlier here? ” Grandpa Tang asked.
He thought that Long Hui would come together with Grandpa Long.

”I have spent the night here yesterday. ” Long Hui casually said that.

”Huh? ” Grandpa Tang glared at Long Hui.

”Father, you have already arrived. ” Ming Yue saw Grandpa Tang and came to greet him.

Is it true that this brat has spent the night here yesterday? ” Grandpa Tang asked Ming Yue.

”Oh, yes.
He had to do something here yesterday.
Since it was already too late to return, I asked him to stay over. ” Ming Yue said saving the situation.

”I see. ” Since it was his daughter in law ’s decision, Grandpa Tang would let the matter go.

Ming Yue turned over to Yu Qi and Long Hui and winked at them.
Yu Qi understood the meaning and chuckled.

”The Great General Long will be arriving at 12 pm.
Since there is some time left, Father, you should rest first. ” Ming Yue advised.

I need the energy to confront Long Fei Yi later.
I need some rest. ” Grandpa Tang nodded agreeing with Ming Yue ’s advice.

”Your room has been cleaned, Father.
You can go to the room now. ” Ming Yue said.

”Okay. ” Grandpa Tang walked from there leaving a glare to Long Hui.

After not seeing her grandpa, Yu Qi burst into laughter.
”Auntie Ming Yue handles Grandpa nicely. ”

”I have known him for a long time.
I know where to strike. ” Ming Yue also laughing.
”Okay, I need to go to do something. ”

Grandpa Long had already arrived at Tang Main Residence.
He had been escorted by two maids to the living room.

When he stepped into the living room, he could see his grandson sitting beside his girlfriend.
He also could see Grandpa Tang, his two daughter in-laws and surprisingly his two sons as well.

”Welcome Great General Long. ” Ming Yue smiled welcoming Grandpa Long.

”No need to call me like that.
You can call me Uncle Long.
I have already retired. ” Grandpa Long said to Ming Yue.

”You can sit here, Uncle Long. ” Ming Yue pointed.

Grandpa Long sat right in front of Grandpa Tang.

”Jiang Man, long time no sees. ” Grandpa Long said.

I have never thought to see you like this. ” Grandpa Tang said.

”Your grandson is very good.
Not long after I have found my granddaughter, he has already tried to poach her to his side. ” Grandpa Tang sneered.

”I have taught my grandson if he wants something, he needs to work hard.
For this situation, I have praised him for his good work, finding a good granddaughter in law for me. ” Grandpa Long smirked.

The situation tensed.
However, the maid arrived with some tea and snacks which broke the mood.

”Uncle Long, here.
This tea is special since Yu Qi has made it and added some herbs inside it. ” Ming Yue promoted the tea.

”Owh, I will like to drink it. ” Grandpa Long said.
He tried it.
Delicious. ”

”If Grandpa Long wants, I will give some of them to you later. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Hmm… ” Grandpa Long nodded.
Granddaughter was indeed nice compared to grandson.

”By the way, we are here to discuss Yu Qi and Hui ’s marriage. ” Tang Jung Wen said.

”I will agree on anything. ” Grandpa Long did not have any disagreement.
He also felt that Yu Qi would be with his grandsons no matter what would happen in the future.

”Better we ask the people themselves about what they need for their marriage. ” Tang Jang Qin looked at Long Hui and Yu Qi.

”We will like to get engaged first.
Qi Qi has just graduated.
I want her to enjoy the working environment first. ” Long Hui looked at his beloved Qi Qi.

He already considered many factors.
His beloved Qi Qi liked to work.

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