”Madam Tang, I have already confirmed your reservation.
Please follow me. ” The store helper smiled at Su Xiao and Yu Qi.

”What? Only one Madam Tang is in this city? How dare you to disguise as Madam Tang? ” Cheng Zin Wan tried to stop Su Xiao and Yu Qi.

Yu Qi felt that she could not hold back anymore.
”Are you an idiot? ”

Cheng Zin Wan and Guo Kung Yu were dumbfounded.

”Why do you think only one had that surname? Back to my question again, Are you an idiot? ” Yu Qi repeated the question again.

Su Xiao chuckled.
’Her niece was very great.
Even in her anger mode, she was still elegant. ’ Su Xiao admired her niece like a fangirl.

”You are so rude, Little Bitch. ” Guo Kung Yu pointed her finger at Yu Qi.
Then, she turned to Su Xiao.
”Like mother, like daughter. ”

Hearing that, Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.
Without her realizing, her hand slapped the face who had insulted Su Xiao.
Everyone was shocked seeing the scene.
Yu Qi acted like normal, brought out her handkerchief and wiping her hand that she just used to slap Guo Kung Yu.

”You! You! ” Cheng Zian Wan went to support her friend and glared at Guo Kung Yu.

”What? Do you want to taste my slap like her? ” Yu Qi relief.
”First, we don ’t disturb the two of you.
We don ’t even know each other.
As for the reservation, startup or not, we do have money.
So, mind your own business.
Second, you have insulted my aunty.
That ’s why I have slapped you. ” Yu Qi already looked at both of them like they were the prey.

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”Auntie Su Xiao, let ’s go in. ” Yu Qi turned to Su Xiao.

Let ’s go. ” Su Xiao nodded.

Before Yu Qi left, she threw a glare at both of the women again.
They were paled.

Both of you…
You must be new here right? ” Another woman called and talked to Cheng Zin Wan and Guo Kung Yu.

”Yes… ” Cheng Zin Wan managed to answer the question from the woman.

Cheng Zin Wan came to FINN City because of her husband.
Her husband had been transferred here by Bai Group.
Her husband was one of the directors in the planning department.
So, her family was considered a rich family too.

It was the same as Guo Kung Yu.
Her husband was also one of the directors in the finance department by Bai Group.
Since the women used to see each other in the party, they became good friend.

They were so happy when knowing their husband had been transferred to the same city.
They also registered as members in the community where only rich families could join.

”She is the Madam of Tang Family in FINN City. ” The woman informed Cheng Zin Wan and Guo Kung Yu.

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”Tang Family? ” Guo Kung Yu tried to remember which family was.

”Do you mean that Tang Family? ” Cheng Zin Wan widened her eyes.
She looked very surprised.

”Yeah. ” The woman nodded.

I have seen Madam from Tang Family.
It was not the woman. ” Cheng Zin Wan denied that.

”It is probably you have just seen the First Madam, not the Second Madam.
Tang Family has two madams.
And that young girl who has slapped you just now is the beloved granddaughter of the Tang Family.
She is their only princess.
Old Master Tang dotes on her very much even though she is just an adopted one. ” The woman explained.

Hearing the things from the woman, Cheng Zin Wan and Guo Kung Yu turned pale again.
They had offended the one that they should not offend.
Even though their husbands were working for the Bai Group, they were no matched with Tang Family.

”I guess you better apologize to them after this. ” The woman said to Cheng Zin Wan and Guo Kung Yu.

Su Xiao and Yu Qi entered the room where they could review and try on the clothes without seeing others.
Yu Qi was already used to this kind of shopping.

In her previous life, as the fiance of Bai Shu Jin and granddaughter of the Mu Family, she always shopping like this.
Well, not because she wanted but Fung Meng Xuan liked to shop like that.

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Fuang Meng Xuan liked to shop like that because she wanted privacy.
That was what she said.

”Yu Qi, you look elegant just now. ” Su Xiao smiled.

”Elegant? ” Yu Qi was confused.
What did she do making Auntie Su Xiao commented like that?

”I need to learn from you.
Need to appear beautiful and elegant even though we are angry. ” Su Xiao nodded.

Yu Qi laughed.

”By the way, do you know these two women just now? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Well, they look like they came from rich families when they were looking down at us by telling us that we are startup family.
I know every madam even we are in the same community.
However, I have heard from Ming Yue that there were two new members recently.
I don ’t manage to meet with them yet since I was feeling unwell when our last meeting.
So, that is why they don ’t know me. ” Su Xiao explained.

”Oh, I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”But why do you snap just now? ” Su Xiao saw that Yu Qi ’s aura changed just now and slapped Guo Kung Yu.

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”She has insulted you, Auntie Su Xiao.
She has called me a little bitch.
I am still keeping my cool.
But when she has added the sentence ’Like mother like daughter ’.
How can I just let it go? ” Yu Qi said.

Su Xiao was happy to hear Yu Qi ’s thoughts.
Yu Qi considered herself as Su Xiao ’s daughter.

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